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Bright lights and success has filled my world. An endless stream of resources at my fingertips. Lovers everywhere in sight and not one can see my plight. Night by night I look in the mirror, cursing the lie I see before me. Poor and a pauper among the rubble of Society, I grasped happiness from your lips. A penny for your thoughts? A nickel for your kiss? How could I have been...

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How many years has it been? How many years have passed since I've seen your face?  How many sleepless nights have crowded my life?  On tear smeared pages I write to you my bride. I'm a bottomless pit, an empty hollow of flesh, devoid of all emotional ties and boundaries. That night on the road has left me broken. Taken from me before your time. Food has lost its taste from my lips. ...

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Your Count

The weight of my hand My grip Are both steady and true Ready for the task But my focus Is you I watch your skin  Tighten Like silk Inviting touch It waits I wait I listen  Quietly and intently  For your breath to issue orders For your body to begin the count For you to make the choice And there it is That smile A nod A surrender This is where we begin I can hear The meeting of...

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Dark and wet desire

Drip drop Drip drop The rain comes and comes Your body echoes its sound Cold steel Gripping your wrist Tugging at your ankles  I stand in awe of you Looking down upon you Holding so tight  You smile You beg I tighten the clamps The squeeze upon your nipples The streaks of raindrops Fits you like a cloth Wet thighs... Drenched  You or the rain It escapes me ...

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Here at the helm Surrounded  Laughter and jubilation Sweeping the halls I stand eternally  In thought. Maning the helm Companionless Unattended Unchaperoned Alone Without  Your embrace Your kiss The inner reaches Of my mind Have yet to prepare me For the sublime  Organic touch that you Provide. Twisting and turning My heart strings  Broken upon...

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Soul of a Beast

Tears and blood That's what I have  A monster is what I have become Trails of love Of heartache left On the alter gazed By the Gods Cursed to transform  My face begotten  My body unrecognizable Seems I shall remain Frozen in my own Inward path of  Destruction. Through tinted windows Painted with money And carved with hate My lust for self  Knows no humility ...

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Moving  between your thighs,  kissing  every inch of you  brings a smile  to my face While tasting  your sweet nectar,  and holding you  in love's embrace. Your body is twisting, turning, and trying to escape  my tongue. But it is of no avail,  for I grind into you  harder and harder.  Feel the weight  of my dedication. You shout, ‘fuck’  as nails...

Added 24 Oct 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 756 | 11 Comments

That Type Of Love

That Kind of Love I want it, with all my heart. That special kind of love. That type of love  you read about in fairy tales... I want that kind of love  that comes once in a lifetime... that Gone With the Wind movie  kind of love, That I will travel to the four corners of the earth just to  see her smile  kind of love, That crawl through a war zone,  damn...

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You wash  the grit and grime  from my heart. Every kiss,  every hug is like  soap upon my soul. You exemplify  the traits  that have been lost to us. The traits  that have been lost,  through time. Lips  that are worth  Kingdoms,  eyes  worthy of  treasure. A heart  that could rival the  purest of people. Kings have killed for less. Finding love is a  ...

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I sit here. Thinking of you everyday. Your kiss. Your hands.... God your hands. There has been life lost all around. Yet with every second that I draw breath, I miss you. The last night I saw you still brings me peace. Your panties lips, covered in tears for a man so undeserving as me. Promises were made, and you even made me pinky swear. I write this letter to you, I swear...

Added 01 Sep 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 18 | Avg Score 5 | Views 889 | 17 Comments

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Not sure about "more wisely" but I feel ya

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Have a good one, Dom.

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A while ago you posted some Phantom of the Opera pics on my wall...
hope you enjoy this vid...
thank you for my post by the way

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Enjoying the last lil'bit of Summer sun.

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ok Spooky Candy and sexy is what you said, Right?

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