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It's the little stuff that happens that makes me worry...

14 Jan 2014 22:37

I'm ready for Christmas! 🎅🎄🎁

10 Dec 2013 15:19

I miss him so much. 💔😢

04 Dec 2013 20:06

"When you say you love me, know I love you more. When you say need me, know I need you more. Boy, I adore you." ❤️

22 Nov 2013 17:24

I am in serious need of a vacation...

15 Nov 2013 19:32

Happy Halloween, you guys!

31 Oct 2013 19:44

Enjoying the weekend off.

18 Oct 2013 20:37

I will never give up.

12 Oct 2013 15:21

I'm trying my damnedest to keep my hopes up, but it's so damn hard some days.

01 Oct 2013 20:20

Any day now....

28 Sep 2013 20:31

I could really go for some good news right about now.

11 Sep 2013 15:02

I just can't seem to focus on anything...

04 Sep 2013 16:56

Well, this has got to be the lamest off day ever.

01 Sep 2013 22:13

Well, I am off work the next two days. Thank the lord. I have alot on my mind and hasn't been able to focus on anything.

21 Aug 2013 20:16

Alrighty, then.

14 Aug 2013 17:35

Why is it that I am always the one who gets treated wrong? Or left out? I just don't get it..

14 Aug 2013 16:38

Ok, soooo I am starting to worry! It's been a month since we last spoke. I am not liking this at all!!!

11 Aug 2013 16:06

Ahhhhh! It came in!!! I'm so happy!!!

07 Aug 2013 16:14

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yay! Now all I need is that message and it'll be perfect! ❤

05 Aug 2013 16:41

Still no message... starting to worry, now.

04 Aug 2013 19:04

AAAHHHHHH It's shipped! I can't wait untill it comes in!!!

04 Aug 2013 17:14

So close to just saying fuck it all and giving up. Seriously pushing my limits!

02 Aug 2013 18:52

I'm not sure how much more I can take...

02 Aug 2013 18:42

AAAAHHHHH I can't wait until it comes in! I'm so excited!

02 Aug 2013 17:27

Sooooo I work all day shift this week, so maybe I will be able to get on here more often this week!

29 Jul 2013 15:17

Sooooo I work all day shift this week, so maybe I will be able to get on here more often this week!

29 Jul 2013 15:16

Just worked an 8 hour shift.. Now I gotta get up in the morning and work a 6 hour shift.

28 Jul 2013 20:48

I just wanna talk to him.. Is that too much to ask for?

27 Jul 2013 20:03

So, did you know that you can make yourself sick by being super super mad at someone...?

27 Jul 2013 19:06


27 Jul 2013 14:56