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The Punishment

Beth spills wine on Emma's dress and pays the price

Emma stormed in to the living room and shouts at me, “You bitch. I am now going to teach you such a lesson for ruining my favourite dress.” “I told you, Emma. It was an accident,” I reply wide eyed and worried. I have seen Emma in this mood before. She is scary when like this. Emma grabs my wrist and pulls me up from the chair. “An accident my foot. You are in for it, Beth. You have to...Read On


Debra Meets a Dominatrix

Debra learns to be properly submissive and finds it erotic, just as she had hoped

Debra so wanted to know what is was like to be disciplined as an adult. It was an ongoing fantasy of hers. Debra, 27-years-old, was so scared when she first met 43-year-old Karen at the Club. She knew it was a spanking party but that wasn’t the reason to be scared. That was because she knew she was going to experience her fantasy and was concerned it will not be what she had hoped for....Read On


Two Fingers

Daphne hates arrogant men

Two fingers? No, two fingers of jack were not going to pacify him. It wasn’t the cold steel of the colt in his hand, aimed at nothing in particular, compelling Daphne to comply. The arrogance in the stranger’s face was prompting her submission. The smooth glass in his other hand was waiting for her to show a little more hospitality. “You’re not a half bad looking woman to be working a bar...Read On


Learning a Lesson at Middlesex High, Over the Lap Style, Part C

Two very hot spankings yield one very hot fucking for the principal.

The secretaries got spanked and that turned Bonnie on. It also made Dean Perkins very hard. Spanking Julie’s cute tush can do that to you! Then after the crying girls were sent on their way, mascara running down their faces and hands holding their scorched bottoms, Bonnie needed a poke real bad. With the front of the dean’s pants being pushed out, who was better to ask? “Bob, I need it...Read On


Master and Misty. Lessons Learned

Misty learns harsh lessons in respect, disobedience and more

Misty and her Master are settled comfortably into their respective roles within their chosen lifestyle. Although their relationship isn't a typical ordinary one, they compliment each other perfectly. Her Master, who likes to be addressed as Sir, is proving to be strict with house rules and there are consequences for Misty if these rules are broken. Misty has blossomed from a wayward...Read On


Learning A Lesson At Middlesex High, Over The Lap Style, Part B

After two hot spankings turn on Bonnie and the dean, what's next?

First Julie, secretary to the principal of Middlesex High was soundly spanked over the lap of Dean Perkins. She then got to watch her best friend Holly, the dean’s secretary, get an even harder spanking from the dominating principal herself, Bonnie Anderson. Both cute young secretaries got to dance and sing while their bare butts were unceremoniously draped over a lap in the principal’s...Read On


Meeting a Lush Friend and Her Fantasy Girl

Candy wanted to try out her friend Jenny, so I helped convince Jenny to play.

After she told me where to find her, I loaded my 2012 Coachmen Concord 31’ motorhome and crossed several states to get near her. I located an RV park and set up camp. I went to several stores and gathered the supplies I needed to make this an unforgettable experience for her. She sent me a picture of the woman she coveted and the address of their work. I drove my pull car over to the area...Read On


Learning a Lesson at Middlesex High, Over the Lap Style, Part A

As the secretaries go over their bosses' laps, the witnesses sing along.

This was a hectic week for Bonnie Anderson. She had spanked Dave Smith’s bare buns on Tuesday until he howled for mercy, a quality the beautiful, but stern, principal of Middlesex High did not possess. Smith was one of Bonnie’s math teachers. He earned a trip over his principal’s lap as too many of his students failed the state exams. Between yowls, in response to each hot hairbrush...Read On


Blind Date II

She was lying in bed on her front. Her bottom was so sore that she couldn't lie on her back, but otherwise the feeling was nice. She was thinking about what she had just experienced: she had answered an ad, and in less than a week she had agreed to meet a stranger and let him spank her. She already knew that she would like to meet him again. In the morning, she inspected her bottom in...Read On


Generation Gap - Ruth and the Precocious Debra

Ruth is 25-years-old and regularly spanked by her 45-year-old girlfriend and lover

This is the third chapter in the Generation Gap series. I am Ruth, the 25-year-old lovingly disciplined by my 45-year-old girlfriend. Slowly our friends discover the relationship which increases the intensity we both feel towards each other. I was annoyed to be told by Sharon that her close friend Claire was coming over with her daughter Debra. Debra is 22-years-old and a bit of a princess,...Read On


Whitey's Hot Fire

I never meant to anger this man, but I am so glad I did.

Please read "Into the Hole" before you read this story. It will make a lot more sense if you do! After the experience of seeing a couple make love in front of me and my wonderful orgasm, I go back out into the main hall of this Wonderland and find a bath in the corner of the room. I strip off my sticky cum soaked dress and climb into the already boiling water. I watch in amusement as...Read On

You've Been A Bad Girl

You've been very naughty... and you know what happens to naughty girls!

With your hands at your sides you stand before Me waiting. You are dressed as I have requested; your little black dress fits you like a second skin. Your long, lean legs encased in your thigh top stockings are parted just slightly, promising delights yet to come. The silver open-toed sandals with their 6 inch stiletto heels bring you to just below My own 6 foot 2 inch height. As is our...Read On


Husband Spanked by Mother-in-law her Friend

Mother decided it was time my husband got a taste of the punishments he gave me

My name is Angie, I’m stark naked, lying across the knees of my squash playing husband and he is warming my taut bottom with his right hand. “Please stop. That’s enough, I won’t forget to set the burglar alarm again,” I cried between spanks. Mike’s response was, “Angie, you are nearly twenty one. You are a responsible adult and yet this is the third time I’ve had to spank you for...Read On


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Principal Gets it Good.

The principal finally gets the dean, but almost gets a spanking

Bonnie Anderson, the very sexy principal of Middlesex High needed a good fucking now . She had just burned the skin off her 25-year old science teacher’s cute ass. Taking Dave Smith over her 41-year old lap was very thrilling, and his screams and pleas for mercy turned her on. At one point, with his red ass bucking and rolling, combined with his “ Please Miss Anderson, stop spanking me so...Read On


Generation Gap – The One Strike Rule

Ruth is 25-years-old and willingly accepts her 45-year-olds girlfriends disciplinary control

This is the second chapter in theGeneration Gap series. Ruth is 25-years-old and has 45-year-old Sharon as her lover; Sharon disciplines Ruth when she needs it in what is a mutually desired pseudo mother-daughter relationship. Sharon and I had been seeing each other for about three months and she still spanked me several times a week. We loved each other but still my behaviour wasn’t...Read On


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Science Teacher Sees the Stars, Part B

Principal Bonnie finally delivers the OTK spanking she had been promising her science teacher.

Bonnie Anderson, the very lovely, but stern principal of Middlesex High, had just prepared her young science teacher, Dave Smith, for his very first spanking in her office. If she did a nice job, he might be back for more! Smith really needed this spanking for a variety of reasons. The official one was his students’ poor grades on the state exams. It was hoped her mahogany hairbrush...Read On


Helping Myself To Rita (Part 3)

Continuing the punishment.

Ten past six and she’s not here.  Twenty past six. Half past six. Twenty to seven. Ten to seven and still no show. It’s now five minutes past seven and Rita is only now running towards my house. I sit in the living room watching her race as quickly as possible after seeing her son off with a relative. There is a knock at the door. “Come!” I yell. The door opens and...Read On


The Story of Ashley Davis part 1

Getting dragged into the principal's office isn't fun but this time it was...

I opened my locker to find that it had been ravaged and my diary had gone, but whoever took it would have to break the lock in order to look inside. I know, it’s weird to keep a diary in your school locker, but if I kept it at home my nosy step brother, Thomas, always looks at it. I mean, he should get a life; he already ruined mine and Dad’s life by barging in with his mom. His Mom is...Read On


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Science Teacher Sees the Stars, Part A

Principal Bonnie Anderson takes Dave Smith over her lap to improve his teaching skills.

Learning from the Lap of Miss Anderson Bob Perkins had been the history teacher at Middlesex High since he graduated from the state teaching college seven years before. Miss Bonnie Anderson, the school principal, appointed him Boys Dean after a few years on staff, as he was very good with the students. Bob and Bonnie had a very good professional relationship, and she relied upon his...Read On


Victoria's Vice

Nervous, naughty girl has been summoned to the study. What has she done? What will happen to her?

Victoria Jenkins stood nervously in the hallway outside the door of the study, unconsciously tracing arabesques on the carpet with the tip of her right shoe. Above her head a large, white-faced clock relentlessly ticked away the few minutes remaining before her latest uncomfortable appointment. It was not an unfamiliar situation for her. Pacing up and down the hallway as silently as she...Read On


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, Missy Meets The Dean, Part B

Missy gets the rest of her lesson from the dean

The humiliation of lying almost bare, over this good-looking stranger’s lap with her skirt raised high like a little girl being punished by her mom, was intense. Having to count out her own spanks overcame her with shame. At least when she was spanked at home, that never occurred. Bob Perkins started the slaps again, still nice and slow, once again allowing each spank to be fully appreciated...Read On


The Generation Gap - Traversed

25-year-old Ruth is spanked by her 45-year-old girlfriend

I was so lucky to have met Sharon. I am Ruth, 25-years-old and a secretary in the HR department of a large firm. Sharon is 45-years-old but the twenty year age difference was no problem at all . I was immediately attracted to Sharon. She is my Mum’s age but I never had a good relationship with her. Unfortunately for me my own Mother was far from loving, in fact she wasn’t...Read On


Blind Date

The desire was unbearable. She wanted sex, she needed sex badly, but the man lying beside her was sleeping. He always fell asleep before she got to bed. And even when she hurried up and found him awaken, he wasn't interested in having sex. She was getting mad from the desire. She didn't mind the lack of sex in her marriage in the past ten years, but this summer she felt the lust she...Read On


Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, Missy Meets the Dean, Part A

A sassy 18 year old is taught to follow shool rules.

Missy’s mom, Denise Johnston, had just upset her daughter’s world. They were moving at the end of the month, two counties over, to a new school district; one well known for turning out well-behaved and productive graduates. Missy’s dad had died eight years ago, when she was ten. He had handled the domestic discipline as needed until that point. At those tender years, all it took was...Read On


Daphne's Tune Up, Part II, Carla's Turn

It's now Carla's turn to go over the boss' lap and see what Daphne got.

Daphne had just returned to the workstation she shared with Carla and stood there. No sitting for a while! Barely surviving a blistering over the knee bare bottomed spanking, very well delivered by her boss, Angie Dalton, Daphne tried to hold back the tears, but they came anyway. She didn’t recall which hurt more, the thirty-three crisp spanks with Miss Dalton’s hand, or the I don’t know...Read On


the lesson

Thank you, Sir. May I have another?

He ordered her into the corner and into a kneeling position. She complied totally, placing herself into that posture, symbolic of her compliance and subservience to him. He was not in any hurry, as he realized the necessity for this to be progressive. He wanted her to be in the proper headspace, the proper level of submission prior to the physical act of punishment. He wanted her to...Read On


as My Lover Slept

As my lover slept I rained down love on her.

I enter our bedroom and my lover is sleeping. Her sexy leg is half out from under the sheet curled up beside her. I crawl in bed and gently kiss her ankle and nibble her calf, I kiss my way up her leg as she moans and stretches. I pull the sheet off exposing her nudeness. Her ass is sublime. I cannot wait to feast on her delicious soft ass. I nibble behind her knee causing a giggle to escape...Read On


A Bad Habit

David wanted to break my bad habit...

My boyfriend, David and I had been dating a few months when he quickly began to realize my terrible habit of never being on time. I was never absurdly late, just always a few minutes past when I said I’d be. He told me it was his biggest pet peeve with me, especially when we were supposed to be meeting somewhere other than his apartment and he was left waiting awkwardly for his date to arrive. ...Read On


Danny Misbehaves and Must be Taught a Lesson

Danny is a very bad girl and I have to teach her a lesson.

Danny’s mom had still not picked Danny up a few weeks later, and my wife was getting more impatient with her. Danny, now working full time, had let things slide around the house. My wife detests clutter and this was causing more problems at home. “You cannot clutter up the rest of the house just because you have a job now,” my wife yelled. “You are not my mother, you cannot make me...Read On


A Hot First Date

Charley looks on the net for a strong woman and gets more than he can handle.

  Charley Wilson hadn’t had a decent date in months. Twenty-two years old and full of raging hormones, he just had to find a suitable woman for his needs. He didn’t understand that he was a jerk; just that he had a pretty face and an athletic body. Charley finally signed up with an internet dating service, as all the women he approached in singles’ bars, restaurants and at work, walked...Read On