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Topic Your most unusual path to sex
Posted 16 Sep 2017 00:13

At a Pacific Island , with a bunch of swinging couples ,having drinks on a deck by the ocean. Fortunatley no neighbours in sight,
a very attractive 29 year old brunette woman,with long stright hair and a great tan suggested a game which i immediatley volenteered for.
The rules were simple, blind folded we had to taste the 3 womens pussys who were in the game. All the male partners had to blind taste them all and then in order name all 3. should be easy as one is my wife.
With the first woman i was able to feel her thighs,a little chubby, must be Dianna I thought.
The second one was delicious and firm to the touch, mmm Rachel alright.
The tird one was familar to me in evrey way ,... wifey!!
I achieved the prefect score 3 out of 3 and readily claimed the prize, a blow job with 3 women. MMM ( actually mfff) very interesting ,especially when Rachel scored a 10 in my book.:)
two of us got the full treament but the poor guy who got his wifes pussy mixed up with some one elses, he had to just watch us claim our prizes!
Its not evrey day a 54 year old gets blown away by a hot 29 year old ! :) :):), let alone a mfff!!

Topic what's on your t-shirt?
Posted 07 Nov 2016 22:40

i have an olive green t, with a pic of a VW Camper bus! :)

Topic baby shower for irish_lover
Posted 03 Jun 2016 22:38

a great friend of mine is having a baby on Monday 6 june ,a wee girl!! please join me in showering her with good wishes,its her 6th child!!Pour Wine Hugs {}{}{} many thanks ,and best wishes to Anna {}{}{} Slicky

Posted 31 May 2016 11:28

Hey there Princess {}{}{}{}. Have an awsum birthday. I hope all your lovers are with you today!!! {}{}{} BFF Slicky {}{}{}

Topic What are you driving?
Posted 14 Sep 2013 12:02

1973 volkswagen westfallia camper (aka Kombi),sometimes im seen driving my slutty wifes 1973 corvette (350 manual).We also recently brought our first Harley,1988 sportster (sorting out tuning issues now)

Topic Is there a limit on the number of friends one has?
Posted 02 Nov 2011 23:03

I have recently noticed that when I accept new friend requests that they do not appear on my friends page or under settings / friends section on the account section.
I have been back to the profile of my new friend to find that I am their friend,but apparently they're not mine!!
I think im up to 150 friends, so is this the limit??dontknow
Thanks 4 your help, Slicky {}{}{}

Topic Holiday ideas
Posted 13 Jun 2011 02:41

any one been to New Zealand, I hear the South Island is very beautiful ,although slightly shakey at the moment!!

Topic Do you prefer shaved pussies?
Posted 13 Jun 2011 02:33

while a landing strip gives something to aim for, i pefer a smooth vj.
Ever hear of shaven haven??