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31 Mar 2015 07:41

Just submitted my comp entry! It's pretty long and pretty hardcore... I think! anxious face

25 Mar 2015 08:54

Excited about a (non Comp) story I'm working on.

20 Mar 2015 08:21

So I started working on an entry for the comp. Sometimes I really frustrate myself when I write.

19 Mar 2015 08:44

trying to figure out my life. sorry i'm not around so much. trying to write. idk.

11 Mar 2015 02:35

from now on i will be leaving notes in library books

06 Mar 2015 07:15

Thank you to everyone who read my newest story!

05 Mar 2015 08:07

I know I haven't been around enough but i'm trying! Wrote something new!

25 Feb 2015 01:10

Sorry I've been away. Gotta get back into the swing of things. I have to go to a wedding this Saturday. And I realised I've only been to eight weddings in my entire life. Is that a small number????

06 Feb 2015 02:57

05 Feb 2015 08:53

so i submitted a new story. however, fifteen minutes later and everything i've been working on for the last god-knows-how-many years has simply disappeared from my memory stick. i don't know how. i know i should have had a back-up. i'm so frustrated! i was so proud of my finn story that i was 15,000 words into writing alessandra's pov. i had made vincent into this amazingly sexy, crazy guy. i poured buckets of emotions onto him. and now it's all gone. completely gone. poof. i feel really annoyed at myself and really upset too. i am going away to cry and may not be back for a while. i have to start from scratch. i had so much research, so much ammunition. sobs

05 Feb 2015 07:46

submitted something new

03 Feb 2015 04:37

In a relationship with myself... one up on Narcissus!

03 Feb 2015 04:18

Had a story idea that made my stomach squirm... also, I have a neckache.

30 Jan 2015 07:41

Not happy with anything I'm writing.

30 Jan 2015 04:53

29 Jan 2015 05:04

Melting snow! Melting snow!

29 Jan 2015 02:18

Snow! Snow!

28 Jan 2015 04:14

Crisis over... phew! Got out of the shower this morning and the little freak was on the floor next to my bed! Zapped it with insecticide which I found under the sink. It didn't even move. Very strange. I trust it is dead though. Hope there aren't any more. Thank you to everyone who offered help! Much appreciated. Must get back to writing now! hugs

27 Jan 2015 04:56

This is a cry for help.
Sunday night, I was innocently reading a book (Raymond Blanc's autobiography) when I saw a ladybird crawling along my bedside table. It wans't a cute ladybird. Not the kind I used to (and still) play with. It had way too many spots. Freakishly frequent spots. I took a swing at it but missed and now it has disappeared. I know it's ridiculous to be afraid of soemthing so tiny but I have no idea where it is and it's scaring me. What do I do?! I'm scared I may have an infestation of these creatures. It's the fifth time I've seen one in my flat. One was in the summer, three in autumn, and now this one in January! Surely, they're not around in January(?) What do I do?!
If you're reluctant to offer advice, please note I simply cannot write a word while this beast lurks in my bedroom. -_-

22 Jan 2015 06:36

My latest story is up! A little different, but I hope you'll like it.

20 Jan 2015 07:29

18 Jan 2015 05:29

I've read so many good books in recent months, and finally got around to writing some sort of review about one - Rebecca. LOVED IT!

14 Jan 2015 04:27

Okay, snow's over. Update on me; Last night I finished a book of short Sherlock Holmes stories (excellent! though Steinbeck is still my number 1!), I have been watching the 73 Questions Vogue thing on Youtube (I don't even know why), I might have to do more exams *boo hiss*, I am working on a lot of stories at once which means nothing is certain, the lovely John has included me in his new story (I HAVE A CAMEO!!!) and... I feel like I need to do something unexpected and crazy. Sometimes I want to surprise people. I want to move country. I want to be a tax inspector. I want to bake an enormous cake and have a huge party. I want to write something awesome! I need to watch Dirty Dancing. I want to meet Jennifer Lawrence. And Roger Federer. And Russell Brand. And why hasn't Fox News died yet?

14 Jan 2015 01:35

It's snowing! EXCITED!

12 Jan 2015 04:40

My comp entry is up. Set in Vegas, yeah, typical, whatever... eyeroll

12 Jan 2015 01:25

Steve Carell has GOT to win an Oscar.

08 Jan 2015 04:25

Somehow got a story together!

02 Jan 2015 04:47

31 Dec 2014 08:19

Okay, crisis over. Emo Emilia never sticks around for long. Hope you all find someone awesome to kiss tonight!

31 Dec 2014 05:21

I keep things in my head so much, and only now have i realised how good it is to just empty everything into a heap. i'm tired of feeling alone.