Love Poems(1)


The Ruination of Sarah

Sarah lets go

Its been two weeks Filled with glances and grazes Tension taints our every encounter I dream of your hands on me Sliding over me Writhing under you Your lips are seduction And your touch ruin But if I have to contaminate the image I’d rather you be the source Its been a long day Everyone else is gone home I walk out of my office I see you two doors down Casual is my goal Smooth and casual...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Aiden's Rebecca Chapter 1

They both wanted this, they needed this, release.

He wanted her. Rebecca had come into his life four years ago and to this day there has been no other woman that could turn his cock to stone faster than she could. Most of the time she only had to look at him, of course, the attire she chose didn’t help his situation any. She came in every morning in vintage stockings, silk blouses, and pencil skirts. The things she wrapped around her...Read On