Martha My Dear!

Martha gets a little tied up while Tom enjoys the game with his buddies

This is based on my actual experience with an ex-girlfriend.  I write it from her perspective because we would talk about it after our experiences, and the experience is hers, not mine..   I wanted to put it under straight sex, but after reading it over, realized it is a BDSM story.  Not as intense as the others in that category, but i realized this was more dominance/submisssion. For...Read On



I bet you can't!

Michael loses a bet with his bratty twin sister and older cousin

It was the summer before my junior year in high school, I was sixteen, and so was my twin sister Kate.  We were about as different as twins could be, except for looking alike. I was a bookish, intellectual nerd.  I like sci-fi, comic books, and school.  I had friends, but I had never had a girlfriend.  I was shy, quiet, introverted, and very reserved. Kate on the other hand was...Read On


Inexperienced Steven gets a lesson from his mother

Steven's mom teaches him how to masturbate.

I will admit I was a naive 18 year old who knew very little about things sexual.  I had never masturbated, didn't even know what ejaculating was.  I thought it was something that happened when you were with a girl preparing to make babies.  I was with my first girlfriend, Abigail, and it was the first time we kissed, and we made out a bit, she let me feel her breasts and her butt over...Read On


Mark and Masha learn alot from each other

Twins Mark and Masha get involved, fearful that Mom will find out

My twin sister Masha and I have always been close, as twins are, but we could not be more different people.  Masha is brash, gregarious, outspoken, and rebellious.  I am reserved, shy, reticent, and a brainy, studious type. Physically, though, despite the difference in gender, we are very similar. Both of us are athletic, with very well proportioned bodies.  Masha, of course, has her...Read On


Modified Mother taught a lesson Part II

Marcus continues with his mother, and she learns something about herself

I rewrote this as well as Part I because it initially seemed like a highly offensive rape story.  Again, apologies that I didn't get the right point across last time.  Again, this is consensual sex.  I added a plot element to ensure this was clear, and that little element led to the creation of a nice little epilogue that wraps things up nicely.  Feedback and criticism welcome....Read On


Modified Mother taught lesson Part I

Mother has been overspending the family fortune, and her son must teach a lesson!

I apologize to anyone who had the misfortune of reading this before I modified it.  I realized, reading it over, that it actually seems she is being forced to have sex against her will.  No, it is consensual sex, this is about loosening of inhibitions towards taboos.  The son knows his mother very well and is certain she is actually enjoying it.  It just takes her a while to realize...Read On


Steven gets another lesson from his Mom, Part II

After their first lesson, Mom teaches Steven a bit about women.

I had been away at college for about a month, and was home visiting my Mom for the weekend.  I was  still the same old Steven, a virgin, a girlfriend who we didn't do much but kiss and hug.  Kate was a beautiful girl of Korean descent, a  lovely, slender, petite athletic body, a gymnast's body.  She had a pretty, round face with bell shaped, "Dick Van Dyke' -era Mary Tyler Moore hair.  Come...Read On


Steven's lessons with mom continue, part V

Mom is teaching Kate to drop her inhibitions with Steven

I sat on Kate's left on the couch, while Mom, completely naked, sat to her right.  This was the moment I had been waiting for a long time.  I remembered Mom's second lesson with me, where she taught me how to pleasure a woman, and I was ready to go with Kate.  But I remembered Mom told me to take it slow and be very sensitive to her reactions. "Kate, I'm a little nervous, too, but my...Read On


Steven's next lesson from Mom, part III

Not so much a lesson as a preiew of what he will hopefully be experiencing with Kate

More fun to read if you've read the other's, too. I visited Mom again during spring break my freshman year.  We had a nice conversation over Chinese takeout, and the conversation turned inevitably to how things were going with my girlfriend Kate, at school. "I think we're falling in love." She put her hand on mine across the table and tapped her fingers, "Oh, course, you are,...Read On


Steven's next lesson from Mom, part IV

Mom decides to help Steven's girlfriend to release her inhibitions

Part IV, please, criticism welcome.  I want to improve my writing!  Oh, and reading Steven's other lessons will certainly make this more enjoyable. For the last six months, Mom has been coming to visit me at college once or twice a month.  I hadn't had any 'lessons' with her from that time, but I can be patient.  She was becoming fast friends with my girlfriend Kate.  Kate wanted to go...Read On