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15 Oct 2012 01:14

yeap. men and their lies. i'm just an idiot to love some jerks whole-heartedly.. sigh

15 Oct 2012 01:13

yeap. men and their lies. i'm just an idiot to love some jerks whole-heartedly.. sigh

10 Apr 2012 12:48

I don't think i can trust men anymore..

31 Dec 2011 12:06

You just dunno how I feel, and now I know who's good and who's not..

19 Oct 2011 01:27

I'm alive!!! yay!!! and in love.. I love my silly clumsy.. :*

14 Sep 2011 10:58

if it's easy to say the word "love", i should've known that it'll work the same on the opposite..

18 Aug 2011 12:37

It's hard not to know..

08 Aug 2011 00:18

I just wish I never start to like you..

02 Jul 2011 05:58

I don't like this..

27 Jun 2011 08:48

I guess I just need to back up then.. I'm tired..

22 Jun 2011 04:53

If only I can fix everything and start it all over again..

24 May 2011 12:46

It's nice to get good feedback for my first post. Thanks for liking all.. *hugs

10 May 2011 06:14

Sorry if you ever find me online, but don't reply on your calling. Sometimes I'm mobile, so lol.. You know how mobile sucks at times..

08 May 2011 06:49

I might be flirty, but i'm not easy.. C'mon.. if you really see me that way, you really are missing out..

23 Apr 2011 05:35

I'm sorry if you're deleted. I'm cleaning anyone that "less friendly" here. No offense, k.. Best wishes..

08 Apr 2011 10:03

I'm off temporarily.. be back after done with writing..

18 Mar 2011 12:06

i'm hungry.. but not feeling to gain back the weight i've lost.. =.=" ok, it's only a few lbs, but a lot for me.. hehehe..

16 Mar 2011 12:21

I don't understand. >.< i need some love now..

15 Mar 2011 09:47

i want a boyfriend!! xD

10 Mar 2011 11:24

is seeking for my path..

05 Feb 2011 10:02

such a tease i'll make, yet u still need to figure what i mean by that.. xD

14 Jan 2011 22:02

what should i write? hmm.. i need any ideas..