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Since starting my job with Grade 4 I am so into doing Maths. When I was ten maths didn't interest me now I enjoy it.

23 May 2013 23:19

Is wondering if I should write another story? Just need some inspiration.

23 May 2013 23:11

Nothing like telling a therapist about your new sex life the second time on meeting. I am a liberated sexy beast.

23 May 2013 00:45

The ex wrote a poem about me which included the line "Now all she does is hurl." I saw it on facebook but stopped myself from responding "Yeah I am hurling on another guy's crotch because I'm deep throating him instead of you."

21 May 2013 22:59

The vast pros and cons in the difference of lovers.

19 May 2013 02:52

Nothing like seeing blood and old uterus matter on a lover's hands. Beats any horror scene.

10 May 2013 04:26

Mother nature is a bitch, glad that I am not pregnant and pissed off because I can't have sex for a few days. Way to ruin a good time Bitch.

06 May 2013 22:58

Went all the way with Single Dad it was great. Though he did cum inside me first time I have felt a whole load in me. Kind of funny to feel it drip out when I sat down lol.

26 Apr 2013 01:25

The most intense sex I have ever had with single dad who also was in the throws of passion was interrupted by little Billy yet again. God Darn it.

24 Apr 2013 08:10

So I have been away for a very long time, in the real world things have been up and down for me. Currently having sexual relations with a single dad. Hmmm.

23 Apr 2013 23:21

The film I saw was fantastic and I got to see the stars of it. Amazing.

10 Sep 2012 08:15

Hey Guys, sorry I have not been on Lush. Been pretty busy in real life. OMG I'm going to a film opening in a few days. I will tell you the movie when I return. Can't believe just got back from the city and have to go back tomorrow or Tuesday.

So how is everyone else been? Sirene xoxo

26 Aug 2012 00:20

14 Aug 2012 22:30

On another note loving Russian singer Yulia Volkova's new single. A more grown up version of her first hit debut with Lena Katina "All the things she says." From when she was with t.A.T.u Boobies, croutchs and cute butts.

14 Aug 2012 22:29

My Libido has came back from holiday yay.

14 Aug 2012 22:17

That awakward moment when you quote a line from a tv show and your boyfriend answers "Your left side". LOL.

31 Jul 2012 06:33

Super happy my skin tag has fallen off. I'm guessing it fell into the toilet and all I got there now is a smooth little bump were it once was.

29 Jul 2012 23:46

Got woken up this morning by a "Good Morning" and a growel from my new Lahas Apso on my bed. It was my boyfriend, who came over to pick up his iPod cable.

26 Jul 2012 05:22

Posted a new story with two chapters. Should start on chapter three tonight xoxo.

25 Jul 2012 23:01

Need to lose weight, My other half took photos of me in the raw. Blubber everywhere and I mean everywhere.

25 Jul 2012 00:02

iPod is back Yay and no photos were looked at

14 Jul 2012 19:48

Boyfriend left his iPod Touch in his dad's friend's truck. I hope he gets it back or the least the guy didn't look through the pics/videos. There is some rather risque/nude pictures of me.

13 Jul 2012 07:49

My muse is on holiday I want her back.

07 Jul 2012 02:43

Celebrating 7 years with my awesome boyfriend. xoxoxo.

11 Jun 2012 00:39

Haha, I laughed when the person requesting for me to cyber chat with him. Made a suggestion that if I don't like cybering I should stick with Facebook. Because this site is a sex site and I shouldn't log in. No dear this is a site for erotic stories or discussing erotica, not for cybering. Pfft...I don't mind talking about erotica and sex but I don't whore myself out for others to get off. Unless they get off on my stories.

09 Jun 2012 20:19

ATTENTION!!! To the morons who think just because I am on an erotic story site. Doesn't NOT MEAN I am here for CYBERING/PHONE or MEETING UP FOR SEX. I AM NOT A WHORE! THERE IS OTHER SITES THAT YOU CAN GO TO, TO DO THOSE THINGS!

08 Jun 2012 01:06

"You just want people to tease. You don't want me." Said Boyfriend at 2:00 am because I didnt' respond to him fingering me while he was jacking off. Hello were was foreplay. One does not just shove fingers into my vag thinking I will get off on it.

05 Jun 2012 03:03

Finally home and have missed Lush so much and all the lushy people. Can't wait to catch up with everyone.

29 May 2012 04:59

Only a few more days and I'm away for almost two weeks. No worries around me, just relax. Though I will miss beautiful people on Lush and of course Lush itself.

08 May 2012 05:50

Boyfriend asked me while I was half asleep. "With your permission can I have an affair." I just nodded and went back to sleep. Later on he asked about it again. "No F*cking way are you f*cking some random chick's cunt."

03 May 2012 01:49