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Friendly person I believe; please feel free to find out :).

Christmas gif as an avatar for the moment... much better than the usual mug shot! :)

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Nr Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
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12 Dec 2017 23:57
I have recently gone back to coarse fishing and intend to make more time to pursue that interest.
Favorite Books:
Sad to admit I very rarely pick up a book these days.
Favorite Authors:
See above.
Favorite Movies:
I like action movies like the 007's, Lethal Weapons, Matrix triology is great, Die Hards etc. etc.

And I really like these CSI programmes on the TV and in particular NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.
Favorite Music:
Anything from classical to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.


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24 Nov 2011
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Topic: What's Your Greatest Fear In Life?
Posted: 12 Dec 2017 08:35

Sexy and seductive will return in Jan

*looks confuddled* Who are we talking about now?

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/coffee.gif" alt="coffee">

Prepares for 20km mid week run.

Topic: What's Your Greatest Fear In Life?
Posted: 10 Dec 2017 11:02

Above will still have that awful avatar beyond 25th December.

Topic: Happiness is...
Posted: 10 Dec 2017 04:34

Whats the problem? ... there is OJ in that list.

Topic: What's the weather like where you are?
Posted: 09 Dec 2017 23:18

Horrid... its close to freezing, zero centigrade, with heavy rain and snow forecast around lunchtime... damn well staying in today.

Topic: Happiness is...
Posted: 09 Dec 2017 23:09

Bacon, eggs, hash browns, orange juice and toast for breakfast on a Sunday.

Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 08 Dec 2017 23:55


Topic: If you got £1/$1 every time you masturbated, what could you buy?
Posted: 08 Dec 2017 23:18

Oh, I was thinking SJ's tree might be so thick with tinsel by now.... https://upload.lushstories.com/1251498687-88bb63dcff3b177677c82cdac5198254.jpg

Crikey... you must think I spend all day every day... <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/free-sexy-smileys-947.gif" alt="free-sexy-smileys-947">

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/coffee.gif" alt="coffee">

Topic: What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Posted: 08 Dec 2017 00:15

Arthur Christmas - 2011

You big kid!

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/coffee.gif" alt="coffee">

Topic: Would you have coffee or tea with the person above you?
Posted: 07 Dec 2017 23:33

Well yes... either... and some biscuits :).

Topic: What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Posted: 07 Dec 2017 23:24

Home Alone No. 53 and Carry On Nurse :s.

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Please Be Mine Forever

Will you be my... Will you cherish me? Will you be faithful and care for me when I am unwell? Will you be mine forever? For you I will do all of the above Every day you are the smile on my face The bounce in the way that I walk The sparkle in my eyes The reason that I breathe When we are together I am in a dream I stare into your eyes and I just see affection I hold...

Added 09 Feb 2015 | Category Love Poems | Views 1,158 | 22 Comments

Audio Story Perhaps It Was A Dream

Gazing towards the sky and inevitable darkness, the sun finally goes down. I am now alone and pondering on the day that now draws to a close. Was I perhaps dreaming or was it for real? Will I see her again or was it just a time of wild behaviour for her; just a fling with someone that she felt could satisfy her immediate sexual desires? She looked at me across the room with that look that...

Added 24 Nov 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Views 10,529 | 17 Comments

Looking for love again

Love was once in his life But sadly it did not last Its water under the bridge And very much in the past Too long now without The loneliness and sorrow Time to move on Find Cupid’s golden arrow Love will not knock on your door Make an effort and seek it you must Find that someone special Above all a person you can trust For sure it will not be easy You need to...

Added 30 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 1,648 | 24 Comments

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Hello, may the new month be awesome to you, have a great Monday and week...
01 Oct 2017 21:03

, i missed you, glad your back,
27 Sep 2017 10:51

25 Sep 2017 16:19
25 Sep 2017 02:17


Snap, just like that and half of the year is gone, Happy July and have a great one!!!
02 Jul 2017 22:10

19 Jun 2017 05:44

, happy week end, enjoy
09 Jun 2017 07:41

08 Jun 2017 07:15

, yessssssssssssss...enjoy your vacation, beautifull place your staying at, well deserved, , do they give u breakfast? smooches
17 May 2017 17:07

17 May 2017 16:51

15 May 2017 06:39
You really shouldn't be bringing anymore attention to those horrible knees...

13 May 2017 08:05
30 Apr 2017 14:35

28 Apr 2017 06:56
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