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Topic So Rolf Harris just got jailed for 5 years and 9 months...
Posted 13 Jul 2014 15:36

Blah, blah, blah, I'm defending DA LADEEZ.

Behold, a White Knight doth appear! Forsooth, gallant sir, thou hast verily proved our villainy upon our bodies! Lo, we are vanquished.

Lighten up, Francis.

Topic Brazil are going to win the World Cup!
Posted 08 Jul 2014 13:56

Is there a mercy rule? Goodness.

Topic How to explore Bi-sexuality?
Posted 08 Jul 2014 13:41

This. I think this is true for women as well, although the stigma is fading much more quickly.

I think it's in human nature to want to branch out sexually. We are sexual creatures that use sex for personal fulfillment, social bonding and as a means of strengthening our. Relationships. Being limited in our desires is not hard wired into our psychology. Remove social pressures and a very large portion of the population would willingly indulge in both straight and homosexual sex.

This was actually the norm among men in the western ancient world. Before the rise of Christianity, most men engaged in homosexual behavior. It was generally accepted as a normal part of life.

Monogamy between men and woman became culturally important because of the line of inheritance. If women were engaging in sex with multiple partners, then who their children were fathered by became impossible to determine. It was a matter of politics and economics that forced the classic family structure on society.

Back then though, a man could have sex with another man without enraging his family or threatening the line. It was accepted without much more that a raised eyebrow and when they did it, they didn't have to fear being hunted down by an enraged father, husband or brother. Under those social conditions, bi sexuality made perfect sense.

It wasn't until about two thousand years ago when the church began to vilify sexual practices in general in order to inhibit pagan practices that bi and homosexuality were pushed into the real of taboo.

This is extremely well written and well thought out. Thanks for posting it.

And yeah, the development of homophobia, biphobia, and rigid lifelong monogamy (at least for women) in the West is an interesting study. Some form of bisexuality was the norm of human existence right up until the end of the Roman Empire, and very widespread even after. And even women often had a degree of sexual freedom once they'd produced the expected heirs. Yet now here we are, homophobia systemized and bi erasure the absolute norm, and women's sexuality heavily stigmatized. Yay Christians.

I'm very glad to be alive to see it start to break down. And break down in a more modern, healthy, self-aware kind of way- one could never accuse the aforementioned Romans of being healthy about sex, after all, except by comparison to Christians.

Scholarly works are starting to either use prefixes like bi- and pan- instead of homo- in front of sexual when describing pre-Christian sexualities or even better, referring to sexual behavior as opposed to a modern, artificial construct of orientaton.

We're even starting to see a chipping away of gender role stigma. Does my heart good to see trans* acceptance become a thing. My first serious girlfriend was a trans woman, and I remember vividly how rough it was for her. Maybe our kids will be as amazed and appalled at previous generations' slut-shaming and homo, bi, and transphobia as we are at our grandparents' open racism.

Topic How to explore Bi-sexuality?
Posted 08 Jul 2014 13:04

What could be sexier?


Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 15:47

I actually back this (only with "heterosexual" spelt correctly). I try to avoid using the word "straight" in this context for similar reasons.

Thirded. This site is a step above most with designations like "Trans" instead of the pejoratives other sites use. Would be great to set the curve all the way down the line.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 15:43

like Dani said, most of us just want sane gun regulation, but then, along come the ranters, and scare the fuck out of us and make us think... damn... ok, if folks like that are out there, maybe just doing away with guns completely isn't such a bad idea.

Yeah, I find it ironic that they're going to drive us there. I'd have settled for bringing back Brady and the Assault Weapons Ban, but the more I participate in the debate on, f'rex, Gawker, the more I swing toward the idea of completely banning most categories of guns. The NRA is creating the monster they fear.

Topic How to explore Bi-sexuality?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 15:11

I never gave bisexuality much thought before joining lush. I never asked a guy if they were into women.
I think some gay guys think it's a betrayal of gayness or that a guy is gay but scared to come out.

Yeah, that's exactly what a lot of gay guys think. But the notion that someone else's sexuality is a betrayal of theirs is just transparent bullshit. Disliking someone because of their sexual orientation sucks, whether it's straight people doing it or gay people. And it is no reflection on the disliked person or their quality, but only on the hypocrisy of the person making categorical decisions on friends.

Take it from me, it's disappointing and hurtful, even on iteration 98775. Feels just exactly the same as a straight friend dropping you when you come out.

I find it odd if a bi guy won't kiss because it's too gay but will chow down on your cock, that apparently isn't too gay!

Yeah, I find that odd, too. I've seen all kinds of repressed guys with weird definitions of what's gay, bi, and other.

Topic do all lesbians have an anal fetish??
Posted 07 Jul 2014 13:25

Im not a lesbian but I would say NO. And I bet they all don't like to use Strap-ons either, LOL!!

BTW, I am bi and while I love anal play, not all Bi women do either!

There is a big difference between Porn and Reality.

Do you believe every pizza delivery boy has sex with his customer as payment for the pizza like you see in Porn vids? I can tell you from experience that isn't true. I pay him with cash at least half the time!

Have I been tipping pizza delivery people wrong all these years? Next you're going to tell us that not all nurses wear miniskirts and screw all their patients.

Topic How to explore Bi-sexuality?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 13:20

The longer I live the more I think there's way more bi men out there than most people can imagine. I just know so damn many guys who are straight in who they date, but get a little dick on the side. Hell, I'm among them. I have been "faithful" to all my wives and girlfriends over the last 20 years in not sleeping with any other woman while I was in a committed relationship, yet at the same time, I've had the same male FWB for going on 20 years now. It's just an itch I choose not to stop scratching.

I think you're right. I'm openly bi, and I cannot tell you how many times ostensibly straight guys have gotten me alone and had that conversation that starts "So, um, you're, um, into guys, right?"

It's easy to see why, though. All the bigotry from the straights and a side helping of bullshit from the gay side of the fence. It's amazing how often gay friends drop you like a hot rock as soon as they find out you like women, too.

Ah well. I'm glad I was born without whatever it is that restricts people's attraction to just one gender. Bi, Pan, Omni, whatever label people use this year, our sexuality is the best sexuality.

Topic How many sexual partners does it make a girl a slut..?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 10:31

Well I was just thinking and its always something interesting to read about. What do you fella's consider a girl, a slut after however many sexual partners shes had..? Would you Marry a girl if shes slept with 20-30 men?

And how many women have you slept with? Lets be honest.

Shoot evil4

Wait, 20-30? I seriously just did this:

I hate the slut bullshit in general, but 30? Hell, that's not even a "slutty" number for one's college years.

Kind of curious to see what kind of numbers people ring up now that hookup apps are a thing. For that matter, I'm going to be curious to see if some form of non-monogamous sex-positivity spreads now that a couple can look for a third person of either gender on a whim.

Topic Is LUSH your secret or everyone knows about you being on lush?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 09:55

My wife knows. She also writes erotica and we've agreed to a division of sites. I publish here, she publishes on another site, neither of us registers on the other's chosen venue. We use Lit as a neutral site since it's so impersonal that we'll never affect each other's popularity.

Ironically, we should have reversed our choices. She writes short fuck stories, I write longer stuff. Nothing she's ever written would cap the word count on Lush; more than half of what I've written will never work here. :)

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 09:41

is ALSO determined to do away with ALL guns and has started a $5o million anti gun campaign using two front organizations well known for padding stats and preying upon emotions.

Bloomberg's campaign is for background checks. Not "doing away with all guns." If you're going to appeal for logic, reason, and intelligence you have to be honest. Openly deceptive rhetoric does nothing but divide and enrage people.

I am not saying this to attack you. I am pointing out that you are yourself preventing the thing you claim to want, Weavindreams. If you want rational discussion, you have to participate in rational discussion. Every time your side says "gun grabbers" or any facsimile thereof, rational discussion is over. How can anyone take you seriously when the most charitable interpretation of your argument is that it is a reducto ad absurdum, and the most realistic is that it is complete bullshit?

And before you jump down my throat, note that nowhere in this have I mentioned my stance on guns. I am appealing to reason, not arguing a side.

Topic Lush Challenge
Posted 05 Jul 2014 19:02

Bloody hell, that is some grocery list! :P

It had it's moments, but I have a lot of time on my hands and I wanted to push myself. I was happy that I was able to do it. And I'll always be known as the first female and second person to have done it. Only four people have ever done it, thus far. :)

Goodness, you have a lot of stories. I'm really impressed. Just queued one that's outside my usual box, looking forward to reading it.

Topic Lush Challenge
Posted 05 Jul 2014 18:30

I got mine all done in within a year, then they added six more genres, and was able to finish all six of those within four months. :] So I've done it twice, to be technical.

I'm impressed. No way I could do it. Takes me a week and 10,000 words to write a grocery list.

Topic Why Women Don't "Earn Less" Than Men...
Posted 05 Jul 2014 17:21

That is just a bunch of pretty graphics around distorted, cherry-picked, and misleading statistics.

Here. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. Straight down the line, women in exactly the same job earn less than men.

Which careers women and men choose is not even relevant to the wage gap. Of course teachers earn less than CEOs. What women and men get paid in the same careers is the wage gap.

Topic Does this happen to you
Posted 05 Jul 2014 15:23

We should link this post to the silly "what would you do if you were a woman for a month" post in the "ask dudes" forum.

My wife carries collapsible hiking poles when she runs. Not a weapon, won't get her in trouble, but she's been trained in stick fighting as a part of Aikido. So I pity the idiot that tries anything. It really, really sucks that women have to think of such things.

Men's worries when running: Potholes in the dark; dogs. Women's worries when running: Men.

Topic Question about the submission window.
Posted 04 Jul 2014 21:02

If you use MS Word (which many do) the key is to have the spacing AFTER the paragraph at AUTO. I usually type in Word, with the auto line break after the paragraph, copy and paste into an email .... and everything holds. From there I copy and paste it into Lush's submission page. (I do that just to ensure I don't have to fudge around with it once it's on the submission page)

It should appear to be around the same font size (line space) as if you did a hard or soft return. You should use a hard return, of course.

Your italics should also hold.

Hope that helps!


PS .... Do not use double spacing unless you are preparing an affidavit or such to a court. bunny

Thanks a ton, I'll definitely give it a try. Hell, I use my email to back up my stories anyway.

PS... ? My stories look just like yours. Two lines between paragraphs is the difference between legibility and the world's greatest wall of text, especially in my 14,000-word epics.

Topic Guys, if you could be a woman for 1 month, what would you do?
Posted 04 Jul 2014 18:11

Real answer: Learn more about misogyny than I ever wanted to know. The Simone de Beauvoir of Christmases Past would show up on the 30th night to say "See? Told ya."

Glib answer: I've been dying to find out what a woman's orgasm feels like since the first time I witnessed one. And my wife has a whole big box full of toys. Game on.

Topic So Rolf Harris just got jailed for 5 years and 9 months...
Posted 04 Jul 2014 16:20

I think this is all a big scandal. I don't beli e ve one bit he has done as much as they say. T he time he was around men touched wom e n ' s legs and slap p ed them on the backside it was the done thing. I think he has been made a scapegoat for the Savile case.
How funny it is that woman can make a complaint about something 40yrs ago and somehow they find all these other wom e n who have also had the same thing happen. N ever hear a case of this sort dating back to like the 70s or 80s were there is only one victim and always the o ffender is famous or has money.

It's your handle. I couldn't resist.

Edit: Didn't see that someone had already done something like this. Hope you don't feel picked on, I meant it in good humor.

Topic Question about the submission window.
Posted 04 Jul 2014 16:04

I use Google docs in Google drive, and don't have this problem. I used to but me for some reason I don't. Not sure if lush did something or Google docs.

Thanks, I'll try it.

Topic Question about the submission window.
Posted 04 Jul 2014 14:11

Are you copying your story from MS Word? If so, I would copy into a plain text editor such as Notepad to lose the formatting that comes with a copy from Word. Then copy the text from Notepad into the submission box.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately I use italics sometimes, which I would lose in Notepad... I suspect it's just going to be a pain until I learn some new tricks. I'll try saving in different formats, see if one of them doesn't throw in the extra spaces when I paste it in here.

Thanks for the help. Gotta be a way to do it. I'll just poke around.

Topic Help! Writers block, how do you get out of it?
Posted 04 Jul 2014 10:58

Alcohol. Worked for Hemingway.

Fuckin' A. Let's get buzzed and write some porn.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 04 Jul 2014 10:47

I just submitted a story. After four years of nothing, finishing the first one was magic. But submitting a second one feels like it's not an aberration that I'm writing again.

Topic Question about the submission window.
Posted 04 Jul 2014 10:42

I can't seem to find an answer in the existing guides. Forgive me if I've just missed it.

When I copy text into the window on the submission page, it takes my double-spaced paragraph breaks and triple-spaces them. I end up going through paragraph by paragraph deleting lines. Is it something I'm doing? Is there a button I can press in that top line to make it leave the spacing alone?

I'm sure there's an easy answer and I've just spent half an hour needlessly backspacing, but I can't figger it out. Can somebody with a few more functioning brain cells than me help?

Topic Age preference
Posted 04 Jul 2014 09:28

No preference. In playmates as opposed to more serious partners I tend to guys in their 20s, but I suspect that's more to do with there simply being more of them available for casual relationships.

My serious relationships have been with men around my age at the time. My less serious lovers have been all over the map. Thirty years older to seventeen years younger, off the top of my head.

Topic Help! Writers block, how do you get out of it?
Posted 04 Jul 2014 08:34

I just spent four years completely blocked. My new resolutions:

1) If I can't make progress on a story, I set it aside and write something else. Starting a brand new story often works. It's not ideal, but it beats the hell out of not writing.

2) At the extreme, it's perfectly fine to write a five page, item by item description of the room I'm in. Or the last time my wife and I had sex. Or the weather. Anything. Just so long as I open my word processor and write.

I find that when I'm blocked the thing I need to do is get my brain started, period. On anything. Then I'll suddenly realize what I want to say in a story. Maybe it's too personal a method, but for me the big scary enemy is not writing at all. Anything is better than nothing.

Topic Anal for Gay guys.
Posted 03 Jul 2014 14:01

With so many similar answers I must live in the wrong country.

Well, yeah., yeah.jpg

Topic Would you rather be liked, or respected?
Posted 02 Jul 2014 22:17

At work, respected. I run construction crews, which is not wholly unlike dealing with guys in prison in that if you're not down , you're out.

Everywhere else, liked. Trust is more important than respect in personal relationships. If you're my friend you can think I'm a goofball- because I absolutely am- just know I love you and will always be there in every way.

Topic Does anyone else crank their speakers up and dance around the room?
Posted 02 Jul 2014 21:54

Best way to completely reverse a bad mood is to crank it up and shake my groove thing. Daft Punk can almost always reset a bad day at work.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 02 Jul 2014 21:47

It's an old song. It was playing when I needed a handle.