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Looking for a Spanking F/M

Looking for a Spanking By When I was on Spring Break, I was spanked for squirting water on women by the beach, and then seeing their naked breasts as they shook off the water. The spanking taught me to give women more respect. But now I was back in Minnesota in college, and I was getting back to my old way of thinking. Women were quickly becoming just sex objects to...Read On



My Date - Part 1 By Through some friends, I had met Jane and had gone out with her. On my first date, I met her at a movie theater, and I was about ten minutes late. Sometimes I don’t keep track of time very well, and nothing was said about me being late. On our second date, we met at a restaurant, and I was twenty minutes late. Jane was upset about me being late, but...Read On



My Date Part 5 I was real anxious to see Jane, again. Last time I saw her we had a wonderful time eating at a fine restaurant. The bad thing was that my credit card was up to it’s limit, and it was declined. So Jane paid for everything, and I had to pay her back. What made things even worse for me, when we got back to her house, she spanked me. As a child my parents spanked me, but Jane...Read On


My DATE P 9-12

MY DATE-Part 9 After having Thanksgiving dinner with Jane’s family, and the erotic spanking I got from Jane’s sister, Connie, I thought that we were really coming together as a couple. On my next date with Jane, I arrived on time so I won’t be spanked, and then we went to the mall. Jane wanted to look at dresses and clothes, so I went off on my own and visited other stores. At noon, we ate...Read On


MY DATE P 13-16

My Date-Part 13 New Years Eve For Christmas, I got many spanking implements from Jane’s family and coworkers. I also proposed to Jane, and Jane accepted. Jane also got a spanking apparatus from her sister. I also got spanked by all the women in Jane’s family, as well as all of the other men in Jane’s family. So to me, it turned out to be a different type of Christmas. Now it was time...Read On


MY DATE P 17-20

My Date - Part 17 Jane meets my Parents I got engaged to Jane on Christmas Day. I have met her parents and her sister, but Jane has never met my parents. They live in another city, and I decided to fly Jane and myself down to see them. That way they would have a chance to talk with Jane and to get to know her before the wedding. Jane is such a wonderful woman, and we both agree on many...Read On


MY DATE P 21-22

My Date Part 21 Bachelor's Party Jane just had her wedding shower, and she invited me to it. To my surprise, they gave her a lot of spanking implements as gifts, and I was spanked in front of all of her friends and family. But now it was my turn to have a Bachelor's party. I invited Jane to my party to meet my friends and family. My party was a lot smaller than Jane's party. It was held...Read On


My Cabin Experience

My Cabin Experience Every summer, it is nice to be able to drive up north to a cabin, and be away from computers, telephones, and other distractions. It is even more fun when the cabin is located on a lake. I had been dating a woman called Nancy for a few months and she owned such a cabin. So one weekend, she invited up to her cabin. The cabin was about a three-hour drive from where...Read On


Harness Up

Harness Up Parts 1-4 I meant a woman that I really liked a few years after I finished college. I had gone out with her on several dates and then at the end of my last date, she told me that she liked to be in control of the men she dated. She also wanted me to shave my pubic hair before my next date with her. I didn't know what she was up to, and since I really liked her, I shaved my...Read On


RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 2

Warden Arlin, a Street Hunter, finds his prey and brings them in for a dose of discipline.

RedTails : Reckonings The Paddled Princess By Scarletdown Chapter II: Party Crasher "Good evening to you too, Allisson," Arlin growled. His body shuddered, and his aching, still stiff maleness flexed at the Raccoon's touch. "I trust that you and Amanda are having a profitable night?" She nodded and flashed him a coy smile, "Yep-yep, our tails have been remarkably busy. And we have...Read On


RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 1

Warden Arlin, A Street Hunter prowls the streets of Lovenmusk, searching for his elusive prey.

RedTails : Reckonings The Paddled Princess By Scarletdown Chapter I: Street Sentence Powerful muscles rippling beneath soft black leather pants and matching sleeveless top, a Furling Tiger, born and bred to hunt, stalked with grim determination through the busy streets of Lovenmusk. Warden Arlin paused as he neared the city's Techno-Leisure district and sniffed at the night air....Read On


RedTails : The Misbehaving Lynx

Short Story : Lynx seeks Eagle's help in sorting out her feelings after spanking her Elven student.

RedTails - Immortal Glows The Misbehaving Lynx by Scarletdown Standing upon a narrow ledge, Lynx nervously gazed up at the summit of Spirit Mountain, her soft feminine curves covered by nothing more than her fur. Her voice echoed to the peak above her, "Lord Eagle! I seek your guidance and wisdom!" A majestic eagle peered down from the lofty peak. Mighty wings spread wide, he soared...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 2

Frelic and company retire to their private suite, where he recaps to Karma and Thissle their tale.

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter II : Show and Tell The wizard ushered his little entourage into a modest but comfortably appointed third floor corner room, and closed the door behind him. The heavily-laden shopping packs, along with the paddle and belt, were deposited on top of the wooden, circular meeting table in the center of the room,...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 1

This is the sequel to Rescued? This tale is still in progress (10 chapters so far)

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter I : Back to the HighTail The trio padded up the cobblestone walk, passing by various shops, inns, and taverns as they headed back to the Hightail Inn to relax and sort out the recent events which brought them together in a union that could not quite be called a family. The central figure, short and lithe, was clad in...Read On


RedTails : The Ringtailed Terror - Chapter 1

Calypso, a young Furling Raccoon secretly witnesses her best friend getting spanked.

RedTails : Awakenings The Ringtailed Terror By Scarletdown Chapter I - A Lunchtime Lesson Calypso huffed indignantly, pacing up and down the dirt path which meandered through the schoolyard's colorful garden. The swishing of her bushy, ring-striped tail betrayed her impatience as she clasped her dainty paws behind her back and grumbled to herself. "What's the holdup, Koney? We have...Read On