First Time(1)


Summer Trucker

Virgin Hitchhiker shown the ways of the world.

My name is Mike Clark, I turned eighteen the same day I graduated high school. I just spent the last four years of my life studying three to five hours every night as I took every advanced class my school had to offer as well as some online. In short I have had no social life at all, why you may ask? Well it's pretty simple my goal in life is to get as far away from this stupid little town...Read On



Unexpected Mom: Part Three

The next morning mom discusses the repercutions of last night.

The next morning Mom made us breakfast. We woke up to the smell of bacon and hot coffee coming from the kitchen. Sarah and I looked at each other and I think we both realized we never did eat any of the pizza from last night. After all the strenuous activity we were both starving. I grabbed a pillow and shoved it in her face as I bolted down the hall - I wanted bacon! Sarah yelled after...Read On


Unexpected Mom: Part Two

Sarah and I fuck my mother.

It's been a week since mom and I had our, what the heck do I call it, I guess you call it she boned my brains out. It has been a long week I hardly had any time to see Sarah with her Grandpa dying and the funeral stuff. I went to her grandpa's funeral held her hand and hugged her while she was sad. We even had a chance to slip into a closet and make out briefly and passionately, but we...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Lust at 35,000 Feet

An unexpected surprise on a business trip.

I was on my way to jolly ole England on a Pan Am red eye, business you know how it is, sucky flight times and always overcrowded flights. Well this time was a pleasant surprise; we lifted off from JFK with barely half the 747 full. Apparently some weather made connections a bitch from the Midwest. Who was I to complain, I was in the last row in the coach section with not a sole in sight for...Read On