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i'm currently a law student with aspirations of actually passing the bar in a few years! i discovered erotica a couple of years ago and have become a great fan! i've also met quite a few awesome people from other sites, and hope to do the same here!

ok... so... for people who wanna add me, please at least message me first! i've actually added a whole bunch of people on here with whom i don't actually converse, and i'd like to change that! so please, if you want to talk, send me a message! oh, and if you're gonna request a private chat without knowing me first, or at least chatting with me in the chat rooms, please know that i will ignore that request... my apologies but i keep getting cyber requests, and it's a little disturbing. thank you for understanding, and if you still want to talk, i look forward to getting your message!

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London, Ontario, Canada
i love to read! mostly urban fantasy, with a little bit of schmexy romance thrown in, and a dash of murder mystery! i enjoy watching tv (tho haven't really had time for that lately), hanging out with my family and friends, shopping, badminton, kickboxing...
Favorite Books:
sooooo many! authors are probably easier to go over... so...
Favorite Authors:
j.k. rowlking, simon r. green, jim butcher, ilona andrews, kelley armstrong, lisa shearin... amongst others...
Favorite Movies:
austin powers: international man of mystery, robin hood: men in tights, a bunch of martial arts movies (both old and new)... mostly comedies and sci-fi/fantasy...
Favorite Music:
mostly hip-hop, love r&b, reggae, dance hall, rock (i.e. billy talent, the offspring, oasis, u2 - ok, i know they aren't in the same categories, but still), motown, disco, 80s pop... just so all over the place!


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01 Dec 2010
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26 Aug 2011 (2487 days ago)
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Topic: Around the world.
Posted: 15 Feb 2011 19:33


Topic: Lush Jeopardy
Posted: 15 Feb 2011 19:33

what is my dream girl
riding crop

what is the thing i have to replace from over use?

torn garter belt and stockings

Topic: Lush Jeopardy
Posted: 14 Feb 2011 20:09

what is saturday's fun and sunday's project?

crushed blouse and stained skirt

Topic: Around the world.
Posted: 14 Feb 2011 20:07


Topic: Valentines Day
Posted: 14 Feb 2011 18:25

Having said that, I wouldnt say no if i was surprised with a fancy resturant and Tiffany necklace <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

all on board with the tiffany's anything... on any day...

Topic: Name that tune
Posted: 13 Feb 2011 21:01

don't stop the music - rihanna

turn around, every now and then i get a little bit lonely
and you're never coming around
turn around, every now and then i get a little bit tired
of listening to the sound of my tears

Topic: Around the world.
Posted: 13 Feb 2011 20:57

yellow knife

Topic: Valentines Day
Posted: 13 Feb 2011 20:55

As I am sure you are aware it is Feb. 14 on Monday, so I was just wondering what do people here, think of Valentines day? Harmless fun? a chance to show someone your love? Over commercialized tripe? somewhere in between?

i'm going with the somewhere in between... i think it can be taken too far either way... as in over the top ridiculous "romance" and way too cynical... either one is too far... personally, as a terminally single person, sometimes watching couples on valentine's day can be a little gag-reflex-inducing, but listening to ppl bash it simply cuz ppl buy stuff for each other doesn't really make much sense to me... we do things like that for birthdays, anniversaries and gift-giving holidays (christmas, channukah, chinese new year - tho that's money, same principle)... *shrug* i think ppl are gonna think what they want...

Topic: where do you read Lush stories?
Posted: 13 Feb 2011 20:46

whenever i have a spare moment... and anywhere i damned well please!... that has internet connection for my laptop... and isn't school...

Topic: Favorite websites not named lushstories.com
Posted: 11 Feb 2011 19:27

textsfromlastnight.com (makes me feel like not so much of an alcoholic)
cracked.com (but only if i have time to spare cuz you just keep going! or when i'm procrastinating - it's usually when i'm procrastinating)
notalwaysright.com (even tho i've never worked retail, it's amusing to see how not so smart some ppl can be)
tortbunnies.com (for the law school/lawyerly types... or if you're just interested in some amusing antics of bunnies in law school!)

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The Proposition part 2: Eric's Break

It was my turn. We had been good and waited more than the full two weeks before we indulged again. Not that those weeks had returned us to our cold and distant marriage. Ever since the night I tied my wife up at her behest, Allison and I had become closer. Every day I tried to get home as early as I could, learning to delegate more. I took my wife out to a few dinners and lunches, and we...

Added 12 Dec 2010 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,035 | 2 Comments

The Proposition

Duty. That's what they told me it was. Duty to my family. Duty to my clan. Duty to the business. It didn't matter that that wasn't what I wanted. It was what I had to do. After all, it was only five years of my life. That is all they would ask of me. Just five years and, hopefully, a child or two. An arranged marriage seemed so outdated and somehow wrong , but, deep down inside, I knew...

Added 09 Dec 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 10,352 | 6 Comments

Not Awkward

I’ve known him practically all my life! He saw me grow up! Heck, I saw him grow up! He’s picked me up from school, he was there when I was off to prom, he was there when I graduated high school and university! He’s my cousin’s best friend, and I grew up thinking of him like my cousin… sort of. So why does it not feel weird to have his naked body pressed up behind mine? And why, when I feel...

Added 08 Dec 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.64 | Views 7,613 | 6 Comments

Promises Kept

Strong hands grab my hips and roughly pull me backwards. My back hits a hard body and even harder erection. A nose nuzzles my hair and I shiver. I know exactly who it is. He has been promising to fuck me senseless since the first day I met him. My roommate’s cousin – a seriously hot and thoroughly erotic man. He grinds my ass into his rigid length. His promises began the day I moved into...

Added 06 Dec 2010 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,281 | 3 Comments


Gah, I hate him! Lizzie thought as she crossed the room, heading to the kitchen. She had just spotted John Pritkin, the bane of her existence. Lizzie hated him with every fibre of her being. She hated the way he spoke with that pretentious upper class British accent. She hated the way his blond hair stuck up in wildest of ways. She hated the way he moved with a skilled fighter’s grace....

Added 02 Dec 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 6,150 | 2 Comments

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14 Feb 2011 07:52
Thank you for that add any time you want to chat just let me know
12 Feb 2011 09:17
Me? evil? whos spreading these lies!!
12 Jan 2011 18:25
let me guess, russia beat canada in world juniors again??
06 Jan 2011 21:43
my smurfette
14 Dec 2010 20:32
smurfette smoooochs
13 Dec 2010 16:57
humans grumble
11 Dec 2010 17:26
how u doing how did the test go?
11 Dec 2010 15:03
you know it!
09 Dec 2010 18:03
so my wild little smurfette u come keep your teddy warm
09 Dec 2010 18:02
i am not like the others guys of lush i dont come looking for a quicky and then poof i want some one that will be my muse and read my storys and be honest with me and some one who i can share y good days and bad i have adhd some some times i get distracted my yahoo email addy is jamesdabea338@yahoo.com
08 Dec 2010 14:33
hey cute stuff how u doing
08 Dec 2010 10:45
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