First Time(1)


The Internet Virgin

"Hi it's me again, where ..." I was in the middle of saying, leaving Rob a voice mail. "Sophie?" A familiar voice said, "Is it really you?" "Yes?" I replied, turning to face the stranger with the familiar tone. "It's me ... Rob," he said, smiling down at me as I sat on the shopping mall bench. "Hey you, it's me, Rob ... I can't believe it's really you. You're beautiful." He added...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Saturday Night At The Movies

Now call me a big kid if you want but I love Harry Potter. The films I mean. And there is no better place to watch these films than on the big screen. But unfortunately for me my boyfriend disagrees. Having dragged his miserable arse to the previous six films I was having great difficulty in getting him to the seventh. "Why can't you get one of your friends to go with you?" He moaned. "I...Read On




"Bless me Father for I have sinned. In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit, my last confession was six months ago." "Go ahead, child. What grievous sin have you committed since your last confession?" I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to gain my composure before I confessed. "Father, I keep having these sinful thoughts about a man, I know it's wrong...Read On



The School Field Trip

I don't care what anybody says, deep down, there's a voyeur in all of us. If any of us were given the chance to secretly watch the intimate secrets and the dirty deeds of others, I think we'd all take that chance. My first experience of voyeurism takes me back to when I was a school girl, and about thirty pupils, including myself, and four teachers went to North Wales on a school field trip....Read On