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Topic male enhancement products?
Posted 23 Nov 2012 07:02

I recently read of a man in Thailand who'd had a penile injection (far too common for comfort among Thai men) to increase the size. One of the usual ingredients that is injected is olive oil. (I couldn't say if he ejaculated salad dressing or not). So, eventually he developed a really aggressive cancer and had to have the thing removed.
So, I suppose the moral to that story is something like - are the risks worth the benefits?

It seems to me there would be three main reasons for a guy to try enhancement.
1) To increase his self esteem.
2) To attract more women
3) To better satisfy a woman

In relation to No1 - Just buy a Shelby Mustang. A cool car has been supremely effective since car's were invented.
For No2 - See answer No1
And No3 - Well, No3 isn't an issue. If she's not satisfied with your size, let it be her problem.

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 19 Nov 2012 23:43

Humans are the only species creative enough to “69.” All others have settled for the conventional and practical ways of gettin’ ‘er done! hahaha

Although bonobos (the fourth great ape along with gorillas, humans and chimpanzees) are very close to humans in their sexual diversity. They indulge in tongue kissing, face-to face sex, oral sex, male/male and female/female sex and regularly use sex as conflict resolution. They are far less violent than chimpanzees and male aggression towards females is almost unknown.
Maybe this is a result of the bonobo society being matriarchal where females tend to collectively dominate males by forming alliances and use sexuality to control males (although that also tends to happen among humans I've discovered).

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 19 Nov 2012 23:19

The Danish flag is the oldest national flag still in use.
Legend has it that during a 13th century battle, the Danes were doing very badly until a priest prayed for assistance. The flag is said to have fallen from the sky, the Danish soldiers were emboldened and won the battle.

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 19 Nov 2012 23:12

In the state of Florida, it is against the law to kiss your wife's breasts.
It is also specifically against the law to have sex with a porcupine, although I'd love to hear the story of why a legislator wrote a law specifically outlawing sex with a porcupine instead just a more generic law regarding all beastiality?!?!?!? Perhaps it was a bad experience on his part???

see the www*dumblaws*com for more examples of dumb laws in every state

Maybe it was to limit the number of pricks in that state?
Or maybe the frustrated husbands who were prevented from titillating their wives titties were resorting to concubines but the lawmakers had dyslexia?

Topic How to attract you? Online or Offline
Posted 19 Nov 2012 08:00

Wow me with your intellect. Make me laugh. Tell me I'm beautiful. Talk to me with passion intertwined within your sentences. Use proper grammar. Laugh at my corny jokes. Make me smile even when I want to cry. Tell me you want me when you know I need to hear it. Make me fall in love with you. Treat me like your little slut when I'm horny. Cater to my every needs. Be humble. And sweet. And loving. Considerate. Honest. Sporadic. Text me random things that don't require a reply, to make my boring days seem joyful. Kiss me with passion. Make love to me whenever you want to show me just how much you love me. Fuck me when we are both hungry and dying to taste each other on our lips. Bite me and spank me when I'm naughty. Nibble me and caress me when I'm sweet.

If you want me, then tell me. Chances are, I want you, too.

Whereas, to attract a man - Turn up naked. Bring beer.

Topic Should the U.S. stop trying to be a Super Power?
Posted 19 Nov 2012 07:49

Don't take my opinion as being in any way representative of all non-Americans (I live in Australia) but I think I can give a bit of an outsider's perspective.
Your original question stated "our attempts to be 'the defender' just make us a target for a world that doesn't really want our help".
The thing is, those countries that don't see America as an ally, view it's foreign policy as being as an aggressor rather than a defender. Even among your allies, the more liberal thinkers tend to view the US in that way.
Rather than considering US forces protecting Sth. Korea or Taiwan from invasion, they are seen as invaders of Iraq on the strength of a lie and infidel invaders and supporters of corrupt, undemocratic governments in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (Moslem holy ground).
Even when US forces are not directly involved, the American government or its agencies are remembered as being directly involved in the overthrow of legitimate foreign governments and/or the installation of dictators, so long as they served US purposes. (Iran, Nicaragua, Chile and Vietnam come to mind).

I don't think the US is "going broke" by defending the rights and freedoms of foreign nations but by trying to further its own economic interests. this necessarily involves keeping its lucrative trade routes open and safe. (Note the greater US emphasis on Asia since the trans-Pacific trade overran the trans-Atlantic trade). The cost of controlling all the major oceans of the world is crippling as Britain found out.

But despite the current US debt, I think it will be a long time before we see the decline of the American empire and it would be a mistake to revert to isolationist policies of the past. America still has some growing and evolving to do before the world sees its best. A self-centered and arrogant teenager of a civilisation it may be now but I think a wiser and more mature America will be a wonder to behold.

As an aside, a consistent view of "the average American" as seen from outside the US is of jingoistic flag-wavers who claim to live in the best country in the world while simultaneously knowing next to nothing about anywhere else.
This is obviously an unfair and wildly generalised view (especially given the thoughtful and erudite posts above) but it's one that does exist.

I hope I haven't offended and let me say that the Americans I've met (in every part of the US) have been some of most friendly, generous and hospitable people it's ever been my pleasure to come across.