sirene_jaune's Blog Entries

I want to announce that I'm taking a hiatus with my boyfriend.

29 Feb 2012 02:06

Boyfriend is back from his journey. Hurrah.

29 Feb 2012 01:56

Have not heard from boyfriend in a week other then that nothing new.

27 Feb 2012 18:20

Just been looking at celebrity deaths very intriguing; on a similar note couldn't believe Bobby Brown turned Whitney Houston's funeral to be about him.

19 Feb 2012 23:54

Wonderful Valentines Day. Alas Boyfriend's mood changed when I didn't wake up and respond to his 4:30 AM anal poking. He left the house and went to walk 7 KMs home. I didn't go after him.

14 Feb 2012 17:11

The weekend was awesome.

12 Feb 2012 16:19

Today I found out my boyfriend came by my place to visit my uncle twice. He didn't bother stopping to see me. Hmmmm is he still angry with me? I am going to say yes. All cause I chose sleep over his cock.

10 Feb 2012 04:28

Thank you guys for the sweet birthday messages xoxo.

09 Feb 2012 04:31

:Update: Sex has been fantastic. On my birthday we fucked a few times and yes even did golden showers. With a great fuck in the shower after. Later on he gave me money for new toys. Two normal vibes, a vibrating buttplug, mini vibe and a butterfly clit tickler. I was a very spoilt girl indeed.

08 Feb 2012 02:45

Might be having doubts if the boyfriend is actually going to show up. Hmmm oh well I still have plenty of beautiful lushy peeps to chat to.

25 Jan 2012 21:44

Is proud to announce the draught of sex will soon be over!!!!

23 Jan 2012 04:48

Found it It was behind a cushion. On the other hand found out boyfriend is having his friend come over this week and he was scuttling around the idea of seeing me by saying that his friend was a bit off. FFS Even after questioning why I wanted to see after almost a month. God I need a non complicated man in my life.

19 Jan 2012 04:45

Don't you just hate it when you have something this morning but by afternoon can't find it? I misplaced my wii remote argh!

18 Jan 2012 22:07

I have decided I have had enough with the boyfriend for the time being. If he can go off to fuck around with his pal. And not calling me then I need to heed my own advice. Don't intereact with them if they are not willing to call you.

18 Jan 2012 01:33

After reading erotica on a fanfiction website. I was dismayed by the lack of stories from my favourite series. Hmmm perhaps I should write my own to please my senses. Since I have nothing better to do since the boyfriend is having guys weekend.

11 Jan 2012 21:01

Just did 48 mins on Wii Fit. I'm so out of shape after not being on it for three months. Yikes!!!

06 Jan 2012 02:46

I guess welcoming in the NYE alone wasn't such a bad thing, scrabble, water and chat was all I did to ring in 2012, along with my to cute kitty cat.

01 Jan 2012 19:53

Has had an wonderful time away. Got to have a day of fucking

18 Dec 2011 18:17

Just came to reliease that Castleville and Farmville are more important to my boyfriend then to stop by my place for a quickie. "Got to get home to fix the tractor." Pft more like running back to play his fucking games. Just caught him playing and now I have the shits.

14 Dec 2011 22:15

I'm back after so long. I missed Lush so much.

22 Aug 2011 20:41

Is on to a start of another short story. I think I work best with short stories lol.

16 Jun 2011 03:02

Right now I'm thinking, I don't want to add friends if they haven't emailed me first or if I haven't emailed them first. It would be nice to actually chat to people who have read my stories and who I can discuss writing with. (Gosh it makes me sound like a bitch).

04 Jun 2011 06:15