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Been MIA for a while getting settled...had too many messages and requests to go through so I deleted them, If your serious about friending me than try again. I promise to look through them this time!

06 Jan 2013 23:49

Cant wait to move to New York in August!! Maybe I'll find some inspiration for a new story there

02 May 2012 18:35

Been MIA for a while but now.I'm back and ready to write a new story. Thinking its gonna be one with fsantasy scenes. Id like to know...whats your fantasy?

28 Mar 2012 20:19

Happy Mardi Gras!!

20 Feb 2012 21:21

Its kinda nerve racking to write your own stories!

07 Feb 2012 20:33

Feels isolated =( no Internet is no fun!

22 Jan 2012 01:01

Getting some beauty rest message me if u want to talk!

17 Jan 2012 00:54