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it might not be a dog....but Goofy... this is sooo u!! my goofy, such a caffine addict. wishing he were with me now. holding me close so that i can sleep.

09 Dec 2012 21:14

need fucked so badly.. as my 'daddy' would say, my pussy needs stuffed well. miss you, daddy.. cannot wait to play again.

06 Mar 2012 20:08

Left Alpha and now with my Teddy Bear.. Will be writing about him (teddy bear) evetually.. Keep ya'll posted on him.. smiles.. although i have had no contact with alpha for almost 3 months, i know that i will be in deep if i even look at a text, email, or ym from him. . therefore, i don't .. lol but i have always loved my teddy bear and so happy to be back with him.

19 Feb 2012 13:26

Wondering how to leave the man I love due to not giving me the respect I deserve. I agreed to be his slave, not his whore to whore out to everyone or tell a female i'll be her slave as well. Not in our rules. Any advice would be great! Thanks.

04 Jan 2012 16:43