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Dear Santa,

Even though I think You are a child molester because You are old and smell funny and want kids to sit on Your lap and whisper in Your ear and You sneak in the homes of those children and leave them 'presents' for nothing in return.....I want to say I have been an exceptionally bratty naughty dirty kinky twisted raunchy obnoxious smart-assed little bondage bunny this year! Not only would You really enjoy stuffing my stocking, or filling my cup with special eggnog, but You'd be better off giving me spankings and bruises as those are my kinds of gifts.

I would also like to interject that if You could help me find someone who does not think that Dominant is a term meaning I'm looking for a submissive woman who will submit to me by letting me treat her like shit, force her to take care of me emotionally and financially as well as my physical urges and desires, and basically be a welcome mat for abuse disguised as BDSM.

If You have any people on Your list who meet the criteria of kinky, twisted, deviant, funny, emotionally confident, financially stable, sadistic, and generally well rounded emotionally and mentally that would compliment me then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them my way!

Thank You Santa, I promise I will be a, err......well good enough to deserve spankings!



08 Jan 2013 12:55