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Topic: What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted: 11 Oct 2017 17:02

I did this some time ago, but I'm going to do it again, this time more accurately and without details. He was 50 years younger than me, and he initiated it.

Topic: What's for dinner tonight?
Posted: 30 Sep 2017 14:04

My mother's version of Swiss steak (delicious) with rice and broccoli, finished off with one of the flavors of ice cream I have in the freezer.

Topic: What is your favorite fruit
Posted: 30 Sep 2017 13:57

Peaches - the giant juicy kind. I wait all year for them to arrive, and then eat them like crazy until they aren't available any more. I hate to see them go. Try making a fruit salad with peaches and mangoes, plus other fresh fruit. I also like melons, such as Crenshaw and Musk, but look for the unusual ones like Santa and Dewkissed.

Topic: How Many Fucks do you give?
Posted: 05 Sep 2017 22:56

What ever happened to not giving a damn?

Topic: Question about music videos please
Posted: 05 Sep 2017 22:50

I watched it. My question is, Why?

Topic: Are your stories based on real life experiences?
Posted: 03 Sep 2017 13:42

Most of them are pure fiction, with maybe a coloration from real-life experience. The few I based on real life, with maybe a fantasy ending, have received the lowest ratings, so I guess my real sex life isn't all that interesting. The truth is, if I wrote most of my experiences Lush would reject them because of age restrictions. As it is, a great many of my stories are inspired by a photo or porno video clip that for some reason piqued my interest, and I went from there. I think it would be interesting to post those videos with the story to see how the story developed.

Topic: Stories that ARE stories
Posted: 26 Aug 2017 15:46

I try to make an intricate plot and develop character in all my stories, no matter how short, but maybe not to your satisfaction. However, I don't want to go on for so long that the reader gets antsy for some action. I mean, I assume that's why they're reading here. I think A Square Peg has a thought out plot. I think An Aegean Vacation tells a story. And I could go on, BUT, all of my stories are gay, and that might not be what you're looking for. If not, too bad.

Topic: Where do you get your news?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 21:16

I never get news from the internet. I read my local Sunday paper, and I sometimes watch Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, but I've become addicted to MSNBC. Slanted and biased, I know, I still think they make a lot of sense, Especially Rachel Maddow.

Topic: What have you learned from porn?
Posted: 12 Aug 2017 20:02

First, I've only watched gay male porn, so my vision is a little skewed. Second, I only watch what is free, so I may not know if there is any good stuff or not. Most of it I fast forward through. I'd like some sort of story, and not just for the first two minutes. When they're through, they never say a word. And sometimes I watch a few minutes of a whole bunch until something catches my interest. It can be a lot of things, or something I can't describe, but I'll watch and it will give me an idea for a story. My completed story will be nothing like the porno film. A lot of the stories I've published here are based on porno I've watched. It would be fun to identify them, but i doubt that would be allowed.

Topic: What do you think about when you masterbate?
Posted: 12 Aug 2017 19:50

For a long time I thought about times with my ex lover, but that's been a couple of years and has faded. Now, believe it or not, if I'm in the middle of writing a story that is extra hot and going well, I'll masturbate thinking about it and what the next sex scene will be.

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Friday Night Rites

Part one:  Ryan's story I broke up with my long-time girlfriend about four months ago. Things just weren’t working for us anymore. It’s a good thing we realized it before we got married. Lately I’ve been warming up to a new girl where I work. I’m just going to take it easy and let her get to know me better, and when I think the time is right I’ll ask here out, maybe for a casual date. I...

Added 10 Oct 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,683 | 4 Comments

Team Sports

Toby had three wishes fulfilled in the same week. First he qualified for the football team, second he was placed on the offensive team and third he got the position of halfback, which he felt he was perfect for. He wasn’t big and bulkey, instead he was fast and nimble. He knew he had to perform well if he wanted to stay on the active roster, and he knew he had the will and determination...

Added 19 Sep 2017 | Category Seduction | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,464 | 4 Comments

Home from the Sea

  When I tell people I’m a sailor they immediately think I’m in the navy. I’m not. The same thing if I call myself a seaman. I’m one of those thousands of guys who work on cargo ships. I’ve worked on freighters and more recently on a container ship. I’ve spent almost half my life now at sea, traveling all over the world - which means I’ve had my balls drained in almost every country that has...

Added 30 Aug 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 8,841 | 6 Comments

Doing Time

In this instance, Buck couldn’t ask himself how he had gotten in this situation. He knew. When he came to this country he knew he was stepping into risky business. Any get-rich-quick scheme had its risks, but getting into the drug trade was almost begging for trouble. And when you were a foreigner becoming part of an established illegal enterprise, well, what could you expect? But he was in...

Added 14 Aug 2017 | Category Gay Male | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 6,496 | 7 Comments

Gifts for the Groom: Bottoms Up

You probably wonder why I’d fix my sister up with a guy who used to suck my cock, and it’s a good question. But that was many years ago, and things change. After all, Ashton and I had been strangers thrown together as college roommates who became good friends. We were just two young horny guys who were exploring their sudden sexual freedom. Things just happened and lead to other things. So...

Added 01 Aug 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 7,048 | 5 Comments

Two M.P.s

This was an old army base, left over from the Second World War. It somehow had survived the rounds of base closures over the years. Most of the base was well lit, but in this corner that contained several old fashioned wooden barracks the light standards were few and spaced out, so that when the fog rolled in the light was weak and the shadows deep. The occupants of this group of barracks...

Added 20 Jul 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,434 | 4 Comments

Gifts for the Groom: Praying with the Priest

  I got my first blowjob when I was seventeen and in the eleventh grade. My family had moved to a different section of the city and I had had to change schools. I'd come in as the new boy and Ed had befriended me. He was a minor jock who liked doing rugged outdoor things, which interested me. I had always wanted to go camping and hiking, but my old buddies had all been basketball nuts. After...

Added 10 Jul 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 5,842 | 6 Comments

A Square Peg

They called themselves the Magnificent Seven, but only among themselves. They consisted of four guys and three gals, all in their late twenties. They had met in college, some as roommates, some as classmates, a couple as former sweethearts. Now they were a tightly knit group of friends. Some of them roomed together and others lived nearby, so they were constantly together in the...

Added 20 Jun 2017 | Category Bisexual | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.65 | Views 12,792 | 9 Comments

A Son-In-Law to His Liking

  Booth Powers was happy with his younger daughter’s choice of a future husband. His older daughter, Dina, had married a little wimp. Booth knew that was a harsh assessment. Willard was on the small size, that was true, but he was smart and very successful. He provided for Dina well and was thoughtful and gentle. He was courteous to Booth, but Booth didn’t think he had any balls. He...

Added 09 Jun 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 13,734 | 9 Comments

My Two Married Guys

To keep from freaking you out, I’m not going say how old I am. Let it go by saying I’m a senior citizen. I’m repeatedly told I look good for my age, whatever that means. I have a “lover” (more accurately a sex partner) who is less than half my age. The way that came about is, I hired a guy to paint a couple of rooms in my house, and he brought along a very young assistant, Cecil. About...

Added 21 May 2017 | Category Bisexual | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 12,835 | 9 Comments

eBooks Published By spinneroftales

Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms

Six stories, twelve brothers, every situation unique. But whether driven by love or lust, each pair cannot ignore their illicit desires. ...

In My Brother's Arms
In My Brother's Arms

This eight story collection features erotic boundary pushing brothers seeking release to their forbidden urges! Blinded by love and consumed by lust, these brothers will do anything to satisfy their carnal desires. Their sexual need for their male siblings surpasses all limitations expected of...

Where the Apple Falls
Where the Apple Falls

This nine story collection features the loving between fathers and their sons, a love that dares to push the very boundaries of society. With a lust that overrides all norms, what will these fathers and sons do when their desires demand the ultimate satisfaction? Will these nine couples find their...

Fallen Apples
Fallen Apples

This nine story collection features boundary pushing fathers fostering forbidden cravings for their barely legal sons. Consumed by uncontrollable lust, these handsome men will stop at nothing to satisfying their taboo needs. Pursuing their horny sons might be wrong, but will their uninhibited...

Brother's Lust
Brother's Lust

What happens when brotherly love turns into brotherly lust? Why would a brother’s affection for his brother become carnal desire? When one brother’s admiration for his brother grows into a longing to make love to him, how should that brother respond? Should he simply offer up his body...

Horny Nephews
Horny Nephews

This collection of eight incest stories covers a wide range of emotions. Uncles craving their nephew's bodies. Nephews exacting sexual revenge on their uncles for slights. Deceit, lust, non-consent, but also love are what drives these men to commit the acts they do. These stories are told with...

Not Far from the Tree: 7 Father Son Gay Incest Stories
Not Far from the Tree: 7 Father Son Gay Incest Stories

What should a dad do when he discovers his love for his son has turned into sexual lust? How should a son react when he realizes he wants to have raw man-to-man sex with his dad? Should they fight a futile battle with their desires, or come together to satisfy their mutual need for carnal...

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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