Straight Sex(6)


My best friend's girlfriend CH.6

I was awakened by a different noise the next morning; running water. Kath had just switched the shower on. Sensing my opportunity, I decided to quickly wake myself up and surprise her. I moved quietly but hastily into the en-suite and peered round the shower curtain. I was treated to a magnificent sight and I joined her under the shower's hot spray. "Good morning, beautiful" I whispered...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend CH.5

I watched Katherine nap for about twenty minutes before she came to. "That was amazing Tom!" She gushed. "You're so much better at then..." An awkward silence ensued for about 5 seconds before she continued. "We should really talk about that now huh?" Her face went from a beaming smile to a troubled frown in a instant. It was disheartening to see. "Yeah I guess it's time Kath," I...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend CH.4

Tom begins to have conflicted feelings and is filled with guilt. However, Kath seems sure

The sound of birds chirping their morning tunes woke me up. It took me a few minutes to gather my bearings and realize I was not in my own bed. Then I remembered where I was. Looking down I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Katherine seemed to fit perfectly in my arms and her light breathing was like music to my ears. I could most definitely get used to waking up in the mornings...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend CH.3

When I awoke it was pitch black. Looking over at the clock I saw it was a few minutes past midnight. I thought about getting up to leave but when I looked down and saw Kath cuddled up against my chest, breathing lightly and looking beautiful as ever I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her. Instead I gently began stroking her face and soft hair. I couldn’t get over how stunning this girl...Read On


My Best Friend's Girlfriend: Chapter Two

Tom is faced with a difficult decision when he must decide between love and friendship.

BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP " Shit, " I exclaimed, "the fire alarm!" Katherine and I had been locked in a passionate kiss when the alarm sounded, meaning my decision was to be delayed. Everybody had to pile out of their blocks immediately. For a moment, Kath and I looked into each others eyes. In her piercing blue eyes, I could see what I thought to be love and longing, but also sadness. I...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend Chapter one

A story of love and betrayal

My hands slowly danced around her naked body, first caressing her beautiful, gentle face, then running through her soft mousy brown hair and down over her naked breasts; flicking softly over her light pink, slightly erect nipples, across her flat belly towards the prize that lay in wait. Finally I had the girl of my dreams and as I reached her swollen clitoris she began softly moaning my...Read On