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19 Aug 2015 04:43

18 Aug 2015 04:54

11 Aug 2015 04:41

06 Aug 2015 02:21

Lush Summer is finally here! Please give it a read!

29 Jul 2015 09:23

28 Jul 2015 04:52

23 Jul 2015 01:49

20 Jul 2015 02:33

My story 'Stifling' somehow got an EP! So unexpected!

13 Jul 2015 05:30

Tennis, sex, blackmail...
Also, SO EXCITED to be in the new anthology!

03 Jul 2015 07:18

Thank you to everyone who's been reading my newest story! I'm so relieved it went down well!

02 Jul 2015 07:53

Submitted a new story! I'm as nervous as if it were my first. Haven't put anything on here in like a quarter!

30 Jun 2015 07:42

annoyed at myself for being slow at writing. sometimes the stories just don't come even though the ideas are so exciting!

24 Jun 2015 02:13

trying to be around more

27 May 2015 04:35

30 Apr 2015 02:03

17 Apr 2015 06:10

It is literally heartstopping to see how good Brandon Flowers looks in this video. This is the guy who inspired Dance for Me. This is THE ultimate guy. I LOVE him!
Random addition; my boss made me a cup of tea. I will never forget this day!

17 Apr 2015 04:46

17 Apr 2015 04:26

it's actually unreal how much i hate ukip and farage.

16 Apr 2015 08:59

seriously, i'm not an apprentice anymore. so why do i get dumped with a binliner full of invoices to sort through??? i'm kind of happy though. i'm actually smiling.

16 Apr 2015 04:27

i have this awesome story i'm working on but work work is too busy! i'm not getting the time to write. soon enough i'll lose it, i know i will

15 Apr 2015 04:54

15 Apr 2015 04:26

15 Apr 2015 02:17

LOVE magnolia trees!

14 Apr 2015 08:24

OMG OMG The London Ballet Company actually already exists! Pure Obsession is fucked up! I have to change it! I can't believe this! I was writing A's POV and thought i'd better check, and what do you know? It's like a real thing. I mean, not huge, but it has its own website! :O I'm really annoyed. I loved that name. I INVENTED that name. GRRRR...

14 Apr 2015 08:21

I wonder why it is that sometimes I write like I was born to and sometimes I sound like a total idiot. I think my WIP has WAY too much dialogue. It's got like, no full, awesome paragraphs. I hate that.

08 Apr 2015 04:32

02 Apr 2015 06:54

Happy bank holiday weekend!

01 Apr 2015 09:07

Check out my raunchiest story to date...

31 Mar 2015 07:41

Just submitted my comp entry! It's pretty long and pretty hardcore... I think! anxious face

25 Mar 2015 08:54

Excited about a (non Comp) story I'm working on.