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22 Oct 2014 03:26

Things are looking bright in my world!

12 Feb 2014 04:38

Been sex free for around four months. Go me.

11 Nov 2013 04:46

Saw a pic of the guy I lost my virginity to on Facebook. He looks rather the same lol.

10 Nov 2013 06:49

I am now SINGLE. NO BFs, FWBs.

26 Sep 2013 02:19

I think I have out grown my ex. He is so boring!

24 Sep 2013 03:07

Feeling like a confused slut on Saturday night fucked my lover and today fucked my ex. Why do two men have the qualities I want in one person. Gah.

15 Sep 2013 01:21

A fantastic reiki session. So relaxing and in other news hanging out with two guys at different times. Fuck buddy and my ex. If I could be in a Poly relationship that would be cool alas that can not be lol.

11 Sep 2013 02:44

The one reason I hate being a woman is happening now. Feeling blood come out of me. Ain't nobody got time for that.

09 Sep 2013 00:58

The feeling of satisifaction of telling the kids next door and on our street to get the fuck of my parents fence. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

07 Sep 2013 00:47

That annoying moment when I am waiting for my periods to present itself so I know I am not pregnant.

29 Aug 2013 03:19

Walked 4 KMS up two major hills and through the pain in my ankles I actually walked it. I DID IT. Will do it again next week. Feel like exercising now.

24 Aug 2013 17:44

Who knew I could be kinky. Rebound pissed in my mouth and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I of course didn't swallow (health reasons like who wants cystitis?) and yeah something to add to experience.

24 Aug 2013 00:37

To the Nigerian dude, I don't give a shit about your 8 inch fat dick. My ex has a 9 inch fat dick and my lover has 8 inches too. No I am not going to be your friend.

19 Aug 2013 03:50

Went for a psychic reading, she didn't really give me the answers I wanted, even when I was wanting to know what I wanted. She gave answers on a different topic. Seriously what a waste of time.

13 Aug 2013 04:29

I have a story playing in my it a story or a fantasy or maybe both?

13 Aug 2013 02:22

I want to mind fuck someone. Think it would be fun.

12 Aug 2013 04:02

Saw my ex over the weekend. He seems to be better in his headspace. On the other hand I didn't tell rebound and it doesn't help that I have had sexual thoughts of having a threesome with them.

30 Jul 2013 03:02

Woo hoo at Weight Watchers and I lost 1.9 kilos in a week. Very thrilled. Mind you I did gain weight the first two meeting but lost it. I am well on my way to my weight loss journey.

23 Jul 2013 00:46

I love when things seem to be falling into place. Looks like I am up for another postion at work (not the one I was hoping but still a very good postion) now just need to fine a guy who wants to be with me instead of a rebound fuck buddy.

22 Jul 2013 01:03

How was everyone's weekend?

17 Jul 2013 01:26

I thought I was a shoe in for a position at work. Come into work today to see another co-worker got the job. So still on the lower rung of the ladder here. Oh well...

10 Jul 2013 00:19

The other day while giving oral to my FWB, he looks me in my eyes and says "You are such a good little girl." pants a little then says "You want to be my good little girl?" Uh all I could do was just make a muffled yes and nod while looking in his eyes.
Um okay bizzare to say the least.

08 Jul 2013 01:28

Had my eye being smacked by a saliva covered hard cock. It stung but it was funny.

05 Jul 2013 22:31

Why do emotions have to come into play when it's just sex.

05 Jul 2013 00:07

How does one feel to be fucking a married lover on the day of their wedding anniversary to their spouse. Granted they have not been together for a year and a half. I feel amused, horny and rather naughty. On the other hand a little guilty because I spent the whole day with my lover and his kids. Other then that another fantastic fuck feast last night. Hope another one for tonight.

29 Jun 2013 04:01


25 Jun 2013 02:12

The satisfying moment I had sex in a van with my fuck buddy at a sacred spot my ex and I held as our special place. HAHAHA.

23 Jun 2013 22:56

Drunk texting is so much fun. Especially when it's between myself and texting my fuck buddy and my ex. Clearly my ex thinks my fuck buddy is fictious. LMAO

17 Jun 2013 00:04

Fucked again in a public toilet. He actually kissed me o.O WOW! It wasn't me pulling him towards me to kiss. AMAZING!

28 May 2013 03:05

The moment you reliease your Fuck Buddy is actually a separated married man. So I can say I fucked a married dude. Why didn't it click in the first place.