Fantasy becomes reality

Julie makes her and Matt's fanatsy a reality.

Julie had left work early so she would have plenty of time to get home and ready herself before Matt got home from his business trip later tonight. Sitting on the train, her mind racing as she ran through everything in her head. Her heart pounding at the thoughts she was having. Her face flushed as she realised she was getting aroused at her thoughts. She looked around making sure no one...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Angel in the flower shop.

He has wanted her for so long. Now is the time.

I was so nervous that day. Walking quickly to the flower shop. My mind racing with so many different thoughts. What if she wasn't there today? No she was always there! What if she didn't have time to talk today? No she always made time to talk! What if she didn't want to hear what I had to say to her? I needed to stop thinking and just get to her shop. As I rounded the corner and the shop...Read On


At Ellie's

This is the first ever story I have written and published on any site. All comments are welcome as they will help me with how I write future stories.  As to if it is a true story or not, well, that is up for you and your imaginations to decide! I do hope you enjoy reading it!   It was nearing 9pm when I walked up the path and knocked firmly on the front door of her home. I looked around,...Read On