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02 Mar 2017 04:06

Nothing like being a nudist. Liberation and going back to my cave man ancestors.

23 Jan 2017 08:49

Kind of miss being intimate. However I need to lose weight to get that energy back.

06 Jul 2016 08:07

06 Jul 2016 08:06

06 Jul 2016 08:02

[img][/img] Wiggle Wiggle

09 Jun 2016 07:48

That moment a guy becomes "poessesive" and calls out "That's my woman" to a playful puppy dog. Don't know if I am flattered or put my guard up.

15 May 2016 02:42

I had a guy pretend to be a girl trying to chat me. It was funny.

12 Apr 2016 06:12

One of my favourite scenes from "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.

02 Apr 2016 01:16

I walked past a 57 year old friend, where my only modesty was a towel. Awesome.

30 Mar 2016 18:52

If you see me online on and off, I am not ignoring you I am having problems with my modem.

13 Mar 2016 04:28

Back to boring sex. I mentally get off by reading erotica.

06 Feb 2016 22:40

Ironic that when I posted the last post, Mr Jaune wanted sex. It was awesome.

06 Feb 2016 08:17

Feeling like my sex life is on halt. Mr Jaune is tired or I am tired. I physically miss sex.

14 Jan 2016 06:04

Vale Alan Rickman, he was so sexy.

01 Jan 2016 05:09

Goat being cooked stinks the house out. Gag

30 Dec 2015 07:46

Life is good.

22 Nov 2015 05:10

12 days late for period enjoying the time that I am not squirting and dripping blood from my vagina.

22 Nov 2015 05:10

12 days late for period enjoying the time that I am not squirting and dripping blood from my vagina.

22 Oct 2014 03:26

Things are looking bright in my world!

12 Feb 2014 04:38

Been sex free for around four months. Go me.

11 Nov 2013 04:46

Saw a pic of the guy I lost my virginity to on Facebook. He looks rather the same lol.

10 Nov 2013 06:49

I am now SINGLE. NO BFs, FWBs.

26 Sep 2013 02:19

I think I have out grown my ex. He is so boring!

24 Sep 2013 03:07

Feeling like a confused slut on Saturday night fucked my lover and today fucked my ex. Why do two men have the qualities I want in one person. Gah.

15 Sep 2013 01:21

A fantastic reiki session. So relaxing and in other news hanging out with two guys at different times. Fuck buddy and my ex. If I could be in a Poly relationship that would be cool alas that can not be lol.

11 Sep 2013 02:44

The one reason I hate being a woman is happening now. Feeling blood come out of me. Ain't nobody got time for that.

09 Sep 2013 00:58

The feeling of satisifaction of telling the kids next door and on our street to get the fuck of my parents fence. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

07 Sep 2013 00:47

That annoying moment when I am waiting for my periods to present itself so I know I am not pregnant.

29 Aug 2013 03:19

Walked 4 KMS up two major hills and through the pain in my ankles I actually walked it. I DID IT. Will do it again next week. Feel like exercising now.

24 Aug 2013 17:44

Who knew I could be kinky. Rebound pissed in my mouth and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I of course didn't swallow (health reasons like who wants cystitis?) and yeah something to add to experience.