Memories of Daddy

In a far-away time, in a family bathroom long ago....

I come from a small hometown in Texas. I started fucking my father when I was 22, after I got out of the military and lived at home for about a year and a half, before moving to a bigger city. My dad and I never had a conventional relationship. I wasn't daddy's girl and he wasn't a doting father. He drank a lot. He definitely liked his drink and he got silly when he drank. Don't get the...Read On


Memories of Daddy Pt. 2

If Mohamed won't cum to the mountain....

The knock on the door jarred us both. I had just spent almost an entire month trying to seduce my father and he was now standing in front of me, unbuckling his belt. I wanted him so bad, I could taste him. I was 22 years old, just out of the military and was staying with my parents while I went to school full time. My father and I had slipped into this non-verbal routine. I would wait,...Read On


Memories of Daddy Pt. 3

The bigger they are, the harder they are

As I sat on the trunk of my car in the dark parking lot, I knew I'd done the right thing. I finally had my father right where I wanted him; here and alone with me in the dark. He was staring at my naked tits and pussy. He had only two choices and they were fuck me or don't fuck me. We had spent weeks playing this game every Tuesday and Thursday morning a silent, naked game of Peek-a-Boo....Read On


Memories of Daddy Pt. 4

"What took you two so long?" My father and I froze in the front door. My mother was walking out of the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hand. It was just past 5:00 a.m. I'd forgotten she woke up early to go to work. "Are you okay, Rosie?" my mother asked, walking past me on her way to their bedroom. And, before I could answer, "How's the car?" "Nuts are stripped," my father said in...Read On


Memories of Daddy Pt. 5

Be careful what you wish for....

I was rushing to put my earrings on when I heard the doorbell. "Damn! He's early," I said to Naomi, my best friend, on my cell phone. "Well, what's his name? Where'd you meet him?" she asked. I barely heard my dad open the front door over the loud television show he'd been watching. "It's Sergio. I got him for Psychology." "And you're gonna have him for Biology, too, aren't you?...Read On