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Thank you for stopping by and reading my profile. I came across Lush and started reading the stories which i love very much. As I looked around the site I noticed there was a lot more to Lush than just the stories so I set up my profile to investigate, and I am glad I did. As a woman who was with her high school sweetheart and devoted everything to him until the bastard cheated.
Now I am an independent woman who has decided to enjoy life to the fullest and am determined to enjoy as much pleasures as possible for the rest of my life.
I have recently found that I have a bi-sexual side of me and am so happy that I explored that side. I love both men and woman and will chat with anyone who enjoys fun as much as I do.
I do need to keep my private life to myself so that is why I will not phone, cam, send pics, skype, or carrier pigeon. Discretion is a must for me I have too much to lose other wise.
Well I do not want to go on forever and bore everyone so if you have any other questions feel free to chat with me and we can discuss them.

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It's Complicated
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23 Apr 2019 12:06
Dancing, shopping, skiing, motorcycles, sports (I know hard to believe a woman likes sports but what can I say I do enjoy most of them), and oh yeah if you promise not to tell anyone I can tell you one of my biggest interest..... it's sex, so shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone it'll be our little secret.


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Topic: Do you like cum in you or on you?
Posted: 20 Dec 2018 19:42

Both depends on the situation.

Topic: Girls, do you flirt with other girls?
Posted: 20 Dec 2018 19:32


Topic: If you were forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?
Posted: 25 Oct 2018 17:06

Too hot to handle

Topic: Do you enjoy naughty chat?
Posted: 25 Oct 2018 17:01

Yes I do very much....however, some people are much better at it than others so it is nice to chat with the right person.

Topic: Should couples watch porn together?
Posted: 25 Oct 2018 16:59

Yes it is always fun and exciting to enjoy some good porn with someone close to you. Plus it can be a fun time trying out what you are watching.....smile.

Topic: What is the best place in the house to have sex other than the bedroom?
Posted: 29 Sep 2018 14:43

If your talking in the house I do love the shower, I also love outside in the pool and hot tub area, (guess I have a thing for water). I would have to say anywhere I am having sex is great for me.

Topic: Football Season: Who is your favorite Professional Team?
Posted: 21 Sep 2018 18:35

Raiders Nation.......Silver and Black all the way

Topic: Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted: 12 Sep 2018 17:33


Topic: Is Fantasising the same as cheating?
Posted: 20 Aug 2018 18:50

no it is not....fantasy is nothing but make believe and that hurts no one.

Topic: Do you like to wear anything while masturbating??
Posted: 23 Jul 2018 14:55

Well if it is a planned private time I like to get totally naked and enjoy the freedom. However, if it is the spare of the moment or public my fingers just go to town with whatever I have on.

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Hot Teacher Lets Her Guard Down

I have been a teacher for the past fourteen years and have always been totally professional and dedicated to my profession. I was lucky enough to secure a position at one of the larger school districts shortly after I graduated from college. About nine months after I started working I met John who was a salesman for a large company and was making a great income. We quickly fell in love and...

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My New Business

Six months after my sixteenth birthday I hit probably the most important milestone in a teenager’s life, “I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST!” I was so excited and couldn’t wait to claim my independence from my parents, and drive the open road with my friends. My parents had set the pattern to give me everything I ever wanted, since the time I was a little princess. Therefore, I totally expected them...

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A Mother's Desire

As a sophomore in college I met the most amazing man. We dated throughout college and soon after graduation we married. After our third year of marriage I became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby boy. Our life together was amazing we dedicated ourselves to each other and the sex was always amazing. Who could ask for anything more? That was until the night of January 14, 2015. The...

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The Perfect Assistant

When I graduated from high school I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. So like many of my classmates, I applied to some colleges that interested me. I was accepted and started classes the next semester. I was a good student in high school and didn’t really put forth a lot of effort but I did get good grades. I thought college would be the same for me; boy was I wrong. I was a...

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The Protection Plan

My husband John and I married just about eight years ago now. We met in college where John was a business major and I was studying psychology. We fell in love immediately and planned to marry just out of college. Our sex life was fantastic right from the start and continued to strengthen as our relationship grew. John landed a wonderful job in a very large firm in the city, just as...

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Terry’s First Time

Following the divorce from my ex, I seriously gave consideration to throwing all men overboard and following a lesbian lifestyle. I allowed way too much control by him over my sexual activities. He only focused on using my body for his own gratification. You see, as part of my total giving of myself to the sexual whims of my ex, I had previously been with another woman. It was always part of...

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A Housewife's New Career

I'm Jodi and I met my darling husband Scott, while we were in college. Scott was studying business finance and was an excellent student. His ability to think outside the box while making investment decisions, helped him land a dream job in a large firm, right out of school. Things were going fantastic; Scott's career was taking off like a rocket, as he was very successful in helping...

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Recommended Read Life After the Divorce: The Next Chapter

After my night with Tyler, there was an awakening within me. For so long I suppressed my sexual feelings but that was something I could not nor did I want to do anymore. That night with Tyler was amazing, and the nights to follow with him were just as amazing. Over time however, Tyler began to pull away, and I saw less and less of him. To be honest, this was fine with me, I enjoyed sex with...

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Life After the Divorce

After twenty one years of marriage, and of being with the same man since I'd lost my virginity to him, I found myself faced with divorce papers. Attracted to a young assistant in his office, she and my husband had an affair, resulting in the slut getting knocked up. Choosing the young pussy over mine, the bastard had divorce papers served on me a short time after he discovered he was...

Added 13 Apr 2015 | Category Seduction | Votes 57 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,369 | 24 Comments

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