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I really dislike these things. Let's see.... I am a returning Lusher. Older. Wiser. But still only a man! I'm prone to mistakes LOL I am a pretty easy going guy who like to laugh and flirt. I am here to make friends and expand my world. Im not interested in hooking up or meeting anyone in real life. I like to consider myself a dirty old man as I always have some very naughty thoughts tickling my brain. I like words. Without words one can not express themselves properly.

I like most sports. Hockey is my game. I do enjoy the outdoors, stargazing and turning over rocks to see whats underneath. I am a geek at heart. I love scifi movies, comics and I am into computers. I do think it's important to take time to smell the flowers. I Like walks in the forest, fishing and sitting by a pond and watching ducks. Strange right?

I am a good guy and loyal to my friends. I do consider myself a velvet tongued wolf, so consider yourself warned. LOL

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Chi-town area, Illinois, United States
Hmmmmmmm what I like to write about.... i write about whatever sparks my fancy. I get naughty situation stuck in my head and i play it out like a video in my minds eye. I have it up there written until i put it down on paper..... er word. hehehe My only problem is being in the mood to do the writing... I am into just about any topic. My writing reflects my own sexual interests so just about anything goes except for incest and abuse.
Favorite Books:
I am a geek. I admit it. I like books mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy realm. Some of my favorite books include: The Wheel of Time series, the Foundation series, The Number of the Beast, Stranger in a Strange Land, The DaVinci Code, The White Gold Wielder, The Hobbit and The Dragonriders of Pern series.
Favorite Authors:
I do enjoy novels by Robert Heinlien, Robin Cook, Issac Asminov and Robert Jordan.
Favorite Movies:
I like comedies, action flicks and sci-fi movies in that order. Mel Brooks is my hero! Don't ask me to list and specific movie cuz I just don't think i could pick just one as my favorite.
Favorite Music:
Rock music. From the classics to the Chili Peppers. From Yes to Linkin' Park. I love it all.
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31 May 2012
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20 Apr 2016
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Topic: Things To Do In The Bedroom To Ruin The Mood (ABC Style)
Posted: 23 May 2013 09:20

L - Licking your armpit
Nothing say yuck more then your partner licking thier armpit.. *

*never licked mine nor had a partner who did. but L? come one.. armpit is the only thing gross i could think of....

Topic: Words you love/like
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 01:29


flatulence (sorry... but it is fun to say)

Topic: Say an interesting fact about yourself
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 01:20

My wife is prolly reading this... LOL <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Topic: Agree/disagree
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 01:17


I have a condo reserved in my name in Hades.. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/L35.gif" alt="L35">

Topic: Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 01:13

baba O'riley - the Who

Topic: Favorite line from ur favorite movie
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 01:10

Its good to be the King! - History of the world pt 1

Topic: Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 00:57

country boy.... aaron lewis

Topic: Happy Birthday Mazza!!
Posted: 23 Apr 2013 13:08

Happy Birthday Maz!!! CHEERS my friend... heres to another year!! :)

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 22 Apr 2013 07:49

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eusa_wall.gif" alt="Brick wall"> Fucking shit... I hate this ...

Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 08 Apr 2013 09:55

easygoing (is that one word?)

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The Piano

He is standing behind his pupil, studying his pupil.... her form.... her posture... her shape... he smiles inwardly. She is quite pretty. Doris is having trouble with this passage. He leans in with his head next to hers, his arms extended around her showing her how to finger the keys... and he is mesmerized by her smell. A quick glance down and he sees ample cleavage........ He is...

Added 08 Jun 2012 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 3,466 | 10 Comments

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