Sexual healing from one cousin to another (part 3).

How mch fun could we all have together.

(This story will make alot more sense if you read the first two parts first.) How could my life get any better? True, the day had started out pretty terrible. However, if I hadn't walked in on my husband fucking a woman while another woman pounded him with a dildo, I never would have ended up where I was right now. My face was mere inches away from the first pussy I had ever eaten. My...Read On

Three way by the pool

A young girl and her friend seduce her father.

The time had finally come. I had been working my way to this day for almost three months and I was ready for it to be here. I mean, Amber was a fantastic lover, with her willingness to try anything at least once, but I wanted to feel a real cock and I knew exactly which one I wanted to be my first. I had already let Amber know what my plan was and she seemed to be just as excited about it as...Read On


Sexual healing from one cousin to another

My cousin and I have always been close, but how close would we be willing to get?

I slammed the door of my car, shoved the keys in the ignition, turned the key to on and flew away from the curb. I had just had the shock of my life and I was angry. After 15 years of, what I thought was, a wonderful marriage, I came home early after work to surprise my husband. Little did I know he had a surprise for me. I found him in OUR bed with our nanny and some slut from the office. I...Read On


Sexual healing from one cousin to another (part 2).

How would Sierra play into the new found heat between cousins?

(Authors note: To get the full benefit of this story, I suggest you first read part one.) Well, this was definitely different. There I was, in my cousins house, sitting naked on his bed after just giving him a wonderful blow job, waiting for him to come back from talking to the chick that had interrupted our fun. Since he had told me he didn't have a room mate, I was curious as to who she...Read On



The sexual psychic

The beginning of the story of how I learned I could see ghosts.

Hello. My name is Ava. I know, not a very creative name. Blame my mother. She said she wanted me to have a plain name in the hope that I would avoid the family "curse." Turns out, even with my plain name, the "curse" would strike me as well, at an even younger age then most. I guess I should explain the "curse" before I go any further. You see, I come from a long line of psychics. We aren't...Read On