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Payback is a Bitch

My wife Laura had been at her sister's for three days. She'd gone to visit her after the bank holiday and but for a late call into work to deal with a serious computer glitch I'd have been there too. I was half glad because although I loved visiting her sister, the trip to Cornwall was tedious to say the least and I just could't be arsed. Maybe it was that, maybe it was that we weren't...

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Privates on Parade

Back in the early eighties I’d been an air cadet (like a military boy scout) for some four years and at seventeen was reaching the end of my stay. Most guys (for guys were all we were in the cadets at that time) left and took on jobs or apprenticeships. Those like me who’d been in for so long looked at moving on to a career in the military. Before I finished though, I had the privilege of...

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Game Over. Game On

Late season games of rugby had always been a killer. Between the hot or ‘close’ weather of the Spring and the fatigue of a long season having set in, tired bodies were ready for the end of season and the break that it would bring, and this, my last ever game, had been no exception. At thirty seven my best years on the pitch had long gone and I thought that now was a good time to call it quits....

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Privates - Stand Two!

This is a continuation of my story ‘Privates on Parade’. You may wish to read that first to get a better understanding of how I was lucky enough to get this far with a woman some thirty years my senior . . . . Pam stepped away from me towards the head of the table. She breathed in heavily through her nose and looked wanton, her lips apart and lust in her eyes. Her mouth closed and that...

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The Dangerous Wine Drinker

And so I find her, sipping wine  Not whites or Rosés, too sublime  But red so rich and full bodied  It made me crave her wicked deeds Full and fruity, no contrition  Makes her lose all inhibition  As merciless by text I'm pleased  She let me know, she'd parted knees Her hands slip up her inner thigh  I pictured it, in my mind's eye  They glide across soft, silken skin  In search...

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Holly's Solo Tease

The image etched deep in my mind A sight, that I'd oft' hoped to find An orchid gusset pulled aside Her secret folds, lay just inside   Satin stretched against soft skin Shaded dark from moist within Fingers pressed against her thighs I see one reaching just inside   Gripped by walls that pleasures seek It reaches up within her deep Rough textured walls she stimulates She...

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