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16 Nov 2015 07:50

i know i haven't been around much - trying to figure stuff out.

28 Oct 2015 06:26

Just did a CPD spree! I didn't even realise I was supposed to be doing this stuff until my boss casually mentioned it. I should spend less time looking for a new job.

27 Oct 2015 06:39

just failed an online test for a job application. how thick am i? i guess i kinda didn't really want to move and didn't try too hard. i passed the numerical sections but the verbal part was proper confusing!!! ah well. i will have to learn to love my current job seeing as though i am stuck here for LIFE.

10 Oct 2015 05:34

drowning in paperwork - so need a WAY hot lifeguard

03 Oct 2015 07:04

just submitted part five! whew! having some time off to do work work before i get fired!

02 Oct 2015 02:31

Part five is coming, I swear! Just... not yet!

01 Oct 2015 07:59

really busy with work work at the moment but i'll try my best to get the next part of cooper up ASAP!

29 Sep 2015 04:54

got ill. wrote part four. met this lovely person.

21 Sep 2015 01:21

So SO grateful for the awesome response to The Guy Next Door. Will there be more? Jeez. Maybe. I hope. I'm still hungover from my birthday. I will definitely try to dig another part out of me.

18 Sep 2015 07:59

So I'd written most of part two and then looked at it last night and the file was CORRUPTED! It was like totally lost. I had to try and remember it all and recreate and fuck it all together and somehow got it done. Must be birthday luck. Thank you to everyone for the beautiful wishes. Part two is submitted and will hopefully be up soon! Off to party!

17 Sep 2015 07:50

As per usual, I've rushed out a story to celebrate my birthday (tomorrow!) Last year, it was the first chapter of PO. The year before it was a crap equinox one, the year before THAT was a first time one. This year it's crazy and the first of two parts. I feel terrified about how it'll go down!

16 Sep 2015 07:43

15 Sep 2015 05:16

working on a new story

14 Sep 2015 01:20

Wrote another bank robbery story... I'm SO original.

10 Sep 2015 07:47

If you've got something to say...

07 Sep 2015 07:47

04 Sep 2015 07:32

19 Aug 2015 04:43

18 Aug 2015 04:54

11 Aug 2015 04:41

06 Aug 2015 02:21

Lush Summer is finally here! Please give it a read!

29 Jul 2015 09:23

28 Jul 2015 04:52

23 Jul 2015 01:49

20 Jul 2015 02:33

My story 'Stifling' somehow got an EP! So unexpected!

13 Jul 2015 05:30

Tennis, sex, blackmail...
Also, SO EXCITED to be in the new anthology!

03 Jul 2015 07:18

Thank you to everyone who's been reading my newest story! I'm so relieved it went down well!

02 Jul 2015 07:53

Submitted a new story! I'm as nervous as if it were my first. Haven't put anything on here in like a quarter!

30 Jun 2015 07:42

annoyed at myself for being slow at writing. sometimes the stories just don't come even though the ideas are so exciting!

24 Jun 2015 02:13

trying to be around more