A Little Night Game

Man's POV of a sexy BDSM game

What a day. Hell, what a week. You make your way to your car after what seemed like the longest week in history. You need a hot shower, stiff drink, serious man food, and hot nekkid sex. In that order. You open your car door and wait a minute and while the enclosed heat escapes, you run a hand through your short tousled hair. Although you keep the windows cracked, the interior is stifling. As...Read On


Weekend Getaway

Ever have a crush on your boss and willing to do anything he wants?

A WEEKEND GETAWAY Caroline Kingsley It was anything but another dull, boring, routine Tuesday at work. The phones were ringing off the hook but that was to be expected in a company of this size. I was usually in charge of filing, routing phone calls, general correspondence and mail. However this week I was working as a personal assistant to Robert, the head CEO of the company. His...Read On



The Three of Us

MFM 3 some with hot man lovin.

The Three of Us, by Caroline Kingsley My lover and I have known each other for a while now, and have been talking of adding a third to our intimate party. We have both fantasized and discussed what we would want in a third and decided that it would be best to add a man over a woman. He was bi-curious and I always thought the idea of two guys together was very erotic. We discussed in detail...Read On



Assuming the position

Mans POV of a sexy false arrest gone right

ASSUMING THE POSITION It was starting to get dark on an early May evening. I was driving across Tennessee on my cross country trek to Utah. I had been on the road all day, starting in Jackson, MS where I was attending a conference for my profession. Normally I would have flown back, but a friend asked if I would drive a car back for him that he purchased online from Nashville to Utah....Read On



The Best Time of Day

Can you dream like this?

It was another weekday morning, and I could tell without opening my eyes that it was still early. I stretch, roll over and peer at the clock. I have 2 more blissful hours of sleep before I have to face the day. I flip my pillow to the cool side and snuggle down in the warm comforter while I start to let my mind wander. I learned to control my dreams when I was a child and this was the best...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


All In A Days Work

Ever want to have sex in the office?

ALL IN A DAYS WORK BY Caroline Kingsley I had worked for this company for almost 6 months, and I’d never felt as invisible as I felt now. I worked as a receptionist for a medium sized business. Answering phones, sorting mail and copying documents didn’t sound too glamorous and it wasn’t, but it paid the bills and gave me the flexibility to come and go, and the insurance that I...Read On


Casual Encounter

Best movie theater sex ever

As I sit at my desk at work, I look at the clock again, 12:45pm. My friend and co-worker, sitting behind me giggles at my nervousness. It’s all her fault anyway. She set me up to this, it was all her idea. I had been perfectly content living life like a frumpy divorced woman since my husband of many years left me for his too young, very ditzy, secretary who was convinced he hung the moon. ...Read On