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engaged to a black woman now,watch thi space :)

15 Sep 2017 03:23

so jlaw dosent love me , i just need to make new dreams now.
its been 7 months of freedom!

08 Jul 2017 14:17

its been 4 months now, since break up. I have known Jlaw for 13 years, and am chasing her pretty tail.However shes a slipprey fish, so will test my persaverence to the max. However im sure shes worth it,if I can Land her! wish me luck :)

23 Apr 2017 01:39

wishimg evrey body happy hollidays {}{}{}

27 Dec 2016 08:17

I am declaring a black christmas ( for me). my wife of 39 years is leaving me. she wants her freedom to do what ever she wants. My best friend has betrayed me!!

I wish you all a much happier xmas than me!

16 Dec 2016 09:25

i am declaring a blac christmas for myself. my wife of 39 years is leaving,feels like i have been betrayed by my best friend.:(. So i do wish you all a much, much better xmas than me!!

16 Dec 2016 09:22

happy christmas to all my lush friends {}{}{}

14 Dec 2016 00:16

02 Nov 2014 22:25

take a look at new pics inmy photo gallery.nos 2,3,and 4. thanks Slicky

19 Sep 2014 01:08

Seen two bumper stickers which I liked:
Meow,meow....get sum!!!
My other toy has tits !! lol!!,well I thought so any way!!

11 Aug 2014 00:50

so on the radio,apparentley more people die doing lawn bowls than die scuba diving. However so far no one has died doing lawn bowls in scuba gear.So if you want to live longer,wear scuba gear when playing lawn bowls!!

22 May 2014 23:46

we have just come back from a 10 day stay at a naturalist camping ground in Rotorua. truley a magic spot there ,with thermal stream,and a cool lake to play in. I have run in my new paddle board now and can say I didnt fall off at all!!

24 Feb 2014 00:43

did you know that lorde ,a twice grammy winner at 17,well,shes 100% kiwi!! Yeah!! Slicky

29 Jan 2014 23:43

earlier on in my marridge ,my wife confessed to having an affair with a guy at her work. So I contacted a SWF who allegedly put out to a friends brother at a christmas party,and a bit of alright. I rang her and suggested a date.Would you believe she told her mother,so it quickly got back to my wife. Embarassing!! however I did manage to even the score with my wife ,just not the slut!!PS i kept the wife and ditched the slut!!

07 Jan 2014 01:00
vaginal knitting , dam interesting. Let me know what you think Slicky

09 Dec 2013 20:49
tell me what you think

09 Dec 2013 20:47

this weekend ,slutty wife are away having a mystrey weekend away! oh we found out the destination,Rotorua!! We will go for a swim in the lake ,at the naturist place,amd a soak in the flowing hot warer stream,with own waterfall.

05 Dec 2013 00:12

first time tied up to a cross lastnight. Fortunatley a very good dom.

01 Dec 2013 00:15

thank you to all my friends who helped last week when slutty wife said she wanted to live as a single slutty woman!! Fortunatley she has decided to stay with her man. So thank you heaps for guiding me through those dark times..I am extremley greatfull Slicky

19 Nov 2013 23:26

thank you to those who replied to my emailed story.You know who you are!TY Slicky

05 Nov 2013 01:20

good to hear the americain govt has got its act together,at last. So I hope all my American friends werent effected by the shut down!

20 Oct 2013 00:54

dam,dam,and double dam!! All 4.5 million of us Kiwis thought we were about to win the Americas cup.Ahh,apparentley not,despite a strong performance from team New Zealand !! We were beaten by a larger cheque book!!

26 Sep 2013 01:04

we are doing well in the americas cup yacht racing!! looks like we will be taking the prized cup home!!!Go team New Zealand!!

10 Sep 2013 13:41

going into spring,then hot summer fun!! Lucky me!!

06 Sep 2013 13:39

my wife has had sex 12 times this weekend ,3 of them with me,and 9 other guys! oh plus another woman!!

24 Jun 2013 02:50

a new hobbit moovie is premieering in our capitail city Wellongton (AKA Wellywood,lol),this week ,it a world premieer!! filmed in Nz by peter Jackson.Check out the NZ scenery as its all fillmed here!!

19 Nov 2012 20:48

prince Charles and camilla have just left our damaged city!! Just in time for me and sw to go to the fetish ball!!!

16 Nov 2012 21:27

ask me about my wife and the pizza delivery person!!

15 Nov 2012 10:17

Spring or Autumn? Which lace would you rather be??

06 Oct 2012 15:58

I have a secret for my close friends...just ask

16 Aug 2012 01:00