solarmeatman's Blog Entries

10 Jan 2013 15:57

This is seriously FUNNY!!!

08 Jan 2013 20:03

Happy New Year Everyone!

22 Aug 2012 22:24

Summer has been very good....have to soak up the remaining rays before their gone...

20 May 2012 23:22 cock is sooo hard, I would love to have it sucked on right now....mmmmmmm

21 Apr 2012 18:19

Hmmmm....all by my lonesome.....looking to chat with some sexy intelligent girls...let's have some fun!

06 Mar 2012 08:23

So who loves to suck on a smooth hard cock as soon as they wake up in the morning?

30 Nov 2011 13:07

Gotta love the sunshine....another day in paradise!!!

23 Nov 2011 16:18

Damn.....I am horrrrrny!!! Gotta love the writers here...some really hot stories got me going now!

10 Nov 2011 17:02

Do girls like to be coached on how to give a great blow job? Or is it insulting to you to have someone tell you how to do it???

08 Nov 2011 15:29

I am looking to chat with some sexy intelligent ladies of color....I am really into brown skin now...mmmmmm...very hottt!

01 Nov 2011 14:56

I am really horny.....anyone feeling the need to play? release some pent up tension....I love to tease and be tease!!!

22 Jul 2011 19:42

Enjoying the lush life....anyone want to play?

04 Jul 2011 07:30

Happy 4th....I hope you get a big bang!

23 Jun 2011 22:51

Time for a nice relaxing summer vacation.....sooooonnnnnn

20 Jun 2011 22:05

Do you gals love to swallow a hard cock?

18 Jun 2011 09:43

I am just reading and stroking and hoping a sexy horny girl pokes me.....mmmmm

03 Jun 2011 18:47

I am sooo horny tonight!!!!

24 Mar 2011 23:50

spring is in the air....and it smells wonderful!

17 Mar 2011 22:42

Nothing sweeter than an ice cold green beer and some hard nips to look at as you drink it...

06 Mar 2011 09:25

man I could use a nice warm mouth about now....

22 Feb 2011 14:50

Spring is in the air....sun is out and soon the skin shall it!!!

02 Feb 2011 09:55

Damn I am horny today....home alone wanting to play...

06 Dec 2010 23:01

The word of the day is.....nipples!!!

29 Nov 2010 07:18

I love turkey sandwiches!!!

22 Oct 2010 17:10

I hope we get some major changes in the couldn't look much gloomier and uncertain for the working classes.....

28 Sep 2010 16:28

Wow....there are a lot of sexxxxy gals from GB here....a lot!!!

25 Sep 2010 17:56

Hey Ginger, this is what you did to me last night....

25 Sep 2010 17:16

Damn it is hot this weekend....anyone want to have some fun this evening???

02 Sep 2010 13:10

The last long weekend of the summer is coming.....Party!!!

24 Aug 2010 07:54

summer is finally here....and the beach scene is awesome!!!