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Topic Do you have a blog outside Lush?
Posted 14 Nov 2012 06:16

I saw this forum topic scrolling on top of the home page and decided to check it out. There are so many great erotica writers here, I thought it woul dbe interesting to see if any wrote elsewhere, about other subjects. I did go to your blog, but didn't see any writing. Where do i find your content?

Also, you said you have sponsors. Do you get paid for your blog? From your sponsors? A friend of mine had ablog set up to make some money on blogger, but something happened where he got kicked off or someting to that effect--not sure of the exact details= so he gave up on it. Should he try tumblr?

Topic For those with real avatars
Posted 14 Oct 2012 18:07

The reason I don't have any pics on here is because I don't want anyone I knlw to know I'm on here. I have cammed with a friend I felt comfortable with on here. I'm not comfortable posting pics on this site, but even less comfortable posting fake pics and posing as someone I am not, and deceiving someone I want to be a "friend" with. Besides, they can do a reverse image search and find you out anyway.