Winner Takes All

The relationship is Daddydom/submissive. Three sluts entertain guest during a poker game.

This is BDSM story. The characters are in a Daddydom/submissive relationship. It was poker night. Daddy had told me about it before but I had never attended. Tonight was different. Tonight I would be joining Him, along with Mary and Carol. All Daddy told me was that we would be expected to serve His friends in any way they wanted. I don’t know who was more nervous, Mary, Carol or...Read On


The Hunting Trip

Daddy and His little slutty submissive girl enjoy the hunting season.

The Hunting Trip Daddy climbed out of His truck and I followed as we walked into the woods. He carried a bag and had His gun slung over His shoulder. I trailed behind Him carry a small cooler with snacks. We hadn’t walked far when Daddy stopped and said, “This looks like a good spot, baby.” We were at the edge of a grassy clearing, still hidden by the trees. I spread out a small...Read On


The Party Chapter One

Pam is taught more about being a slave when her master allows others to use her.

The Party Chapter One I am coming to Atlanta for business meetings and I call you a couple of weeks in advance and tell you that I have been invited to a party one night while I am there and that you are to accompany Me. Your instructions are to arrive at My hotel room at 6:00 PM and we will go to the party from there. You do not need to worry about what to wear as I will provide...Read On


The Party Chapter Two

The girls at the party have their turn at using Pam.

The Party Chapter Two I release you from the kneeling bench, keeping you hands cuffed and blindfolded as I move you back to the center of the platform. “OK everybody; now that we have things warmed up a bit, it is time to get on with the show!! Girls, I appreciate your patience while the guys were getting their cocks identified, although I did see a couple of you slipping fingers into...Read On


The Party Chapter Three

Pam is required to please her Master.

The Party Chapter Three We drive in silence and you drift off to sleep, exhausted from the events of the night. I nudge you awake as I park My car and move around to let you out of the passenger side. I take the scarf from over your eyes, but instead of securing it around your neck as it had been when we left the hotel, I push it into my pocket and reaching behind your seat, I pull out...Read On


The Party Chapter Four

Pam has an evening of fun with Dick and Jane.

The Party Chapter Four With a big grin, Dick asks if I will untie you so he can lie on the bed while you suck his cock. “Hey, you are a paying customer, so you can have her anyway you please.” With that I quickly untie you, leaving the collar, leg and ankle cuffs and blindfold on. While I am untying you, Dick has removed his pants and underwear and stretched out on the bed with his...Read On


The Party Chapter Five

Pam is used once more for her Master's pleasure.

The Party Chapter Five The events of the past several hours have exhausted you, and even bound as you are, you feel safe and secure next to Me. My warm breath on the back of your neck; My arms encircling you; My body pressed tightly behind you. You sleep deeply, but at some point in the early morning hours, you awaken. You are startled at first, not being able to move, but then the...Read On