Straight Sex(2)


Dane I, Our First Time

My name is Rose, and I had known Dane all my life. He is 6 foot tall with strait black hair that falls to the middle of his back, eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea, and the body of a Greek God. As for me, I am 5 foot 9 inches tall with wavy red hair that falls almost to my knees, eyes the color of sapphires, and a lean lightly muscled body. I moved in with him at the beginning of my...Read On


Dane I: The Halloween Party

Halloween will always be my favorite holiday!

My name is Rose, but if you have read Dane and I, Our First Time, then you know who I am. If you have not read about that night then here is a little about Dane and I both. I am 5’9” with wavy red hair that falls nearly to my knees and eyes the color of really good sapphires. I have a lean, lightly muscled body with firm C-cup breasts and a shaved pussy. Dane is 6’...Read On