Erotic Poems(24)


Burnt Offerings

Naked and raw Crawling on my knees Burning and tormented Lured here by a beast I've walked so many miles Sailed a thousand seas Swept away in urgency When I heard him call to me I'm gravitating closer To what, I am unsure Urged by unknown power Helpless to the lure Dolphins swim beside me Mermaids call me in Sea monsters bite and gnarl With giant toothy grins My little...Read On


Cat and Mouse

The chase

His body strong and taunt, He's stalking, on the prowl. Running through the allies, Hunting for a mouse. She is tiny, brown and sweet, She knows she is the prey. The game is hide and seek, A game she likes to play. It's been going on for nights, This little game they play, She pretends to run in fright, From this street running stray. By now he knows her scent, ...Read On


Cookies Crumbs In Bed

Your conundrum .. To let or let her eat cookies in bed. What will it be?

Fear is a killer And regret consumes your soul. So why not live like there's no tomorrow, Let's be brave, wild and bold. We will look ahead, we won't look behind. We'll put our heads up to the sky, And as the sun beams down on us, Our lives are redesigned. We dreamed a lil dream, Then planned a wild scheme. You'll drive 500 miles Just to come to me. We'll stay out by the sea, ...Read On


Craving My Sweet

Craving you. Thoughts of you won't let me be, As you tippy-toe through my mind, Images of you haunting me. You touch me at night,  When you slip into my dreams. I always surrender to you,  There is no escaping. You tickle my skin, And tingle my toes, You tangle in my hair, Your scent's in my nose. The taste of your breath, When our lips and tongues danced, Lit me on fire, ...Read On


Dive Into The Deep

Deep, baby, deep

His arms are stretched out, Fingers spread apart, Deep inside he feels it, He's opened up his heart. He smiles because she wants him, She makes him walk on air, He fesses up his heart, Throwing all good sense into the air. He's lost in all her laughter, He's tangled in her hair, Caught up in her essence, A lesser man would be scared. But no, not he... A pirate he will be......Read On


Falling Deeply

What will it take to satiate My hungry heart with need too great? A fire burns my soul and skin, With an ache to feel your touch within. I'm giving in, giving up, Falling deeply into us. We're sharing breath, tasting souls, You're sliding sweetly between my folds. We come apart, we come undone, Then come together, and two are one. I'm drifting to that far off place, Where...Read On



Cus he likes it

I am ferocious. Fucker, I am fierce. What you see is what you get, Can I be more clear? Baby, I'm explosive, I will blow your mind. What I'll do with my mouth, Well.. It's not the average kind. I got my box of tricks, You'd think I'd had a pimp, But no, it's all self taught, I'm just in the game to win. I've got you by the balls, Got you by your curlies. You're dreamin' of...Read On


I Cry and Beg and Plead

Blindfolded.. I cant see, He's taken the sense of sight from me. His words speak in my ear, "Little girl, dont you fear, Let it go, I'm right here." He takes my hands in his, He pulls them back behind me, He binds them with a rope.. Now I know I'm free. I can hear his breath, I can feel his heat, His hands spread my legs apart.. I begin to weep. ...Read On


In His Sight

Cyber fun

Hey, look what I've got. Do you like my panties? Wanna see my pussy? Wanna see my fanny? Wanna watch me touch my pussy? Maybe touch my ass. Let's pretend they are yours. Ah... You're reaching for glasses. I can hear your breath, I can see your eyes, Watching every movement, Now you're saying, "mine". See how wet I am? Is this what you like? See it dripping down my leg? My...Read On



Untethered Together

It starts off all so sweet, First I'm on my knees, Looking up at you  With eyes so full need. My mouth is salivating wet, My hands tied behind my back. Your cock standing hard erect, Awaits my throat to wreck. But still, I start off sweet. My pussys's wet from all my need, Dripping juices on the carpet, My eyes look up at you with greed. My nose is nuzzled in your balls. I...Read On


Look Into The Mirror

She sat in the dark, Waiting by a window, Longing for him, Lost in lonely  sorrow. She hears The key in the lock, The creak of the door, The step of his walk. Her breath quickens; Awaiting his touch, The sound of his breath, The heat of his voice. He is standing behind her, She feels his breath. He waits for her. Waiting For her breath to fall into sync. With each breath, ...Read On


Lustful flower

You infiltrate my soul with warmth. Like sun to a flower, You feed me. Ahh, and the nectar that is my desire, Grows. My narrow center fills, Pink and swollen bud,  Crying out to burst. Honey scent carries out, Calling out. Waiting, To be exposed, impaled, released, By you...Read On



Time melted away When I felt you near. I melted into eyes, so blue and so clear. Lips melted to mine, With a tongue tender and sweet. I melted into your arms As my heart fell in defeat. I felt the burn of your touch, The heat of your hands. I was moaning before you pulled off my pants. Space melted away, When your lips touched my skin. I melted into your mouth and...Read On


Ooo My Little Pink

Ooo my little pink, She's such a greedy thing. She craves a lapping tongue, Come on baby, on take a drink. Ooo my little pink, Wet and and glistening, With lips as soft as clouds, A taste, oh so sweet. Ooo my little pink, She hides her little thing, But you can coax her out, With the just a little tease. Ooo my little pink,  Begs a tongue way in deep, See, now ya have a taste,...Read On


Opened up

Late night restless ramblings

He doesn’t just love getting his cock sucked, He thrives on the act of her giving her mouth to him. He watches her lips suckle, And the sweet pink of her tongue. Her throat opens up,  Like a vessel of love, Choking desire,  Gagging in lust. His eyes feast on this beast With insatiable hunger,  He watches her wet lovely mouth Draw him in deeper. And He slips under her spell And ...Read On


Oral Fixation

Inspired by the newest competition and of course my love of oral sex

I've been told I have an oral fixation. I wouldn't call it an obsession, But sucking a cock  Is such an exquisite sensation. When his tip touches my lips, Engorged with his need, I feel such complete freedom, An aching desire to please. My lips and tongue greedy for taste, But let's take it slow, first let me just graze. Let me lick your inner thighs, the soft hair on...Read On


Take off your mask

All things are possible in the realm of our fantasies, We can be authentic in every way, Opened up to all possibilities, As egos slip away. Take off your mask, The one you wear each day. Remove your steel facade, Let self conscience fall away. Be 100 percent, Be 1000 percent, Be bold in everything in everything you do, As you undress from all pretense. You are not the judge, ...Read On


The Bend

The sweetest bend

The bend of your body The twist of our limbs The heat of our blood The suck of our lips The gaze of your eyes The sweet moan of your mouth The grasp of your fingers The burn of my skin Bring me to you Draw me in near The sweet swell of your love The deep crave that I feel Into my heart Into my hole With the thrust of your hips  I moan for you more Kiss me a million  Ravish...Read On


The Sweetest Little Death

There seems to be a state A place you take my mind Leading me with words Until my body burns with fire The pictures that you paint With your brush wet with lust Cast a hot red candle light Laced with warm patchouli scent Kiss my rosebud lips Possess my hungry tongue Invade my narrow throat Until I'm gasping from my lungs Fuck me good and hard, my lover Take every hole of mine...Read On

Recommended Read


Undo me, Take what I was, And make me something new. Unlock me, Expose my hidden truth. Reach into my soul, Read my buried scroll, Tear down all my fences, Find the limits of my senses. Bring me to the edge, To the brink, before I fall, Then push into me deeper, Breaking through my walls. Descend upon skin, Go where no one else has been, Peel back all my layers, ...Read On



Hot in the panties

Ahhh fuck!!! You unravel me Your desire Your hot sexuality You got me, sink, line and hook Come on, quench my need Baby, take a closer look At that sweet drip between my lips The lusting swollen of my pink Puffed, sweet, needy clit Drooling with my greed Come on Daddy,  Unravel me Lets get tangled, Lets get lost Forget the payment Forget the cost Fall into my...Read On


Welcome To My Throat

Aka The Hostest With The Mostest

Welcome to my throat, A warm and narrow moat. Please, do not be alarmed,  If you hear me gag and choke. Entrance is not free, Yes, there is a fee, Payable to pleasure, Mister, I ain't cheap. Crawl into my mind, Let's loose track of space and time. Have open arms to catch me, As I'm falling in divine. You gotta have some flow, You either have it or you don't. Be...Read On


We're Gonna Roll

Reach into me deep, Take everything from me. Please turn me inside out, Leave my bones in a burning heap. Dig into my skin, Leave your mark on me. Brand me your as your own, That's the only time I'm free. Burn into my flesh, Melt me with your flame. Singe my very soul, And engrave me with your name. Make me plea for mercy, Make me beg for cock, Make me cry to please you....Read On


Wild and Free (Flowers in Her Hair)

Because it makes him smile :)

Wild and free From her head to her toes. She's barefoot in the the grass, Dancing with the moon, In the California land. She's got flowers in her hair, An earring in her nose, You can't help but stare, 'Cus she's wearing see through clothes. She hides a promise in her lashes. Her eyes brown and gold, Peering past your surface, She's searching out your soul. Her hair...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Two Beauties and The Beast

Written for Jeremiahbull. Based on true experiences.

She'd had butterflies in her stomach for a week now. Jeremiah would be meeting Samantha tonight and Juliana was more than a little bit nervous. Early on in their relationship Juliana had told Jeremiah about her relationship with Samantha. They'd been seeing each other for ten years. For the last year or two they saw each other only on birthdays and special occasions. Samantha was living...Read On

Love Poems(75)


A Lushy Love Story

For Him

Their paths crossed late one night He had read her bio He wondered, "Maybe she's Miss Right." He said, "Hey, hello, how are you?" She said, "Hi, thanks, I'm fine." He said, "Hey, I like your bio You seem quite genuine." She Thought, "Maybe he's Mr. Nice Guy." They chatted for a bit "I'll give this guy a try See if we're a fit." He knew he liked her too So they decided...Read On


A New Year

Midnight ramblings

Do you hide in the shadows Or do you stand in the sun? Do you show all your colors Or do you show none? Do you see beauty in moments Or rush to the next? Do you bring happiness to others Or just cause a mess? Will fear hold you back  From the love you deserve? Will the walls that you've built  Break all your nerve? Can you make a promise And that promise not break? Do...Read On


A Sad Little Day

A lil blue Monday

A sob catches in my throat A tear trickles from my eye The heart breaks into a million pieces Locked inside with silent cries Thru my mind I wander Lost within this maze Looking for some balance As I walk this tight rope trapeze Falling to my bed Pillow soaked with tears Alone in my head Dark rooms filled with fears Tears pouring down my face Where are you? Where am I? ...Read On


Above, around and under

Like the sun Sustaining and warm Emitting wondrous rays No matter how far Like the breeze Changing and swift Causing a stir With the slightest of shifts Like the rain Cleansing and fresh Creating a flood Drowning my flesh Like the trees Majestic and strong Just as the birds In his limbs I belong Like the stars Bright and divine Casting a spell With...Read On


All I Desire

While he is away, I finish the poems I wrote for him. Hurry back.., it's gettin crazy :)-

My skin craves the touch that burns My voice cries out his name He has found my depth He has staked his claim My soul he has uncovered My surface has been shed Treasures locked deep within He is keeper of the stead My heart's desire is confessed My needs, longing to be met Now I lay afflicted  With need so great I fret My eyes no longer wander My hands no longer search ...Read On



The truest heart I've ever known  He is mine to keep The secrets shared both night and day He tells me everything The pain of love not yet complete He tells me it will be The rantings of my wild mind He listens patiently The jokes and giggles that we play He laughs and tickles me The questions and the fears He answers tenderly The words of love, they always flow ...Read On


Blue Monday

Yesterday was not our best  Today my heart is blue  My heart is hurting in it's core Was I wrong or was it you? It doesn't matter anymore Last night when we said good night Both our hearts were sore Does it really matter who was right? Do we have to chew this anymore? What am I to do when I feel misunderstood? What are you to do when I'm hard to understand? I didn't...Read On



A tiny poem about a tiny insect. Dedicated to him, with love.

I'm like a butterfly. Swirling in your lovely warmth. Your imagination is the magic dust That lifts me off the earth. Your loving adoration is the color of my wings, Bright and vivid as the blooming flowers of spring. The mystery and complexity of my design, Are born from the curiosity of your wonderful mind. Fragile and soft in your tender care, Wild and free in the summer breeze. I'm...Read On


Come a little closer

For him

Come a little closer Let me feel your breath on me I want to see your eyes See your need for me Come a little closer Whisper in my ear I want to hear you love me Say it to me clear Come a little closer Pull me to you tight I know you like a struggle I'll put out a little a fight Come a little closer Push me to my knees Now pull my hair real hard You know it makes...Read On


Counting Down The Days

For you, my love.. See ya soon

Oh my gosh, it's getting near! Oh my gosh, what will I wear? Nothing too expensive, He's promised he will tear. Oh my gosh, my head is mush. How come now I feel so rushed? Tomorrow I will do more squats, To impress him with my juicy tush. OK, toothbrush, that's for sure, Sexy lingerie, is sure to lure. I need to do more cardio, Make sure I can endure. OK yes, kegals, they always...Read On


Creature of Complexity

Ooo the joys of being a woman :)

He likes it when I am dirty And also when I'm sweet  When I'm warm and cuddly And my fiery heat He likes that I obey him And also speak my mind When I very bold  And when I'm feeling shy He likes when I demand my needs And also when I submit to his When I say that I'm his slut forever And when I beg he suck my clit He likes when I wear cowboy boots And also my stiletto heels ...Read On



I believe dreams come true, I believe in me and you

Daydreaming on my swing I never want to leave My head is in the clouds I'm caught up in your sweet Thinking of wonderful Thinking of love  Thinking what's possible  As doves woo above I hear a bee buzzing It reminds me of you I close my eyes lightly And you come into view I hum a love song Sway in the breeze Think of our love making  As I lay on grass green I make wishes...Read On


Dirty Minded Girl

Dirty little girl She will blow your mind Get your toes to curl She is a special kind Always up for something new She likes to be surprised Not an ounce inhibited As she looks you in the eyes She'll whisper dirty nasty words Oooo her mind is bent She'll spin your head with her moves You better work it good, if you want to leave a dent She is a feast to visualize  A chameleon...Read On



Random daydreamer thoughts

I'm always living in my dreams, Day and night they flow. Picture starry nights, starry nights, Painted by Van Gogh. I have a wanting in my soul,  With a humid heat like Cuba. Naked underneath the moon, Like a poem written by Neruda. I have an addiction that won't set me free. "Find what you love and let it kill you". Written by Bukowski, Words that felt so true. My head is...Read On


Dreams by the sea

He said, meet me underneath the moon, Let it cast its' spell. He said, we'll do things we've never done, The stars will never tell. He said, meet me at the Milky Way, Let's dance amongst the stars. He said, I could stay 'til Saturday, Or Forever in his arms. He said, meet me by the sea, Where the ocean meets the shore. He said, he'd have me as he pleased, On my...Read On


Eternal Cravings

Eternal cravings  For which I am prisoner of Damned forever to body's lust Fires burn with dreams of touch To feel his love upon my kiss Greedy mouth rapes my lips His demanding touch of finger tips Engraves his name upon my skin Bodies heated, my skin is flushed I open up to meet his thrust Breathing in the scent of him Intoxicates my soul within Bodies twist,...Read On


Fisher man

The ocean made me do it, my muse 🌊

She was falling from the sky He was fishing by the shore  Casting nets for fish Hungry for a score. She dropped into the sea Mingled with the sharks  Swirled along with eels A sparkled fallen star. Long and lovely fingers  Reaching for the twinkling cast-out. Dark and lonely fingers  Dipped deep and pulled her out. Night sea air encompassed her Breath filled her sparkled lungs ...Read On



The battle deep within me  Nature fighting for release  Boldly taking stabs Unafraid to bleed Unbound and chained Confined and unrestrained  Unfettered by the rules  Restricted by the game Desires unobstructed  Relinquish all my will Emancipate my spirit Stand completely still Absolve me of my sins Punish me my crimes Nature struggles deep within Silent...Read On


Girl Kiss

Thank you for the kiss I surely would have missed The taste like spicy cinnamon Kissed soft upon my lips You caught me all alone Pressed me up against the wall  I didn't see it coming I'd never kissed a girl at all  Lashes long and thick Green eyes lined up like a cat Dimples grace your cheeks Tits and ass round and stacked Long, soft mocha hair  Tendrils fall around my face ...Read On


Good morning

A night time poem for my sleepyhead

We are so far gone  And we are in so deep Both of us are loosing sleep We have no where to run  And no where to hide Knowing our love and knowing the price We keep moving deeper And we find compromise The need that we have cannot be denied We make our love And we share our nights Talk of our dreams and turn down the lights We treasure our love  And we sacrifice  ...Read On


Good Morning, I Love You

For my sweetness

I awaken to your love Your smile, it is so sweet Your words that send a touch Send me rolling in the sheets Hi baby and I love you Words that make me smile Never bringing me the blues Though we've had our trials Together seven months Separated by the miles By now you know I'm nuts Still, you love me all the while Could I still be dreaming Am I still asleep Is this really real...Read On


He Calls Me His

For the one who calls me his

He moves me He sucks me  He pulls me He fucks me Deep Long He stirs me  He flips me He fills me He turns me Out On  He owns me He rules me He gives me He guides me Up  Down He ties me He locks me He bites me He spanks me Hard Strong He tells me He hears me He sees me He calls me His...Read On


Honey Bee and Sweet Pea

For my love of flowers and sex :)

Honey Bee What do you see? Roses, Dahlias and Poppies Busy Bee flies above, stingers out, buzzing lust To which flower, will you give your love Her fragrance calls you in the breeze Soft and pink, you see Sweet Pea Sweet calls to you in flirty fun Shrinking Violet, you best just run Sweet's opened up in blossoms tease Opened up for your ease Her nectar drips from...Read On


I am his

Sensuality, erotic

Listening to your voice, My eyes watch your mouth, While my fingers touch your face, And I plan my next kiss. My lips brush your skin, A moan trembles me throughout, As your voice caresses my heart, Softly, a whimper escapes my mouth. Soft hairs scratch my tongue, Tracing hearts upon your neck, I linger on your pulse, dreamy, Intoxicated on your scent Follow my whisper in your ear,...Read On


I read a poem

A tiny ode to the lovely poems

I read a poem, It made me laugh A clever, silly thing How I really wished that I could write like that I read a poem It made me weep Exquisite words, speaking to my pain I could only read it once, but I bookmarked the page I read a poem It made me sigh It spoke with rare and tender words I sat quietly in wonder, then I read a few more times I read a poem It made me feel...Read On


In His Hands

Like clay in an artist's hands This is how I begin Only he can mold me My needs he understands His hands supple and warm Patience of an artist, sculpting me to form Moisture and I melt a bit Harder and I become stiff Wanting to be beautiful  Surrender  Unconditional Flaws visible to him  Beauty relies on him In his hands I begin  In his hands I am...Read On



It's cosmic, baby

In one breath that was ours I let go and fell away. I dipped into a dream From which I never wished to wake. Swept up into the breeze, On a warm summer afternoon A wish upon a dandelion Sent me drifting in the blue. Wings magically appeared,  So I soared into the ever high, I skimmed the soft horizon, Moving swiftly towards the purple night. I'm floating past the clouds, ...Read On


It's That Feeling

You are my gift The stars must have been aligned Do I believe in fate? Maybe my karma was just right I just feel so lucky  Like I've drawn a royal flush It's like when the line is cast And you pull out the biggest fish The feeling that you get when you sit down to eat And you're served a scrumptious dish The smile when you find a shiny penny And you make the wildest wish Can you...Read On


Jus shakin my ass

A silly little poem with a little bit of truth ;)

Baby whatcha doin Ya got me so fucked up Makin think of words like love Never intended to let him in I was jus shakin my ass Playin around and smokin grass Said in my head, ok let's play  See if he can make me laugh a lil Might be fun, jus for shits and giggles I liked the way he stared So I did a my dance and threw in a lil flip But he wanted more, the whole fuckin box...Read On



Light like the sun Light like the spring Soft touch of his light Feels like a dream Light as a breeze Light on my feet He makes my heart dance Spin in his heat Light shines so bright Light shows me the way Even in darkness His light shines a ray Light as a feather Light in his hands Warm desire is felt From way deep within Light as a whisper  Light footsteps...Read On


Like a feather

Random and Free, She's floating on a breeze, Adventure is awaiting her; She without a destiny. Deep and shallow, She is flawed in her dimensions, Her head's too filled with wonder, She delights in imperfection. Flowing and tumbling, She's never quite at ease. The question's always there; Should she stay or should she leave? Falling like the stars, Rising like the...Read On


Little Bird

Damaged little bird Broken little wings Who would want to hurt A little thing that sings He takes her in his hands Wraps her up in love  Looks at all her wounds Kisses every single one Her little chirp is but a cry Her song is but a weep Her feathers are all tattered  Her voice is but a peep Too exhausted to fly Too broken to flee Warm in his hands Little...Read On


Love In An Elevator

We did it in an elevator Headed up to seventh floor  His hands were up my skirt While still open were the doors Struggling to get free of him Not wanting to be caught He ripped my panties off my ass As I whimpered out in fraught Pressed me up against the wall His tongue savage in my mouth He held my hands above my head His cock was bulging out Fingers up inside of me ...Read On


Loving You

For the one who constantly stirs me

Loving you, It's the simplest thing to do. I don't need to examine it, Only graciously accept the gift. Yes, I wonder about our magic, And yes, at times I am dramatic,  But you accept me as I am,  Soothe me when I'm frantic. How you've kept me guessing, Still it's so surprising. You know I love excitement, My weakness for enticement. You indulge all my senses. Break down all...Read On



As always, for him

Something happened in my head Maybe something that was said Something happened in my heart Sadness filled, began to spread Reality of distance, miles so far apart I tried to hide and smiled instead But you read pain in my heart I felt the hurt of words unsaid Your quiet as you wait with care  Trusting you, baring self  I said that I am sad Open arms, you drew me near ...Read On



Random midnight poem

What is it.. About the moon..  To look above, She makes you swoon. She is so hypnotic, Mystery and unknown beauty. In some ancient language, She speaks of an eternity. Lovers share that same moon, Some nights tears are shed, Crying for the sun, To erase the memory of why we bled. Others lie embraced, Grasping at the light, Touching that eternity, That's only felt...Read On


Maria Elena

Inspired by song Maria Elena, performed by Ry Cooder and by Him, the one that makes my heart sing

The sweetest thing begins with the guitar Twangy and slow Fingers supple on the strings A song he has not known The melody begins Rhythm starts to flow  I begin to fall into him Under his fingers He pulls with no relent The horns start Deep and strong like a man I begin to feel the tears within He exposes my soul He touches, reaches in Piercing depths so low ...Read On



For him.. Welcome back baby

Skin on skin Lips on lips  Soft caressing fingertips Probing tongues Legs entwined  Bucking hips Pelvic grinds Raspy whispers Soft demands Anything for my man Wetness drips  Cock in grip Ride on top Hands on hips  Grinding clit Nipples pinched  One swift move  Body flips  On my knees From behind Between my cheeks Muffled cries Drives in deep  Slaps...Read On


Mister Everything

Tell me I am beautiful  And I will flash a smile Make me laugh and giggle Keep me guessing for awhile Give my mind a tickle Mr. Shy, need not apply  My nature can be fickle  But I like my man agile To find you irresistible  You must be clever mixed with charm Seducing me with words Set off four alarms Tell me you adore I will blush and squirm  Begin to be a bore ...Read On



He walks away And he is gone  To her He does not belong In stolen moments Where they live In quiet moments Time and space do not exist In naughty moments  Is their greatest bliss Touch of whispers Caress of murmurs Sometimes greedy Sometimes tender With him  She is surrender She's in California He's far away in Denver Other times They plan and scheme  ...Read On


Montana Fishing

For my obsessed fly fisher... Missing you

Driving the roads of Montana state Fishing the rivers, creeks and lakes Stopping at fly shops, talking bout trout Checking his maps, making his route High in the mountains, deep in the trees Surrounded by beauty, sound of the stream Casting his fly, his mind is at peace Tug on his line, catch and release Sending her emails, including photos Standing in rivers,...Read On


Mountain Man

For my wonderful

Like a wild river, Need and desire rage through his veins. Rushing, demanding and powerful, Endlessly seeking the great wide open. Like the forest trees, He dominates his environment, Tall and strong,  Protecting the small. Like the wind, Free, a force of nature. A powerful and fierce gust,  Or a warm breeze to comfort. Like the mountains, Wise, with endless secrets. Peaks...Read On


My Joy

Night time ramblings .. Missing you

Our bodies fit so perfectly  Electric in our circuitry We move and groove in perfect rhyme Hearts and flesh meld sublime Your fingers are the perfect length  Your lips and skin, the perfect taste Tips and lips pink they mix  Fit like puzzles in perfect place Your breath, your moan, the words you speak The soft grey stubble on your cheek Your scent, your smell, intoxicates  Your...Read On


On a Clear Night

Astro Physics would cringe but what's a star without a wish

  Dipper swings around the Polaris (my clitoris) On a Ferris wheel  Circling my orb Swaying and swirling closer With electromagnetic,  Gravitational Fundamental force. Drawn into my galaxy  Aligned into a destiny  Deepening connection  Spiraling into ecstasy. Brilliant bursts of light collide  A billion miles afar Now the dreamy lovely sparkle You wish upon at your night  The...Read On


Only You Know

For the one who knows me

Only you know  That I'm like the wind. That I change direction, On a whimsy whim. Only you know All my ghosts and fears. I've shown you all my grief, All my pity tears. Only you know How nutty I really am. How I don't give a fuck And how nasty I can slam. Only you know  How sensitive I am. How I cry so easily, Then come out fighting like a champ. Only you know What is...Read On


Paths II


Dancing on her path, Dizzy from her winding pace, She crashed right into him, Falling in to his warm strength. He took her by the hand, They let their paths converge. The steady liked the rocky and the rocky liked the steady, That is how the separate paths were merged. They had to cross some rivers, And almost lost their way, Through the darkest nights, When tears fell like the rain. ...Read On


Pay Up

Fire burning, my skin is flushed My skin is burning for finger's brush Across my thighs, across my breasts My heart is melting in my chest Need, desire burn my flesh As I await your sweet caress My lips are wet, my breath is fast Come on baby, spank that ass I'm opened up, legs are spread Do you remember what you said? You said, I'm a good girl, I'm a slut You said, I deserve a...Read On


Pussy Worship

Yeah, I'm all about it I'm a grown ass woman My kitty purrs when worshipped  I don't fuck around with half ass I don't fuck around with two bit This ain't kindergarten class You either know it or you don't So you better learn the arts You should be well educated On all her bits and parts You should know what does what It will get you very far You should excersise...Read On



I fit just perfect, Wrapped up in his arms. I sit just perfect,  Flaunting all of my charms. Then a look comes into his eyes  And my toes start to wiggle. His blues so intense, That I start to giggle. Then through my lashes, My eyes peak at his. Boldness creeps in, With a wicked girl grin. He wants me to reveal, Every curve and dip. From the nape of my neck, To the length of...Read On



We're going to play a game You are going to obey I'm going to push your boundaries Find out how your made I want you to reveal yourself To hide nothing when I delve To give me all your secrets To open up your well You may begin to feel uncomfortable You might feel shaky and unstable I will lead your mind and body To where you thought you were unable I feel you are reluctant,...Read On


She and He

it's been awhile. Just a little rambling ❤️

She was flawed Not yet bloomed  Charming pink  Scent of swoon He was spring She was dew He the sun She the moon He the bee She the bird He the seed  She the earth...Read On


She Dreams In Porn

Last night I dreamt of you... We were in a bed, the room lit dim Naked lovers, touching skin. You kissed my mouth, your lips were wet Our bodies were in sillhouette Locked together in loves embrace. Every line and curve you traced I swear I felt each caress. Then you threw my body across the bed You climbed on top, across my head Took my face in both your hands.  ...Read On


Show and Tell

For my Voyeur

His deep, sexy voice says Tell me everything And don't leave out any details! Tell me Tell me what you did with her Tell me about the poker game Tell me who was watching Tell me  When you danced on stage Tell me Tell me everything  And don't leave out any details! Tell me Tell me what she did Tell me what you did then Tell me did it feel good? Tell me  will you...Read On



I never wanted or liked perfect.. Imperfection is so much more interesting

Sometimes he's like a caveman He pulls my hair and grunts Sometimes he's like a little boy  Only wanting his own fun Sometimes he's like an ape Pounding on his chest Sometimes he's like a baby  Vulnerable in his weakness Sometimes he's like a cop Snooping in and out of my life Sometimes he's like a pirate Stealing booty left and right Sometimes he's like a teacher  Mr oh so...Read On


Spring will come

Random, changing, free Fragile, so you see Her fairies blow in the wind Your wishes fly in the breeze I'm a broken winged bird A wet little worm A colorless nothing In this wide fleeting world But yet, The pulse of our blood The beat of our hearts The heat in our veins Replicate nature and art Rich fertile earth You into me Legs intertwined Like the roots of a tree Seeds fertilized...Read On



You are as special as you decide to be

This is a happy poem, Because I'd rather be happy than sad, Rather smile than be mad. I prefer the sun to the rain, To bask in pleasure, Rather than drown in pain. Try to steal my joy and you will always fail, My heart is ever strong and always will prevail. You will never see my ruin, Though try you might, you crazy fool. I'd rather be odd, than plain, Misunderstood than mundane. ...Read On


Sunday And I'm Missing You

Lazy Sunday missing you

I think I fall in love, Each time you say my name. The way you call me baby, It never sounds the same. The way you look at me, Feels like kisses on my heart. As if you always see me, As a precious piece of art. You, so masculine,  Touch all my femininity. You fill my universe, With the stars of all infinity. The sweetest smile in your eyes, Makes me want to cry. And if I can...Read On



Just a random

Can you hear the birds chirping, And the leaves blowing in the breeze? The sun sets on the west, As the chimes do a lovely little ding. It's been a really hard week. My heart has been raked over. I've been crying much too much, Fuck, when will this pain ever be over? I miss her. I miss you. Life gets so overwhelming. What's a girl to do? Swing, that's what I'll do. With a glass...Read On


Te Descio

Love words for him

Time spent loving Secrets we have shared Nurturing my heart  Catching every single tear He holds my heart so tender He tells me I'm his sunshine  Tells me I'm his treasure  And his universe He wants to live inside me Wants to take my soul Own my heart completely He tells me I'm his dream Tells me Its forever And eternally Waking every morning to his lovely heart ...Read On


The Breeze and The Spark

For Him

It's true she's like the breeze Setting off car alarms  Blowing through leaves Winds been cold for far too long And She feels like a knife cutting stabbing a bone Belonging nowhere Blowing everywhere So She goes up the hill to be all alone She saw his spark, a kindle one night And His heat made her swirl in lustful delight Spinning her in a wind dance Igniting his...Read On


The Catalyst

For years you've listened quietly To desires in your mind You've wondered all along If you'd ever find That person that would take your hand And free your lonely beast  The catalyst of your life The one to set you free Baby, I'm here to tell you.. your catalyst is me I will the one.. the one to bring you out Walking hand in hand into unchartered route Together...Read On


The Distance

The distance  Between you and me A thousand little lights Some of them red, some of them green We live below the same big sky The same million little stars We can see the same moon Yet we are so far Voices carry through the phone Messages carried through a text Touch is carried though a voice Some things still yet untapped Seeing is believing  Worth it's weight in gold ...Read On


The Storm

The storm passed with time and renewed trust.

The sun went away  And left her all alone. The wind sent her in a toss And in a gust,  Far away she was blown. The clouds came dark and heavy, Storm raged against wind. He thundered in his pain, His lighting struck in massive rage, Tears poured down like rain. The air shivered in her sorrow, In the monsoon of her regret, No more promise of tomorrow, Happiness was...Read On


The Tease

For fun :)

She  Takes a man down Down to his knees Wraps him all up, tight in her tease Breaking his wallet, breaking his back You think you know, but you don't know jack Keeping her happy, it can be tough He's willing to do it, to look at her butt Down on his knees, begging to please  His heart is a mess  And his head is a wreck Forsaking his pride, forgetting his head His...Read On


The Twisted Path

Getting lost in the moment and each other. For him.

Walking on a twisted path, Us beneath the clouds. Rain drizzles on our heads, Spanish moss surrounds. Walking up the twisted path, Smell of earth and rain. Not knowing where it leads, Not having any aim. A turn along the path, leads us to a peak. From atop a cliff, we looked upon the sea, So vast, deep and epic. Pacific  Waves crashing, hard and free. On this twisted path, take...Read On


Thoughts of You

Sunshine warms my tummy I'm lying on my back Robin's singin 'bout blurred lines Dogs are chasing cats And always you are on my mind My ever lovin' man Warms me like the sun that shines Since winter days when we began You, my tree, so tall and proud Protect me from the forces When the rains fall from the clouds When tears flow like river courses You, my rock, so solid in...Read On


Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

For Jeremiahbull and the precious love we share.

Three hundred and sixty five days, Fifty two weeks, Two souls met Each held a key. They seemed to fit  Like a lost puzzle piece, Like a déjà vu  from a forgotten dream. They had a natural rhythm, Their minds in sync. They spoke the same language, In the same melody. Like the leaves and trees And flowers and bees, Nature ruled over them  And a root grew from a seed. Their home...Read On


Three Little Words

For this man I know

They are such simple words Often tossed about in jest These words can cause your heart to stir Or make your life a mess How often did I say those words Looking at the screen First I said in my head  Then quite whispering I love you.. I love you.. I love you.. Worried, my heart was in a grip What was I to do? I think he loves me back He's afraid to say And so it...Read On


To Touch

Dedicated to the one who touched my mind, heart, soul and finally, body... My adored.

To touch the mind With a word. Hello, exchange a name. A smile leading, following, sharing. To touch the heart.  Open, seeking. Desire filled, tears fall. Full force into joy, sorrow, uncertainty. Fearless  in the face of heartache. To touch the soul. Diving in, face first. Accepting  flaws, exposing raw. Connected souls, roots grow. Following desire, finding the path....Read On

Recommended Read


Drifting without course Unanchored and unmoored Caught up in his wanton breeze I let go and drop the oars I boldly face the breeze Give in and to feel release Fall into his tide Reckless, without heed The shimmer of the sun Casts diamonds on the sea I dip my toe to see the ripple And because it pleases he His sparkling diamonds call to me To fall into his boundless deep...Read On



We walk towards each other  Tentative in our steps Wondering if we've hurt the other Our hearts have been in such a fret Quiet words are spoken As hearts sadness begins to lift Yesterday my heart was broken Because I thought you'd gone adrift I am sorry, it's my fault Don't be sorry, the fault is mine I never meant to hurt you  The words are are spoke in chime Do you want to...Read On



a silly.

8 , 9, 10, 11. You already know what a hot head I am. I'm not trying to complain, but the more I waited, The more angry I became. You're gonna get it, I say in my head. You're gonna get it, my heart has no tread. This is all your fault, none of it's mine. You've got me addicted, That is your crime. 12, 1, 2, 3. I am waiting very patiently. My fingers go 'tap'. I...Read On


We Got Flow

You and me We got flow A neverending slow and go Like a river There we go Around the rocks  and  down real low Like a song We got groove In a beautiful rhythm We do move There is no rush It is no race  He takes me to  the sweetest place We are Synced in rhythm Synced in pace And when My love knows he's near He whispers Something in my ear And ...Read On


What's Wrong and What's Write

Dedicated to daddysweetheart

I write what I write, I write just to spite, 'Cus it's my release, And sometimes I'm a fright. I write things for him. I write about sin. Some sex and some lust, And the shit between. I write about love, And I write about me, Exposing myself, For the critics to teehee. I don't care what you think. Maybe you think that I stink. I probably do.. Sometimes I write when I drink. ...Read On


You Were Here

You were here, You were locked between my legs. Now spring has turned to fall, But the memory remains. My lips were swollen from your kiss, Stained from all our love, Now my lips are left to reminisce The sweetness of your thrusts. Making love out by the sea, How long ago it seems That you drove one thousand miles To love me in the spring. The rain drizzled on your face, ...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Curly Head Takes The Stage

For My Sugar Man... How he likes it, part truth, part fantasy

Well.. here he was again, at the same old titty bar he was at last week and the week before. Shit, thinking about it he realized he'd been coming here once a week for the past six months, always after the gym on Thursday or Friday night. He rarely got anymore sex at home and when he did it was pretty bland. He'd watched enough porn and read enough erotic stories to know there had to more...Read On

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She Never Learns

While the fisher is away the pussy will play

Another lonely night.. Jeremiah is on what seems like a life long fishing trip and it's been a rare treat if he has a signal. So Juliana spends her nights trying to keep her mind off sex and watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones. Well, at least she's been a good girl for him. Restless, but knowing she needs to sleep, she turns off her iPad, but not before looking one more time to see...Read On