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Sisterhood of Sin -- 25 -- The Gift Of Sister Pain

Our heroine spanks a stranger as a favor for a friend.

"Will you spank my husband for me?" I could tell that Lini had been leading up to some kind of request of me, but this was the last thing I would have guessed. We were in bed in our cabin at at the fish camp. She had licked my pussy earlier and I had just finished fucking her with my strapon and then snuggling beside her to watch the fire that we had lit earlier to take the chill out of...Read On


Sarah, The Submissive Co-Worker Gets Punished

Sarah submits to another… Part III in the Submissive Co-Worker Series

Sarah sat down gingerly at her desk, pondering what had just happened with her mistress. Every time she moved in her chair, her butt plug moved ever so slightly and sent chills throughout her body. The pleasure and the conscious effort not to cum were driving her crazy. She was having a difficult time concentrating on work. All she could think about was that butt plug. It seemed like it had...Read On


Hawtseet U - Chapter 1

Amy and Daisy learn about their new school's disciplinary methods

Hawtseet U - Chapter 1 "We did it!" said Amy on the phone. "I just got the e-mail. They accepted me, too!" "Yesss!" Daisy said, from the other side of the phone. "I knew you'd get in, too, Amy! OMG, this is great!" "Yes, it is," Amy said. She took a deep breath, trying to get a hold of herself. Daisy was right: This was absolutely great. It had been Amy's dream to be accepted...Read On


Punished by Auntie Geraldine in Norfolk - Nick’s Revenge

We girls got Nick spanked nude, now it was his turn to watch all three of us get punished

Nick and I didn’t get much notice that we were going to stay with Mum’s schoolfriend ‘Auntie Geraldine’ in her pokey house in a grim little village in Norfolk. She lived there with her daughters Judy, seventeen and Rebecca, eighteen. In the first part of this story I recounted how Rebecca and Judy had managed to trick Nick into being punished. But as well as seeing their mother give him...Read On


Teacher's Day of Reckoning

Two teachers get caught out by one of their students and pay the price

It was pure chance that Emma overheard the two teachers talking. It was a Thursday and the only students still at college were those in the detention class. There were several teachers in the college as well. Emma was sixteen-years-old and in Year 12. She enjoyed being at college but found some of the teachers arrogant and condescending. Emma was in the gym just getting changed back in to...Read On


The School Play

Jenny needs motivation to learn her lines for the play.

Jenny had never been so excited in her life. She had just won the roll of, Sandy in her high school's Spring play of Grease. Jenny was best known for having been the school's homecoming queen the previous fall. That was a great honor which she truly enjoyed. However, she felt that it had been mainly based on her looks. While looks were certainly important in getting the roll of Sandy, she...Read On


Rough Justice

In the future local Officials determine who is guilty and what punishment fits the crime

This is a story set in the future, where local Officials determine the guilty party when the law is broken. There is then no need to go to Court which reduces costs, but gives great power to local unelected Officials even though they might not be the best to wield such power. This is one story of rough justice. Becky stood at the front of the stage at the local theatre and looked as...Read On


An Effective Punishment Part 1

A mature woman gets punished

Wendy could not believe her luck, here she was, a middle aged woman standing in a corridor of the detention house, with her hands on her head and her nose pressed against the wall. She was here, along with about twenty six other women of varying age, but Wendy seemed to be one of the eldest. She was here because she missed her parole meeting with the police, again! The law had recently...Read On



It was Christmas, and Dad and Mom had invited my favorite female senior administrator over for dinner. Janet, a knock-out beauty of thirty-two, was recently divorced and a mother of one five year old girl. Janet was my Dad’s work partner at the State Department and I dreamed of having her over my knee more times then I could count. I was seventeen at the time. Janet was well-dressed in hose...Read On


All for her

You do what is needed sometimes...

I had a business trip to the Bay Area so I took an extra couple of days and wandered up to Marin (north of the Golden Gate Bridge) were I used to live. I went to one of my favorite nude beaches though the weather was not great. There were people on the textile side but it seemed there was no one on the nude side. As I wandered over I met a woman, probably in her mid fifties, and we spoke for...Read On


Audrey - Act 2

please read Audrey stars in a spanking film ACT 1 first

ACT 2 (Behind the scenes, on location at Lake Tahoe) "Keep those cameras rolling," the director shouted, "Audrey stay in position. Number Three zoom in on Audrey's backside. Madeline you're up." Audrey's girlfriend Madeline worked quickly to rub down Audrey's backside with alcohol which cooled it at first and then caused it to blossom into a glowing pink. "Spread your legs baby,"...Read On

My Appointment With The Head Mistress

Carl's drawing during class takes a surprising turn.

  I report to the school office precisely at three o' clock.   "Have a seat Carl, Ms. Swanson will be with you in a moment."   Ms. Swanson is the Headmistress, and, from what the guys have told me, she is fair but yet very strict and should be feared.   Sitting there in my uniform which consists of a blue blazer, gray trousers with black shoes. A white shirt and blue striped tie...Read On


The Demerit System, part 11

Lana gets in touch with her other side

"Come in," Pete said. He was in his office Thursday afternoon when he heard a knock on the door. The door opened and Lana was there. She looked like she had just gotten back from something athletic. She was in sweat pants and a tight T short and her long black hair was in a pony tail. She stepped into the middle of the room as Pete turned his chair around and smiled. "Hello, Lana. What can I...Read On


A Patron of the Arts, Part One - Quinn

How it all began…

I first met Quinn when she and my daughter Gretchen began acting in the same instructional theatre group. Quinn was actually a very good actress; as well as an accomplished singer and dancer. As the group did mostly musical theatre, she readily and regularly won the best roles. While she was gracious about it at first, by the time the summer of her sixteenth year had come, she was becoming...Read On


The Demerit System, part 10

Laura's new boyfriend learns a thing or two

"Pete, can I talk to you about something?" It was Laura's voice that brought Pete's attention away from the bookkeeping task that he was working on at his desk. He looked up and turned around to face her. She bit her lip nervously as she stood before him. She was dressed for school, having arrived after the end of her day. "Of course, Laura. What can I do for you?" "Well, I...Read On


Angela Gets a Promotion– (Part 11 of the Angela series)

Chapter 1 Very soon, Angela felt Michael cum inside of her, but it happened so fast, she did not have time to cum herself. Though quite aroused and deeply in need of an orgasm, he had just cum too quickly to get her off. He pulled out of her as soon as he finished, leaned over and pecked her on the cheek and crawled back under the covers. “Master, may I speak?” “Make it fast, I am...Read On


Lesson in Vegas

We arrive in Vegas in the early afternoon on a hot Friday in July. He won’t tell me where we are staying, says it’s a surprise. After finding our luggage, he holds open the cab door for me, and we are off on our Las Vegas excursion. I can see the sweat beading up on his forehead, he reaches over and caresses my leg, I moan slightly and close my eyes to imagine him caressing so much more....Read On


Babysitter's Lesson Pt. 2

Babysitter, Jenny, wants to see more of Mr. Mann.

A few weeks ago my wife, Jan, had to attend a conference which required her to be out of town for three nights. The kids are now in day care, so this was not a major inconvenience for me. However, on the last night, I had a dinner meeting with a large customer, so I did need to find a babysitter. The day she left, Jan told me that she had just run into Jenny at the grocery store, home on...Read On


You Know What I Have To Do

This is dedictaed to a dear friend, who has changed me for the better.

Granted, it had been a hectic Monday morning. Our lovemaking Sunday had taken us well into the night, which was to be expected considering the day we had. It started at breakfast. My sweetheart had snuck out of bed while I was still asleep and brought back bagels and some olive cream cheese from the shop that I love, serving me breakfast in bed. Somehow, the cream cheese ended up in the...Read On


Babysitter's lesson

The babysitter made a mistake and knew she needed to be punished.

My wife, Jan, recently attended her twentieth high school reunion back in California. She had not seen any of her old girl friends for several years, so they planned to make it a long four day weekend. I had plenty of work to do and we have two young children, Jimmy age seven and five year old Brittany, so I really needed to stay close to home. Fortunately for us, our regular babysitter...Read On

Recommended Read

Bad Habits Need Hard Measures

Miranda has a problem with her smoking habit, but her roommate has a highly unorthodox cure.

For the first few weeks working at Joelle’s, my feet never really touched the floor. This was everything I had dreamed of, and more. In case you don’t know about her - though I’d be curious if you didn’t - Joelle’s the woman who turned makeup into a true art. Where others only “applied” lipstick, rouge and eye shadow, she painted with an artist’s skill and turned the plainest women...Read On


Punished by Auntie Geraldine in Norfolk

Three girls trick a fit lad into being spanked totally nude by an older lady and her friend

Nick and I didn’t get much notice that we were going to stay with Mum’s schoolfriend ‘Auntie Geraldine’, in her pokey house in a grim little village in Norfolk. She lived there with her daughters Judy, seventeen, and Rebecca, eighteen. We hadn’t been there for ages but we both remembered how dull and old fashioned everything was, and the only time we ever went out was to church! Mum and...Read On


Sisterhood of Sin -- 12 --The Caged Cock

Our heroine gets her husband's cock caged and gets a commitment from him.

Dan's night for the Earn an Orgasm game arrives almost too soon. I've had a busy week; an interview with his probable future mistress, a short business trip where I also met his former mistress, and a session with my shrink where I discussed my experience with chastity. She agrees with me that the orgasm denial subculture is not healthy but she's intrigued about how short chastity sessions...Read On


The Wages of Sin Part 6: The End and a Beginning

It was time for a change

This is the last chapter in this series. The problem with plotting revenge is that it leads to evaluation of motives, personalities, and relationships; and I was confused about all three. I really couldn’t explain to myself why I even wanted “revenge” at this point; I couldn’t fault the girls for wanting to turn the tables, and they had been rather clever about it; even if I was the one...Read On


Sisterhood of Sin -- 10 -- Out Of The Comfort Zone

Our heroine takes her husband into new and painful territory.

I have an ulterior motive for reminding my husband that he can order me to suck his cock. Actually I have three. Sucking his cock will give my overheated pussy a chance to cool down. Maybe that will help me make it more than two hours before I pull the pins keeping me in chastity. Secondly, he'll be able to last longer when I finally get this damn chastity belt off, get my ass spanked, and...Read On


Naughty Girl

She knows it'll earn her a smacked bottom, but she can't help herself

The delicious aroma of onion and garlic simmering away in butter filled my nostrils as soon as I opened the door to my apartment. I smiled to myself. I loved it when Lizzy came over unannounced. "Hey, Babe," I called, as I disgorged the contents of my pockets on the side table. "Will!" Lizzy beamed, skipping around the corner from the kitchen and throwing her arms around me. She...Read On


The Road to Self Discovery

She learned the price of being late.

It was a longer drive than I anticipated, some road construction, crazy drivers and a dead zone almost the whole way, so when I reached Bly, I was over an hour late and somewhat a wreck. When my truck pulled up, you were waiting in the open doorway. I don't know if you meant to show it, but I could see the relief in your eyes seeing me in one piece. You walked out to meet me, told me I was...Read On


The Birthday Present

My girl gives me the sweetest present ever.

Walking along a dead hallway, your heart pounding, your palms tingling, your body expecting, is quite some feeling. I love the surging electricity that floods your mind. All the possibilities flying through you about what might lay beyond that door. Nothing else seems to hold more than a second of interest, nothing holds me like the thrill of what's to come. All around me they buzz on by,...Read On


Wages of Sin Part 5: Role Reversal

The cock's on the other foot, so to speak...

Author’s Note: This is number five is a series. It makes more sense if you read one through four first, preferably in order. My dreams that first night were filled with visions of the girls and I having sex. They were intense dreams, lots of touching, licking, sucking and fucking. So intense, if fact, that when I woke the next morning I discovered that I had experienced my first “wet...Read On


Seeing Is Believing Part 1

Nancy and Craig have a disagreement

"Craig, I think you had better leave before I say something that I will really regret." Looking somewhat stunned Craig got up and going toward Nancy said, "I didn't mean to offend you, I just wanted you to know about my fantasies that involve us." "Well you can stop fantasizing about us, because I want no part in it, of it or anything like it, Craig. It's disgusting and I really don't...Read On