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Topic Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted 11 Nov 2016 13:10

Living in NYC, celebs are seen more often than you'd expect.

My favorites:
Ariel Sharon - not because of who he is but because he hit on my wife and we have a great picture of him ogling her.
Robbie Williams - Friends with him. Been to his house in LA and saw a Take That concert in London a few years back. Not a big fan of his music.
Alec Baldwin - twice. Once he played with my daughter while we waited for a table and then, when they sat him first, even though I was there before him, he gave us his table. The second time was buying shoes and he tried to convince me to buy the socks at the store as well.
Richard Gere - He was knocking a super expensive sound system I was checking out while killing time in a store.
John Stewart and Steve Webber - Webber tried to convince me to let my sister fly with them back to the city for a party. Stewart was mostly mortified by the whole scene. I ran into him years later, he was walking with his wife and inlaws and he was clearly going out of his mind.
James Brown - ran into him leaving a NYC hotel.
Hallie Berry - literally bumped into her after an awards show. I was speechless and thanked her. She got a kick out of it. My date, not so much.
Stevie Wonder - same event. he sat next to me to eat.
Sinbad - same event, cohosted with Hallie Berry. He leaned over and whispered that I should steal Stevie's fries. Ran into Sinbad again this past year in an airport and reminded him of the night.
James Gandolfini - in a park playing with his son, acting out animal sounds for him, all the while realizing that everyone was watching Tony Soprano act like a clown.
Hugh Heffner - shared a table with him, and his girls, at a charity event.
Annie Sprinkle - I was a kid, it was creepy and odd.

All time favorites:
BB King. Sat behind him at a charity concert. He was sitting with Bono and Bill Clinton but he's a god, they are not.
Danny DeVito - flew home from LA with him on our flight. 2 medical emergencies on the flight, including 1 emergency landing in Chicago and he was beyond entertaining and fun.

Least favorites:
Both Clintons
Brad Pitt - he lived in the loft above me, with Gwynneth, for about 9 month. She was nice, he was a dick. I got a bit of revenge a few years later when I saw him, with Jennifer Aniston, and we were standing around and started talking. I reminded him that we had met when he lived with Gwynneth in NYC and he was looking at me like I was the biggest asshole in the world for bringing it up.

Topic A shocked thanks
Posted 14 May 2015 09:59

The Hitchcock movie is damn good too!

True but the only erotica in hitchcock's movie can be found in the director's name.

Topic A shocked thanks
Posted 14 May 2015 06:52


It is a fun "quickie" story.


Topic A shocked thanks
Posted 14 May 2015 05:59

Congratulations again on the over 20,000 views!!!

and then I see how many views you've had and feel so inconsequential.

Thank you for the congratulatory note.

Topic A shocked thanks
Posted 13 May 2015 07:39

One of my stories, Strangers on a Train, surpassed 20,000 views today and I am totally shocked. I'm not sure how it's still being seen, since it was posted a while back, but thank you to any and all readers that have opened the link. I posted the story, an exaggeration of an actual event, as a lark, never expecting to get more than a handful of views. I've never promoted it, never linked to it anywhere and never expected anything from it, other than the satisfaction of posting something that was floating around in my skull for a while.

So, whomever has read it, or continues to read it, thank you, from the bottom of my twisted heart, because having an audience of any size is something I never expected.


Topic The A to Z of sex
Posted 12 Feb 2015 13:48

yodelling in the gully

I'll let someone else post a picture of oral sex