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"Now that I'm famous, you're up my anus." - Ke$ha "Cannibal"
Wow what a line.

27 Apr 2012 02:56

Just spent over $20 on magazines and three books. What a bargin.

18 Apr 2012 21:21

Sending out some love to you all and hope you have a fantastic week xoxo

16 Apr 2012 01:07

Spent two nights with the boyfriend. Things look better.

05 Mar 2012 19:44

Was able to speak for two minutes to the boyfriend. Alas Some bitch had to call up of all nights to speak to my grandmother. Grandma has hogged the phone all evening. Damn no credit or battery on my cellphone.

02 Mar 2012 02:18

"I will not be on Lush for a few days. Apparently I am going to be away a lot longer then I thought. I'm helping to clean out my 88 year old great Aunt's house. I thought it was going to be one day but no got told to pack a few more clothes and a pair of pjs. Get fucked!".

29 Feb 2012 14:28

I want to announce that I'm taking a hiatus with my boyfriend.

29 Feb 2012 02:06

Boyfriend is back from his journey. Hurrah.

29 Feb 2012 01:56

Have not heard from boyfriend in a week other then that nothing new.

27 Feb 2012 18:20

Just been looking at celebrity deaths very intriguing; on a similar note couldn't believe Bobby Brown turned Whitney Houston's funeral to be about him.

19 Feb 2012 23:54

Wonderful Valentines Day. Alas Boyfriend's mood changed when I didn't wake up and respond to his 4:30 AM anal poking. He left the house and went to walk 7 KMs home. I didn't go after him.

14 Feb 2012 17:11

The weekend was awesome.

12 Feb 2012 16:19

Today I found out my boyfriend came by my place to visit my uncle twice. He didn't bother stopping to see me. Hmmmm is he still angry with me? I am going to say yes. All cause I chose sleep over his cock.

10 Feb 2012 04:28

Thank you guys for the sweet birthday messages xoxo.

09 Feb 2012 04:31

:Update: Sex has been fantastic. On my birthday we fucked a few times and yes even did golden showers. With a great fuck in the shower after. Later on he gave me money for new toys. Two normal vibes, a vibrating buttplug, mini vibe and a butterfly clit tickler. I was a very spoilt girl indeed.

08 Feb 2012 02:45

Might be having doubts if the boyfriend is actually going to show up. Hmmm oh well I still have plenty of beautiful lushy peeps to chat to.

25 Jan 2012 21:44

Is proud to announce the draught of sex will soon be over!!!!

23 Jan 2012 04:48

Found it It was behind a cushion. On the other hand found out boyfriend is having his friend come over this week and he was scuttling around the idea of seeing me by saying that his friend was a bit off. FFS Even after questioning why I wanted to see after almost a month. God I need a non complicated man in my life.

19 Jan 2012 04:45

Don't you just hate it when you have something this morning but by afternoon can't find it? I misplaced my wii remote argh!

18 Jan 2012 22:07

I have decided I have had enough with the boyfriend for the time being. If he can go off to fuck around with his pal. And not calling me then I need to heed my own advice. Don't intereact with them if they are not willing to call you.

18 Jan 2012 01:33

After reading erotica on a fanfiction website. I was dismayed by the lack of stories from my favourite series. Hmmm perhaps I should write my own to please my senses. Since I have nothing better to do since the boyfriend is having guys weekend.

11 Jan 2012 21:01

Just did 48 mins on Wii Fit. I'm so out of shape after not being on it for three months. Yikes!!!

06 Jan 2012 02:46

I guess welcoming in the NYE alone wasn't such a bad thing, scrabble, water and chat was all I did to ring in 2012, along with my to cute kitty cat.

01 Jan 2012 19:53

Has had an wonderful time away. Got to have a day of fucking

18 Dec 2011 18:17

Just came to reliease that Castleville and Farmville are more important to my boyfriend then to stop by my place for a quickie. "Got to get home to fix the tractor." Pft more like running back to play his fucking games. Just caught him playing and now I have the shits.

14 Dec 2011 22:15

I'm back after so long. I missed Lush so much.

22 Aug 2011 20:41

Is on to a start of another short story. I think I work best with short stories lol.

16 Jun 2011 03:02

Right now I'm thinking, I don't want to add friends if they haven't emailed me first or if I haven't emailed them first. It would be nice to actually chat to people who have read my stories and who I can discuss writing with. (Gosh it makes me sound like a bitch).

04 Jun 2011 06:15