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Chat room moderator and member.

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Nr Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
I used to love coarse fishing but I never seem to get around to that anymore.
Favorite Books:
Sad to admit I very rarely pick up a book these days.
Favorite Authors:
See above.
Favorite Movies:
I like action movies like the 007's, Lethal Weapons, Matrix triology is great, oh those Bruce Willis ones (cant remember the names of them) etc. etc.

And I really like these CSI programmes on the TV and in particular NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.
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Anything from classical to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
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24 Nov 2011
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Topic: Cant get comments on ppls pics
Posted: 26 Aug 2015 11:13

There has been a site software update (database I believe) in the last 24 hours and this has resulted in some minor 'challenges'. Bear with us please the challenges are being addressed... thanks :).

Topic: Friends activity
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 23:38

Someone reported an old blog as current also.

Topic: A note to Moderators
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 10:51

I'd like to just add for those of us who are not moderators, that we can't see "Post Reply" or "New Topic" but if you log off and resign in, you're able to. Just so a bunch of people don't freak out! :)

All because someone wiped out all the biscuits... sighs.

Topic: Would you meet up with a girl from this site?
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 22:51

I doubt it .. not unless they needed some practical help and I felt I could assist, e.g. her car needed a tow to a garage for repairs.

Topic: If you got £1/$1 every time you masturbated, what could you buy?
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 10:41

erm ... let me work that out ..

A large steak and chips with all the trimmings cost about £8 to buy and eat at home so...

A damn good tug once a month = £1... eight months later = £8... yay!

Good job I dont rely on masturbating to pay for my fav dinner I think!.

Topic: How do I make a story banner?
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 08:20

You do:


edit - hang on ... do you mean story banner or forum signature ... your post suggests forum signature? *confused* ... your post has that banner in it!

Topic: seeking editor
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 07:16

the editing nazis are looking for something more than a story that gets the message across. it actually needs to be readable. i'd take SJ up on his offer.

Two be fiar I aint sure I cud do much beter tbh .. butt if she dont find noone beter I will di my best and av a go like!

Topic: Write Any Word That Begins With "P"and Ends in "Y"
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 04:30

posty - the person that delivers the mail!

Topic: seeking editor
Posted: 23 Aug 2015 01:03

so 1 guy has helped me get 2 of my stories published but 2 have been rejected 5 times each the editing nazi's are way too strict and looks like i need somebody to edit for me this is ridiculous i write from memory and I'm not trying to be shakespeare or stephen king no offense but if the message gets across F the grammar perfection i can't i just can't i re read the edits and other then a slight mistake a editor can fix its fine :( very sad i really thought i could air my mind out on this site

If you wish I will take a look at one of the two stories that have been rejected five times. If you wish to take up my offer then mail me the story and the five reject mails/notes from the story moderators.

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Please Be Mine Forever

Will you be my... Will you cherish me? Will you be faithful and care for me when I am unwell? Will you be mine forever? For you I will do all of the above Every day you are the smile on my face The bounce in the way that I walk The sparkle in my eyes The reason that I breathe When we are together I am in a dream I stare into your eyes and I just see affection I hold...

Added 09 Feb 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 575 | 21 Comments

Audio Story Perhaps It Was A Dream

Gazing towards the sky and inevitable darkness, the sun finally goes down. I am now alone and pondering on the day that now draws to a close. Was I perhaps dreaming or was it for real? Will I see her again or was it just a time of wild behaviour for her; just a fling with someone that she felt could satisfy her immediate sexual desires? She looked at me across the room with that look that...

Added 24 Nov 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 8,651 | 16 Comments

Looking for love again

Love was once in his life But sadly it did not last Its water under the bridge And very much in the past Too long now without The loneliness and sorrow Time to move on Find Cupid’s golden arrow Love will not knock on your door Make an effort and seek it you must Find that someone special Above all a person you can trust For sure it will not be easy You need to...

Added 30 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 1,076 | 21 Comments

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