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Topic What made you try Anal?
Posted 16 Jul 2016 04:44

Mr Jaune coaxed me to do it. He got over excited and used it as a prefered method until I told him no more. Now he wonders why we can not get pregnant as my most fertile years was taken by having him stick his dick up my arse.

Topic What have you done when you have seen an ex lover walk past?
Posted 16 Jul 2016 04:32

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing my ex lover walk past me. I was at a cafe with Mr Jaune and the next thing I heard was familiar children's voices (my ex lover was a "single" dad) walk past. I had my back turned to them and the next thing I heard my ex lover going off at one of the kids. I know that he saw me as I caught him looking from the reflection of a mirror when I glanced at it. I laughed and didn't tell Mr Jaune why.

Have any of you guys walked past or been in the same vicinity of an ex lover? What was your reactions?

Topic Why interracial?
Posted 27 Jun 2016 08:43

All I can get from that is if you were such a university graduate why didn't you just use the "enter" button to make space for your paragraphs? I got a bit of an eye strain trying to follow what you wrote and in the end it just seemed like nonsense.

A dark guy awaking your caucasian self. Um okay.

Topic How much or little do you need?
Posted 27 Jun 2016 07:06

I wear them because I need to. I don't pick colors, patterns or what cut they are. I pick what I wear if it is clean. That's my answer.

Topic latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted 26 Jun 2016 09:40

Alice through the looking glass. I enjoyed it, didn't like the ending.

Topic What do you believe about heaven/hell/afterlife/reincarnation/etc?
Posted 26 Jun 2016 09:34

I lost my faith when my mother died. It opened my eyes how religion is a whole lot of nonsense especially the three main ones which are at logger heads and the many rules and contradictions. As for death I am just going to say there is nothing, our brain ceases to stop working. Like when you go for an operation, we blank out and then we are waken hours later with no memory of what happened between falling a sleep and being awake.

Topic What movie have you seen the most??
Posted 21 Jun 2016 06:46

Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Topic Would you ever go to a sex club?
Posted 19 Jun 2016 05:18

I have been to a fetish club. Everyone was beautiful, respectful and friendly.

Topic Last time you swallow cum?
Posted 16 Jun 2016 06:10

2013. I now have sperm going inside my vag.

Topic What are you reading?
Posted 15 Jun 2016 08:31

I just finished "Educating Rita". It was rather good, liked the intellectual sexual tension.

Topic What comes first for you, "I love you" or sex?
Posted 14 Jun 2016 07:36

It was sex for my other half and I. I don't think we started to say we loved each other until months after.

Topic Did your life turn out as expected?
Posted 14 Jun 2016 06:29

When I was a teen I had aspirations. Dream job was a quiet job (which I didn't know you need a degree in), a fantastic husband, married and children and to be fit and healthy.

In my early 30s I have a casual job where I am on call if needed (basically can say unemployed until the job needs me), I live in a rural town. I attempted twice for a degree but I have had tragedies that stopped me from completing. I am obese at 163 cm and 95 kg. I have a long term partner of 11 years but he has mental health issues, I don't have children.

It wasn't what I envisioned but I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a car for transport. Simple pleasures.

I am currently thinking of re doing my degree or do a small course just to add to my CV.

Who knows life doesn't go as smoothly.

Topic Is every girl on this site a lesbian or only wanting another girl for the 1st time?
Posted 14 Jun 2016 06:17

I want to add with the guy saying women should fuck off to another site, I think he doesn't know the site is monitered and owned by Nicola. LOL.

Topic Bathrooms
Posted 14 Jun 2016 01:34

I don't care about unisex toilets. If you have to piss and shit then why not use them. I have been to unisex toilets and I was not intimidated, in fact the guy who was using the bathroom mirror just said hi and went back to applying his eyeliner.

I have even went to male toilets because the womens had a line.

Topic Girls - does your man talk, groan or stay quiet during sex?
Posted 14 Jun 2016 01:13

He is rather quiet with the occasional groans. I wish he talked more I am more into dirty dialouge. Hence I close my eyes and imagine Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

Topic Would it be possible for you ladies to...
Posted 12 Jun 2016 05:08

Topic Is every girl on this site a lesbian or only wanting another girl for the 1st time?
Posted 12 Jun 2016 05:02

I think they all are fucking lessies to - they should fuck off to another site

I think someone is sad that no chicks are interested in engaging sexual talk with him. HAHA.

Myself I have found women attractive, I have kissed other women, I have had a woman fondle my breasts and yes I do like to read Sapphic stories/poems and look at lesbian porn. However I like men too. I am mainly straight but if the opptunity is there why not.

Though a lot of ladies on here open individuals.

Topic Relationship Advice Needed
Posted 31 May 2016 04:52

Petrova and A_Guy are both wise.

Take her feelings into account it isn't always about you. Perhaps have serious talk with her.

Topic Favourite Fashion Era
Posted 29 May 2016 08:36


Topic Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner....
Posted 29 May 2016 06:48

When you are ovulating and when aunt flo visits.

Topic Do many of you girls work out?
Posted 29 May 2016 05:01

I use my treadmill 3 times a week but I am back to uses my exercise dvds. I like to work out at home.

Topic Has your husband or significant other ever wanted...
Posted 29 May 2016 04:56

In 11 years never ever came up.

Topic anal anyone?
Posted 14 May 2016 21:58

There is already an anal thread. So over used.

Topic Ugliest Damn Shoes EVER!!
Posted 13 May 2016 07:57

They look like shoes for Pony play.

Topic A serious question about areola size.
Posted 13 May 2016 02:12

I don't care much for areolas which amazingly change color during pregnancy. However I have seen a porn star who had huge areolas bigger then her boobs.

Topic vjayjay??? what!!!????
Posted 12 May 2016 06:59

I have no problems saying Vagina, labia, clit. I don't mind saying Penis, scrotum etc.

Topic vjayjay??? what!!!????
Posted 12 May 2016 06:59

I have no problems saying Vagina, labia, clit. I don't mind saying Penis, scrotum etc.

Topic Do girls like to feel a dick harden in them?
Posted 12 May 2016 06:56

I tried that with Mr Jaune and he came out so... lol.

Topic Gals, do you find that during some occasions you can accomodate,,,,,,
Posted 12 May 2016 06:54

Well a baby is designed to come out of a vagina so the average length of a baby is 20 inches or 51 cms. So the vagina is strong and capable to take a long penis.