A Tale Of Christmas Nook

I went home for Christmas, Daddy gave me a Nook, I thanked him with some nookie.

 All good Christmas stories are required to begin “Twas the night before Christmas and the woods I did travel;” well sort of anyway. In all seriousness I did my traveling on Christmas Eve as so many others do. My destination was the home of my father and mother. We would all converge on the family home with stars in our eyes, gifts in our cars, and delightful thoughts of a family Christmas....Read On


Driving With Daddy, Episode 3

Sherry finds out how nice it is to 'sleep' with her Daddy, has wake up sex, shopping turns naughty

Daddy and I finished our shower after his might had filled me again and again. My juices ran down my inner thighs in what seemed to be buckets of slick warmth only to be washed away by the heavy flow from the shower head. He cried out as I felt him fill my womb with lava-hot cream, making me echo his wanton howl. Daddy knew just what to do and held his cock deep inside of me until my...Read On


Driving With Daddy, The first Episode

Will a bitch mother drive a father and daughter to a different level of love?

 I must first and foremost thank Imhapless for being such a wonderful partner in inspiring me to write with him. Our first story went well, this one is different and such a joy to pen....more is on the horizon. My childhood was not always filled with the love and warmth that a girl dreams of. My Dad was great but my Mom was, shall I say, not as loving and nurturing as I hoped to be one...Read On


Driving With Daddy, the Second Episode

Daddy and I have to wait, but it's worth it when mom leaves us alone to our shared love

As I was recovering from my concussion, foremost in my mind and heart were the new-found loving sexual encounters with my dear Daddy. While our first virginity-taking episode was painful, I was really proud of the blow job I had given Daddy on our next encounter. My first climax from the grinding stimulation of my clitoris over his erect member was truly life-changing. But, I greedily wanted...Read On