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Happy New Year everybody. Can't wait to bring it in right with my hubby. He just loves for me to suck his dick, so tonight he'll get his wish. Of course I won't let him cum until he fucks me real good though, a girls got to have standards ya know.

31 Dec 2011 09:55

Posted a full view of an earlier pic by demand from a friend. Hope you check out to see what my face really looks like...giggles.

20 Nov 2011 07:34

I just have to say, Role Play rules!!! Currently having a three way game with two of the sweetest people I know. G/G/B is the absolute best!!!

26 Mar 2011 11:33

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a wish of joy. Share your day with the one or ones you love most and fulfill every wish you may have ever had....giggles.

25 Dec 2010 02:15

Thinking a lot of horny men hang out here, hard to get anything read for all the chat requests, may need to change my name so I can get a moment to enjoy the rest of lush's offerings.

19 Sep 2010 10:28