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Topic Things in the ass, aye or nay?
Posted 25 Nov 2014 07:28

of course but I prefer a nice hard cock

Topic T Girls Top, Bottom or Switch
Posted 25 Nov 2014 07:22

a total bottom, I enjoy the feminine role in sex. getting my bf hard by sucking his cock, knowing I will get the benefit of my efforts. letting him lovingly have his way with me by my being in whatever position he desires. On my back on my knees on my stomach it doesn't matter to me I am the receiver of his firmness and I love the feeling of being penetrated. the cuddling afterwards as his cock softens and falls out of me is such a wonderful warm feeling. my laying in the "wet spot" is just part of being the girl and he loves to kid me as I get up and wiggle to the bathroom with my knees together trying to stop his cum from running down my legs. I just love the feminine bottom role and my tiny clittie doesn't get hard anymore, it just seeps during his loving me and I have even experienced an internal sissy orgasm the starts deep inside of me and I quiver all over as my cissy cum seeps out of me as he fucks me deeply

Topic Crossdressing
Posted 25 Nov 2014 07:06

like a lot of us I started out sneaking off with my sisters panties and wearing them whenever I could. I then added bras and just loved the feel of them. I became jealous of how she could wear just about anything and wished I could as well. over time I evolved into buying my own panties and bras along with girl short shorts and wore them as often as I could. one day in high school some boys somehow noticed my panties, either by my pantie lines or maybe my waist band. they caught up with me and forced me into the bushes and made me suck them off calling me a sissy and girly. they told me I better be wearing a bra tomorrow at school and I was so scared I did. bottom line they used me a lot throughout that year.

I guess that just made me want to be girly and I resigned myself to that role and started liking it in college and going forward I became more feminine in my appearance and role and enjoy being in the girls role with my bf and that's my story of how my cross-dressing started and how I have become the girlyboi that I am. the up side is now I can wear whatever I desire and feel as feminine as I want to.

I do have to temper it at work so as not to get folks uncomfortable with who I am and I respect that

Topic For crossdressers and tops that love them.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 12:43

this is my role and I only am a bottom, my tiny clittie cock is too small and stays soft anyhow. this was from yesterday

my bf came over and I had a wonderful night with him. we watched TV with me in his favorite position. laying on the couch with his cock in my mouth sucking on it while he caressed my bottom thru my panties. I worked really hard sucking him knowing that I was also going to get satisfaction later on when he took me to bed and rode me like the sissy I am. he filled me with cum and then said we needed to go to the bar for a nice drink and told me to insert a tampon so I would not leak out again like I had one time. (He likes to kid me about having to wear one sometimes, says you want to be the girl then this is part of it) I put on my capris and cute top we spent some time in the bar with him treating me like the sissy girl I am and I was so aroused that we went home and he made love to me again. this time I slept in the "wet spot" with his cum seeping out of me thru my panties