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Reading, music, writing.
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There are piles of them, literally. I used to work in a used bookstore, which is fascinating the first five years and teaches the vanity of authorly ambition afterwards.
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Too many to name. For short stories, the authors I reread these days for pleasure are generally old favorites like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton, and Arthur Schnitzler in particular, and I've been reading lots of the British authors of the 1890s--Hubert Crackanthorpe, H.D. Lowry, George Egerton, and George Moore. Also a fair amount of classic ghost and weird tales--H.P. Lovecraft of course (the fellow who started this kick), Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Arthur Machen, Oliver Onions, Lord Dunsany, Sheridan Le Fanu, Robert Chambers, and Mrs. Riddell mostly. I also read lots of SF and a fair amount of mysteries as well as mainstream literary fiction, and quite a lot of non-fiction of many sorts. (Poetry too, but I'm not enough of a damn fool to try to write it.)
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Classical, jazz, ska, and blues especially. Also Latin (especially MPB) and African pop, but much else besides.


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Topic: Is there one poem or story you've written that you would like more people to read?
Posted: 14 Apr 2018 18:34

I do wish more people had read my most recent story, The Default Option.

I write the kinds of stories I enjoy reading most, which tend to be on the long, wordy, and talky side with a slow build-up, and it's no skin off my nose that many people seem to skip them. Still, I'm very fond of this one. It was fun to write, for one thing, and had some good characters and decent humor in the mix.

Topic: your first cock sucking experience
Posted: 08 Apr 2018 02:45

I was in grad school and had fantasized about sucking cock off and on for years. Finally I decided I was going to do so before my next birthday. I advertised on an adult site for another bi-curious guy and finally found one who clicked with me in IM. We discussed it a couple of times--he mostly wanted to fuck a guy but wasn't sure about sucking someone, but I didn't care that much. We met for a beer and to trade our test results; he was a black man about my age, kind of fat, and when we got back to my apartment we undressed immediately and he was enormous, already hard and throbbing. Ten inches long, uncut, and big enough around that my thumb only barely touched the tip of my middle finger. I stroked him as he worked up the courage to play with me, and after he finally did, I got on my knees and licked the tip. He had a cock that actually widened toward the bottom, so there wasn't the flaring head I was expecting. Anyway, I worked him in as I swirled my tongue around him, and he lasted five minutes, long enough for me to work about four inches into my mouth. It was an incredible dream come true, feeling a massive cock in my mouth, with the velvety shaft around a rock-solid throbbing rod. I knew from my experiences sucking myself many years before what it was like in general, but that time I didn't have a back getting sore from the twisted position I had to get in to shove it into my mouth, so I could concentrate on everything. Above all, it was amazing knowing that the way he was moaning and bucking and rubbing my head and groaning as I stroked his shaft was all thanks to me and my hot little mouth. I held it there and just focused on feeling his cock as he got close, and I can still remember the feeling as it twitched and pulsed in my mouth and the first of a dozen or so spurts sprayed into the back of my throat. He said later the feeling of my throat around his cock as I swallowed was incredible.

He returned the favor--not so willingly--and when I finished he spat it out into a handkerchief. He was hard again so I let him take me on the floor, and the first ten minutes lasted forever and I felt like I was being torn apart, but I liked it soon enough and liked it even more returning the favor. After we washed up we 69ed, and he was much more laid back about it then. He said later that sucking cock was really gay, but after fucking a man and getting fucked by him, that wasn't an important consideration any more. :)

We met a couple of times a month for the next three months (by the second month I had managed to get him all the way into my throat, which was only a second or third for him), but then he got a girlfriend. Later they invited me to dinner a couple of times, supposedly because she wanted to meet all his friends, but on our third date I discovered it was actually because she wanted a threesome with lots of gay sex for her to watch, and she was getting to know me to make sure I would treat her respectfully (she was black and had had a couple of bad experiences with white men). We met off and on for a year or more, always the three of us, and I think I sucked his cock more times each time we met as a trio than we did when just the two of us met--she especially loved for me to fuck her while sucking him, and the other way around, and the circle-sucking was pretty incredible too. They weren't my last couple, but they still might be my favorite.

Topic: who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted: 08 Apr 2018 00:27

Hope nobody minds me answering here as a man. I enjoyed giving blowjobs back in my wild 30s, though I still preferred eating pussy. The times I had threesomes with couples were the best, since I could do both. I'm still amused by the thought that more than one man pumped into my mouth or throat about the same amount of cum I was pumping into his girlfriend or wife at the same time. (And I swallowed every time, proud to say, even that first time when it seemed like a gallon all at once.) But then I managed with difficulty to suck myself numerous times in my late teens and early 20s too (ah, the flexibility of youth), so by the time I started sucking other men I was eager to try.

Topic: Have you fucked or been fucked at Work or on the premise at Work?
Posted: 03 Apr 2018 04:39

I worked at one place that fucked all of us employees up the ass every pay day. Didn't use lube either.

Topic: Hitting the Wall???
Posted: 02 Apr 2018 03:26

I heard a term the other day 'hitting the wall,' it's when a woman's looks start to fade from her teen and early twenties natural beauty. The article I was reading said it was like 30-35 years of age when most women 'hit the wall' and men start looking for younger women; unless their like older men, like 45 and above, then they'll like the thirtysomethings. I was just curious, do you think their is such a thing as a 'wall,' and is 30-35 the age when women 'hit it?' Btw, I'm only 24, not worried about it, just curious. I have older female cousins in the 30-35 age range, so just wondering.

Many men might think that way, starting to look for a younger woman when they hit their 30s, though oddly enough when I was 35 or a year each side of it I was involved at one point or another with women who were 37, 47, 40, 62, and 51 (the other two that year were also older than me by five years or so, but I don't know their ages for sure), and I was probably the happiest man in my whole circle of friends. (Good ol' grad school meat market.) I have almost always preferred women who were older than 30 (not necessarily older than me); the only time I was really taken with women in their 20s was when I was in high school (and of course they had absolutely no interest in me!). I have always been very attracted to women who are confident, elegant, smart, and mature, and once I hit 25 and became interesting and confident myself, it was like a door opened to finally having real success with women I admired. Just incredible.

Topic: What was your first R rated movie?
Posted: 02 Apr 2018 03:16

I don't know the first R-rated movie I saw with my parents--might have been Alien. The first one I saw by myself was Caddyshack. It was also the first movie I saw with nudity, and as it was about the time I hit puberty, those scenes happened to be burned in my mind's eye for years afterwards. The second R-rated movie I saw in the theater by myself was Heavy Metal. Man, the things parents of that generation let their children see...

Topic: What Do You Think About Interracial Sex?
Posted: 03 Apr 2015 08:04

Since I'm a white man married to an Asian woman, I naturally think it's great.

On a more serious note, I have somewhat complicated thoughts on the matter. Speaking on a purely personal level, racial differences aren't that important to me--personal qualities like how a person carries himself or herself are much more important for catching my interest. Now, I'm not blind to racial differences, certainly. My high school was historically black, and so when I hit puberty most of the girls around me were black, and as a result a black woman who has certain traits or looks of the girls I had crushes on at the time can really turn my head. Moreover, I was very shy in high school and never dated any of them. When I discovered after high school that several of them had crushes on me in return and especially after a couple of them became my lovers, this meant that being the object of a black woman's romantic and sexual interest was...really sweet. It was like all the hot wet dreams of my dry adolescence coming true. Still, more of my lovers have been Asian than black and the majority have been white, so it's only a small part of my formative sexual history.

It is true that there are visual attractions to the differences in skin color (which in the other direction my wife finds a turn-on). In my experience the visual part often isn't that important in sex, but there have been times when a lover and I have been intoxicated by the difference. It's not something I'm ashamed of or embarrassed by, and when it happens it's a powerful mood. Similarly, the first man I had sex with was a black man as well-endowed as the stereotypes, so there's some visual paradise for me there too, but my white men were just as hot, visually speaking.

On the other hand, I've written three stories here in the interracial section inspired (pretty loosely) by happenings with some of my former lovers. For example, one woman with whom I had a one-night stand was a beautiful black woman, just drop-dead gorgeous, classy, and impeccably dressed, who really got off on our racial differences. It was very odd for me at the time--she was very vocal about it, which made me rather uneasy but also REALLY turned me on because of how wild it drove her; it was some of the most intense sex I have ever experienced. And naturally, when she had climaxed enough to get out of that mood, she was embarrassed as hell. (I still wish it had been longer than one night though, but at least I made her comfortable enough afterwards that she let me stay the night.) Racial differences are still pretty alive in American society, and I'd like to think I wrote effective stories about certain aspects of that divide.

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The default option II

The next day at work Callie seemed her old self again. We were scheduled together and she chatted happily, and when work ended she said, “I think we’ve had enough high culture for a while.” “Oh?” “Mood’s changed.” “Again?” She smiled, “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just grumpy sometimes.” “Where to?” “Well, how’d you like to go bowling?” “Huh?” She laughed and said, “I love bowling....

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The default option I

I had been on the job for a month when she started. We filed into the small meeting room at our disposal one hour Monday mornings and Ben said, “Okay, peons…” “Pee off on the peon crap,” said Harriet. “Yeah, you make, what? 55 cents more an hour than we do, so don’t get above yourself, friend,” said Fiona. “You tell’im, Miss Mtotwa,” Harriet joined in, and she and Fiona high fived. ...

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Private transit

I sat exhausted in the back of the bus after a long day at school. Struggling to keep from nodding off, I thought of the sight of the bus driver, who was new on that shift. Her shirt stretched tightly across breasts that seemed to defy gravity, probably due to an industrial-strength bra filled to overflowing, rising above a plump yet firm belly within a blue shirt with a navy blue neck tie....

Added 20 Jan 2018 | Category Uniform | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 3,292 | 1 Comment

The Haunted Library, Part II

The next week passed with a full workload for both of us; Jacqueline had to prepare for tests while I had gotten into the swing of my work and was making sustained progress. The following Friday she came again about 12:45 to the room, and at about 1:15 the light finally shone again. We moved into position and Jacqueline gasped in surprise. I sat down beside her and stared in surprise...

Added 19 Jan 2018 | Category Supernatural | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,130

The Haunted Library, Part I

I shut the door behind me to the largish room too small for all the materials inside it and turned on a lamp I had put on a small table nearby. The door locked shut behind me, secluding me in my office and my job for the duration, and as long as I didn’t fuck up, it would house and feed me and in the end provide a dissertation for me. The Truscott Collection was a miscellaneous mass...

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Summer storm

Deborah and Caroline arrived at the same time. “Hey, Deb,” Caroline grinned, hugging her as usual too tight and too long. “Hello, Care,” she replied, returning the kiss on her lips that Caroline surprised her with. “Now let go, please.” Caroline smiled and asked, “How are you doing?” “Fine. Well, let’s announce ourselves.” She rang the bell and soon Teresa opened the door. “Hi! Glad...

Added 06 Jan 2018 | Category Bisexual | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,516 | 1 Comment

Summer Growth, Part II

  When we got back to the city, Bill accompanied me into my apartment, and after I put everything away asked, “Do you want to fuck tonight?” “Yes. You up for it?” “I think I can take it again.” “Yeah, we ruined each other last time.” We were both tired, so we simply stripped and chatted, stroking each other lightly. Bill went into the kitchen and poured himself a drink, and I came in...

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Summer growth, Part I

  It was a hot summer day. School was out; I was away from home, and I had gone so long without release that I could barely walk from the swelling of my balls. Bill had invited me to spend two weeks with him at his aunt’s, and unfortunately she had the eyes of a hawk and clearly disapproved of young men launching their seed anywhere except inside their lawfully wedded wives. The first two...

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Little sisters are dangerous

Her body pressed softly against mine, and she looked me in the eyes as we moved lightly against each other. The feel of the muscles of her torso shifting within my arms as her hips moved smoothly side to side burned away any notice of the rest of the world, and when she began rubbing the nape of my neck in the dark, I became fully hard. Our first two slow dances drove me into a slow burn as...

Added 13 Dec 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 10 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,917 | 6 Comments

Visiting Home

The summer after college ended, I spent the summer with my mother. Dad had long refused to let me stay with him after one of his latest girlfriends had gotten the hots for me and embarrassed all of us, even though I had turned her down flat, and the ban remained in force two years later. Mother said I could stay with her so long as I cooked and did all the chores, which I was happy to do...

Added 11 Dec 2017 | Category MILF | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.74 | Views 29,891 | 8 Comments

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