My Twins and Kacy

Leah is about to learn a lot from her new friend Kacy!

I tapped my pencil against my cheek. This class was so boring. I glanced around the big classroom and saw towards the door, a pair of electric blue eyes studying me. They belonged to a girl. I tilted my head as I looked her over. Make that a woman. She definitely had more curves then I did. I huffed, a little jealous of the very perky blonde. Women like her were the bane of my existence. I...Read On


My Twins

Leah is tied up and is being a good girl for her twins.

I opened my eyes and blinked at the harsh light. That was weird, last thing I remembered was watching a horror film with Jake and Addison. I let out a hard breath; I really shouldn’t fall asleep around those two. I lifted my head and stretched my arms. I lifted an eyebrow as I studied the ropes binding my wrists. Those men, always up to their tricks. I was laying an odd table, on my...Read On