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I'm an old hand at erotic stories, though what I write is really more silly pornography. I'm no anaais nin. Oh, and yes those are mine, yes htey are real, and no you may not hook them up to an elaborate milking apperatus for your sadistic pleasures. I do not want to chance my face being associated with my little double-life here. But if you want to hear my voice, check out my audio work, here, or you can write me for visuals (fan art of my stories, not visuals of me, boys) at VeronicaDivineff@gmail.com

Veronica Divine
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Writing, Reading, anything but arithmatic. Cardio-Kickboxing, high cuisine, partying, lots more.
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White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Scarlett Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne, Poetry by Margaret Atwood.
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Anything light, silly, clever.
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Topic: What's With The Wierd Account Delete PM's?
Posted: 04 Mar 2011 23:14

Strange question, but I notice sometimes waves of people abruptly sending messages that they are deleting their accounts with what is often a very hasty one or two line mass mail they send to everyone.

I'm certain this has to be bot-based or something, because I've received identically worded messages from different account users saying they're afraid they're going to be caught by their wives, or that they are "sorry if they made u sad"

What gives? Is the site aware of this strange trend? I don't see what the scam is, if there is any, but it's reaaaaally weird.

Your thoughts?

Topic: Lush authors who are published
Posted: 14 Feb 2011 10:19

My work is published and for sale on Amazon.com as well as a few other e-book sites through "Burping Frog Publishing"

And some of it is doing pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Topic: whats the biggest cock you've ever had?
Posted: 10 Feb 2011 11:35

This very thorough answer is taken from my award-eligible column: Ask a Size Queen. The question asked is probably the most frequent question I am ever asked by fans of my work.

What is the biggest you’ve ever had?

I had the pleasure of sleeping with a stud who packed a huge 10 ½ incher. This was in a committed relationship over the course of a long time. He was big *and* he knew how to use it. He turned me on to many of my more submissive qualities.

There was one time, I had the pleasure of something a little bigger. It was late, and I was leaving town in the early A.M. trying to stay up all night so that I’d be able to sleep on the plane. I danced with a guy in a club who, in the course of grinding me, seemed to be substantially well endowed. The club had an upper balcony section that, at this late hour on a weekday, was completely empty. I got him to myself out there, and got him to whip out. I didn’t get to measure it, (well, I did with my mouth) but he said it was a foot give or take a millimeter, and just from the experience, I believe him.

And lastly, while it cannot strictly be said that I had him, there is the story of my first big guy ever. This was at a party, I was young and stupid and had never had anything significantly above average yet. A nice quiet, shy guy who was ogling me all night asked to get a little alone time with me. He was cute, so I said, “yeah” and went with him into the host’s mother’s crafting room. We talked flirtaciously, and took off quickly into a sort of modified game of truth-or-dare. Seeing a T-square leaning against the closet door, I dared him to let me measure him. What flopped from his pants was phenomenal. Soft he measured about 8 inches long and after playing with him a lot, he slowly got it up to a staggering 15 ½ inches. Then my stupid driver needed to leave and we departed before I could think to get his number or last name.

It’s okay if you don’t believe me on the latter one. No one does. He was my white whale that got away, and it was his dick that broke the mold of my mind, making me consider size an important attribute (one that I KNOW I over-rate) in all lovers since.

Topic: Voting
Posted: 08 Feb 2011 23:35

Thanks to everyone for your good advice, I will keep it all in mind...

And well-made-male...tempting offer, I must say, tempting offer!

Topic: Voting
Posted: 08 Feb 2011 19:58

My stories seem to get decent viewing numbers, yet very few votes. For those of you who get a lot of votes, may I ask if three's a trick to it?

Topic: Incest Authors
Posted: 14 Apr 2010 11:33

Dear all incest authors

This is just a question/observation. Your stories get a lot of views and votes, substantially above the other categories.

- How do you do this?
- Why do you think this is?

Non incest authors can reply too

I have published stories in the Incest category, but I am not actually interested in Incest. What I DO find funny is that there is a huge intersection (pun intended) between incest stories and stories that involve well-endowed men and women (which IS my interest.)

I have a few theories about why that may be, but I won't bore you all with them here.

I think Incest is the most popular because it is the most taboo thing we eroticise that does not neccesarily involve non-consent. The only things more Taboo than incest, Bestiality, Rape, and Necrophillia all involve some element of non-consent (or no possible consent) between participants.

Topic: Do You Ever Feel A Moral Obligation When Writing?...and how does it affect you?
Posted: 14 Apr 2010 11:25

I do, but not really in a way I like.

My longest series involves a fair amount of sadistic cruelty to the main character. Somehow, I coudn't stand to leave her in that state even though it seems to be what most of my readers desired. In the end, she is rescued from her situation.

I could not morally stomach a different ending, even though part of me wanted it.

Topic: Question About Voting: I'm sure it's been asked before
Posted: 26 Dec 2009 23:42

So I've had a few stories voted pretty popular at this point. I'm not complaining, or greedy for more fame or anything (okay, maybe just a little if a gal's gotta be honest) but I am curious about how our system works here. I have stories with very few votes or views that are listed as being much more popular than stories which have *more* views *more* votes and a score that is only less then .01 or .02. Is it supposed to work that way? It just seems sort of odd that a story with 1 vote, 1 view and has a 5 is considered more popular than a 4.9 with a thousand views and votes. Just saying...

Topic: Flesch-Kincaid Readabilty Index Calculator
Posted: 23 Dec 2009 08:58

I fed one of my stories through and it just said, "You Filthy Whore!"

Is that good?

Topic: Enhancement
Posted: 22 Dec 2009 12:39

I am very well endowed, and I like my body that way... but they are heavy and starting to sag badly with age. I've considered getting mine popped out and having a lighter, fake pair put in their place, but I don't want to do it because I don't like the stigma associated with having large implants. I suppose I feel bitter...like, "nature gave me a pair this size, I have the RIGHT to have them." It's frustrating.

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Stories Published By SizeQueenSupreme All Stories »

The Operative: File 05

The Operative: File 05 The Specialist By Veronica Divine The Specialist was in my line of sight. Natalia broke visual contact abruptly, running for the exterior wall that surrounded this little fort. Her movements were deft, graceful, like a lynx with soviet gymnastics training. She pivoted off a wall using some Parkour move....what do they call it? A tic-tac? I was never any good...

Added 05 Jun 2012 | Category Voyeur | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 4,728 | 3 Comments

Handling Emil

(All characters presented are 18 or older, all participants have given enthusiastic consent, all sizes are completely ridiculous, all sex acts are over-the-top and fantastical.) Handling Emil By Veronica Divine The phone rang once. I groaned, stirring from dreams as deep as the blue eyes I had been dreaming about. The phone rang twice. I sat up and gave the phone two...

Added 01 May 2012 | Category Supernatural | Votes 10 | Avg Score 5 | Views 19,175 | 7 Comments

Big Timmy: The College Years

(The following is a work of fan-fiction for an erotica author who was very inspirational for me when I was starting out, "Big" Timy Donehy. If you would like to hear me reading it aloud, please feel free to contact me) "Mrs. Divine?" he asked, as his hand shot into the air. I rolled my eyes before responding. "For the last time, Mr. Donehy, it's 'Ms'. I am unmarried." I've known a lot...

Added 14 Feb 2011 | Category Fetish | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,953 | 5 Comments

My Minotaur Part X

(Story resubmitted with objectionable content removed) My story draws near its close, dear reader, and I shall do my utmost to do these final moments justice in their detail. The first thing I shall say is that Oluth was clearly born for the mantel of leadership. While I’d thought him to be little more than a beast when we first met, I had since come to recognize what a being of...

Added 12 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 11,469 | 7 Comments

My Minotaur Part IX

Without Valsivale, our journey had grown much more dire. We were forced to march long hours during the day, and barely slept at night. As we traveled North the weather grew cold and my flesh felt somehow too thin to protect me any longer. But Oluth was a beast possessed! He set a fast stride and at night fucked one or more of us to sleep with a newfound vigor. It was a good thing we...

Added 11 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 8,695 | 2 Comments

My Minotaur Part 8

Traveling with Talitanitia was spectacular. Some mornings I would wake up mid-orgasm, her greedy, long tongue snaking in and out of me, lashing across my clit at the same time. Others, I would instead awaken to some audacious act of lovemaking between her and Oluth, one morning the two of them caught in some acrobatic ball of sex, another the great bull on his hands and knees, massive...

Added 10 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,621 | 2 Comments

My Minotaur Part VII

After that nasty business at the glade, we wandered on. As we moved ever northward, we began to hear a curious noise at night, and it wasn't until we were within sight of the source that we understood what it was. The noise of a thousand thousand voices all crying out as one, a constant din and roar. Before us there lay a vast Arena. Saela's eyes widened at the sight of such...

Added 09 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,382 | 5 Comments

My Minotaur Part VI

It was, dear reader, a most trying time in the life of this lady. The least of our worries was that it was raining. While the droplets rolled off of Oluth, and Valsivale somehow kept dry with an invisible barrier, Saela and I were becoming soaked to the core. My decorative parasol was no match for the weather, and in time the dye of my dress was fading, revealing the frigid, supple...

Added 08 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 9,097 | 3 Comments

My Minotaur Part Five

(Author’s Note: In this chapter, statements between (**)’s are from Ailara’s perspective as she peers through the eyes of others) I glared. I fumed. I stamped my feet. “I do not care how many tantrums you throw, Ailara. We are NOT going back for your wardrobe. We’re leagues away from that place, and besides, it was, how do you humans put it? Ah yes, a pain in my ass to carry mile...

Added 07 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.55 | Views 8,486 | 4 Comments

My Minotaur Part IV

It was difficult for Oluth to convince us to stop sucking his cock. He had to pry Saela's lips from his thick ball sack and hold her away from himself, while shifting his hips to rob my whorish lips of the thick slab of meat I was nursing on. "Enough you two! You may pleasure me more after we've put distance between Ailara's former home and us. Do you heed me?" He eyed us dangerously, and...

Added 06 Feb 2011 | Category Supernatural | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 10,908 | 6 Comments

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