Cumming Of Age

Looking for greater stimulation of my senses I find a pair of panties with my sister still in them.

As an active teenager back in the 70's, I was always on the lookout for sources of mental and visual stimulation of the female kind. I found the so called "Men's Entertainment" magazines (Playboy and Penthouse) photo and information-packed, which was certainly preferable to having to resort to the lingerie and swimsuit adds of the department store catalogs.  For me, the former involved...Read On



2nd Shift Surprise

Hotel night manager gets an unexpected ride.

Several years ago I took a position as the night manager for a large hotel chain in our capitol city. Giving up the freedom of roaming the hotel as a security officer took some getting used to. In my former position barely a weekend would go by without "catching" couples in compromising positions throughout the hotel as I made my rounds. Sure, as night manager, there was the...Read On