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The Office

She was warned about cell phone use during work hours. Now she must be punished

A voice calls out, “Jennifer.” You look up from your cell phone and see your boss, Joe, standing in front of you. You do your best to hide your phone and look busy but it’s too late. You’ve been busted. Joe, looking a bit annoyed, asks you how many times has he told you to not use your cell phone during the workday. When you neglect to answer, Joe requests you follow him into his office....Read On


The Spanking Stories #3: Shhh!

A shy librarian has her life shaken up.

Theresa was born to be a librarian, and she knew it. Even as a child she’d been obsessive about orderliness and organization. Every toy had its place, and her books were always alphabetized and upright on their shelves. If she was reading in bed at night, before she turned out the lights she placed a bookmark between the pages, got up and put the book back in its place on the shelf....Read On


Ellen Given Control

Ellen gets help but takes control over her husband who wanted to be spanked

Mary had really enjoyed the show. The band had been particularly good singing a string of popular songs. Mary was twenty-years-old and was training to be an IT engineer. Ellen sat next to Mary during the show, and at half time, they had started to have a friendly chat. After the show, they decided to go for a quick drink. Ellen was forty-eight-years-old and worked as a PA to a managing...Read On


The Spanking Stories - #2: Memento Morey

Major Susan B. Anthony discovers the joys of submission.

Too many ironies , thought Susan, drunkenly . Too damn many ironies for one day. She reached for the bottle on her desk, but her hand went where the bottle wasn’t and only succeeded in knocking it into the wastebasket. Hell with it. She folded her arms on the desk and let her head fall heavily onto them as she began to weep again. Too damn many ironies for one life… First of all,...Read On


The Magic Candles - Chapter 2

Two girls get to spank their teachers

Jenny and I were giggling as we walked past the gym. I had had a sleepover at Jenny’s and although we had separate beds in her bedroom we spent the night cuddled up together in her bed and she showed me how to do things I had only read about in novels. Like how her using her tongue on my pussy lips was a trillion times better than me using my vibrator. Jenny’s parents had left us alone...Read On


Fulfilling Fantasies: Bad Girl

“I’m a bad girl and I need to be treated really bad.”

“Discipline is what you need, girl!” As Lady Hilda spoke, she let the tails of the hand-crafted leather flogger stroke the girl’s spine. The girl stiffened. She was bent over the mistreatment table, dressed only in pink hipster panties and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt had been pulled up over her back, so that she would feel the instrument of chastisement on her skin. “Lady Hilda, ma’am....Read On


Inappropriate Behavior At The Nursing Home

I see what you're doing.

Working in a nursing home sometimes can be very depressing. Most of the residents have long term illnesses and are either bed ridden or are confined to wheel chairs. There are many different kinds of people that work at a nursing home. There are nurses, doctors, aides, dietary aides, maintenance people, and recreation coordinators. The nursing home is usually very busy during the day...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 4

Nineteen-year-old Vicky remains in control of three older women

Vicky was so annoyed this morning. She had told Emilie and Marian to be home by midnight but they hadn’t even arrived at twelve-thirty. So first thing in the morning she stormed into each of their bedrooms and ordered, “Out of bed, take your nighties off, go to my bedroom, and press your noses against the wall.” Emilie and Marian were both saying, ‘”Sorry,” as they did as they were told....Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 3

Vicky spanks Margaret who used to be a very strict teacher

Vicky had spent another leisurely day on the beach. She had got there later than she would normally have done as she had given both Marian and Emilie particularly severe spankings in view of their bad behaviour the night before. Both ladies were now at home grounded and therefore had to stay naked the whole day. Part way through the day Mrs. Brown had started talking to Vicky. They knew...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 8 Part 2 Reckoning and Honor

Alllie gave in to her lust. What will that cost her on the home front, and with Liam?

Here I am, trying to have that second chance that Wade wanted me to have, but it's rather difficult when my old life keeps popping into my new one. I feel so sick and twisted. I almost feel the need to be cleansed of this somehow. How the hell am I going to deal with this? I walked into the house. Dad was watching baseball on TV and Mom was reading a new Danielle Steele novel. As...Read On


Olivia Caught Red Handed , Part One

It was in the middle of the afternoon when Olivia decided to play with herself. She knew she would be in big trouble when Jack came home from work, but she wanted to give herself a much-needed orgasm. She had been two months without an orgasm and she was about to bust. So she went to grab her favorite 9inch dildo and her most trusted glass ribbed dildo as well. She laid down on the couch with...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 2

Two adult women get turned on when spanked by the teenage Vicky

Vicky woke slightly later than usual and heard movement downstairs. She smiled to herself wondering if Emilie and Marian’s bottoms were still stinging after the spanking she gave them both before sending them to bed yesterday. However, nineteen-year-old Vicky was worried that forty-one-year-old Emilie might have changed her mind after a nights’ sleep but knew she had to find out. She got...Read On


Punishing Sally

She was late for her appointment with Master... something she would quickly regret!

"You know what you have done wrong, don't you?" Master said, holding onto her leash close to her thick leather collar. Sally was naked, kneeling in front of him between his knees as he sat forward on the sofa. He was dressed in his usual tight black jeans, tight black muscle shirt, heavy square-toe biker boots, and mirrored aviator-style sunglasses. The whole picture would normally be very...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 7 Civil War & Catholicism

Allie must deal with two things that may destroy her new life her sister and faith.

"What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach... So, you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it! Well, he gets it! N' I don't like it any more than you men." [Strother Martin — from the film "Cold Hand Luke" and Gun’s N’ Roses “Civil War”] The one upside from ‘Breastgate’, as my Dad likes to call it, is that Mark asked Lisa out...Read On


Something New, Something Red

Samantha agrees to her first ever spanking

Samantha stood with her nose pressed against the wall and with her hands placed firmly above her head. She could hear several voices behind her and knew that they belonged to friends of Janet. Samantha and Janet had met several weeks earlier. Samantha was twenty-one-years-old and was at a party when thirty-four-year-old Janet arrived. They started chatting to each other and although there...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution- Chapter 1

Nineteen-year-old Vicky takes charge of two older women

Vicky was feeling relaxed as she drove the car onto the driveway. She was nineteen-years-old and had been to the beach. She had had a lazy time sunbathing in her bikini which showed off her full breasts flat tummy and slim legs. She went for a dip in the warm water every once in a while and dried off by simply lying on her sun bed under the hot sun. It was now late afternoon, she had stayed...Read On


Her Victorian Bottom Shared: part 3.

A first spanking for Lizzie in her sexual adventures with Henry and Prudence.

In front of a roaring fire that kept the crisp coldness of a December morning at bay, Lizzie turned the page of her special book and continued to read the words of Miss Asher: "It was with a sudden moment of clarity that I found the very thought of bending over a Gentleman's knee quite the most thrilling thing ever. The idea of submitting myself to the firm administration of a...Read On


Two Wrongs - Part Three

The mistake is corrected

Helen got dressed early as she was so excited at the thought of Emily coming over and admitting to Mrs W that it was she who broke the vase. She could not wait to see the embarrassed look on Emily’s face and no doubt the angry look on Mrs W’s face and wondered how the morning would play out. She put on a sleeveless red top with a white micro mini skirt. She had bare legs and like yesterday...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 4 School Day Blues

As Alex adjusts to being a teen, he/she does the scariest thing, goes to High School!

As I was falling asleep with an auto-erotic afterglow, I was wondering who just had the orgasm. Was it Alex Sheridan? Because I remember fucking many women doggy style, and thoroughly enjoying it. Or, was it Alexandria Smith? Does she like the idea of being fucked like that? But I’m not gay. I like chicks! But I am a chick, so, does that mean I am going to be a lesbian, or start liking guys?...Read On


Two Wrongs - Part Two

The real culprit is spanked

Helen got back to normal over the next couple of days and Mrs W was like her old self as well. “I’m going out for a couple of hours,” Mrs W told Helen. “You are doing your project still?” Helen replied, “Yes Mrs W. I am.” She smiled and added, “No vases will break this time Mrs W.” Ann laughed. “Make sure,” she replied with a warm maternal smile. All was forgotten as far as she...Read On


Jack Watches Mum Spank Me

I watched Jack get spanked now it's his turn to watch me spanked on bum and pussy and...

Only the week before I had watched my Mum spanking the boy next door, called Jack and he was stark naked. Not only that but afterwards I had watched as his Mum tried to control his naughty cock using a leather belt. Read ‘Jack is Spanked by my Mum’ for the full story. Now I was in our kitchen being questioned by Mum. “Alison, I want the truth,” she started, “Maureen next door says that...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 2 Homecoming

A wealthy lawyer gets a second chance at life in a new body. Alex begins her new life now.

“This is what you need to know: your name is Alexandria Elizabeth Smith. Your new family is a middle class, conservative, Catholic family. They are good people, and they are a good family. This is your chance to have the ultimate do-over. Take advantage of this, buddy. As your new doctor, I’ll be checking in on you from time to time. Take Care.” That was about ten days ago. I got...Read On


Two Wrongs - Part One

Helen is disciplined for something she didn't do

Helen was enjoying her extended stay with Rachel and her Mum. Helen and Rachel had been friends since they were almost babies. They stayed friends and went to the same school and always sat next to each other. They were more like sisters than friends. They often had these extended stays at the others house. Helen even had her own bedroom at Rachel’s house and Rachel had her own bedroom...Read On


Georgina’s Delight - Chapter 2

Georgina spanks her ex-teacher again and this time in a department store

Georgina, twenty-one-years-old, looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a short-sleeved white blouse and a dark blue pencil skirt with a hem just above her knee. It was summer so she had bare legs and wore high-heeled dark blue shoes. She looked every bit the strict school teacher; in fact much the way Miss Watson used to dress for class. She had met up with Miss Watson a few times since...Read On


First Time Spanking - Part 2

I probably shouldn't have told my girl friend that I got spanked

The events that I am writing about occurred many years ago. My recollection of these events, therefore, has been distilled and flavored by the process of time and some modest historical revision. In Part One I described the events that occurred one summer afternoon when I was eighteen years old, still a virgin and labored under the delusions of youth and the hubris of an imagined literacy. ...Read On


Homecoming Part II

Lexie caused Samantha to be punished, now she knows it is her turn.

Sunday afternoon Lexie met up with Samantha to talk about what happened at the dance. Lexie told Sam that it was the very first time she had anything to drink. She really liked the wine and didn't feel any affect until she started dancing. She said that she really could not remember anything after that, until she woke up this morning. Sam filled Lexie in on how nice Mr. Mann had been and how...Read On


The Magic Candles

A schoolgirl has a crush on her teacher and makes wishes for two things to happen

I carefully stood each candle upright in the holder and held a lighted match to each first to make sure they stayed in the holder. I looked down at them. There were several and each colour had a meaning. Red was for courage and love. I so needed courage. I was seventeen-years-old and a goody goody at school. I had always been good. I didn’t even know how to be naughty yet I so wanted to...Read On


Georgina’s Delight

An ex-pupil meets up with an ex-teacher

Georgina was in the changing room of her old college; a sixth form college for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds. She was now twenty-one and recently returned from Uni. As an ex-pupil she could still use the college gym. She enjoyed going to the gym and felt comfortable in her old college surrounds. She had finished her swim, showered and was by her locker wrapped in her towel and about to...Read On


Jack is Spanked by my Mum

Jack's mother can't discipline him on her own so asks next door mum to cane him while I watch

Jack was almost seventeen and lived next door with just his mother mostly, as his father worked away for months at a time. According to stuff my mum gossiped about to her friends, Jack’s mum had always struggled to ‘control’ him but she said it’s worse now that he was in the sixth form. My name is Alison Davies and I used to hear loads of interesting stuff by listening in on Mum’s...Read On


Pacification Ground

…Hush! She whispered. Don’t move. I won’t hurt you… “Here you are, Mr Leon," I said. “Your prescription meds. Remember to take them once a day before you go to bed.” “Thanks, doc," the hunched elderly gentleman said softly, adjusting his black trench coat, voice husky. He wore a well-weathered grey hat over a thin mat of greying hair that was neatly swept back. Gentle grey eyes...Read On