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Love On A Knife Edge

Alex uses his brand of shock therapy on Kendra

Kendra was preoccupied with the upcoming trip to New Orleans. After that uncomfortable few minutes at Sanctuary with Micheal and Alex deciding who would come with her, Alex had taken her to Denmark for doughnuts but now it was time to get ready and go. They were both back in Sydney for some last minute preparations, Kendra had spent the day running errands and she had no idea what her...Read On



Dreams and Nightmares

sometimes there's a thin line between what's real and what's not

Kendra was curled partly on her left side, sleeping peacefully, deeply.  Her torso was turned to face the ceiling, he stood by the bed, looking down at her as she slept, taking note of every detail.  The way the well fitted jeans hugged the curve of her hips, the way her pale pink t-shirt rode up her stomach revealing a few fingers width of soft, downy, golden skin; so enticing, so tempting. ...Read On



The Grudge Fuck

because who hasn't?

- "Jesus Christ Noah!"  she slipped the straps of her sundress over her shoulders and let the billowy scrap of fabric fall from her body and pool at her feet. "Fuck me. Do it once and for all so you can get me out of your system and move on".. His eyes trailed down her body, fully admiring the view before locking back onto her eyes. He managed a smile. - "Don't make fun of me Cass" She...Read On

Straight Sex(3)



Kendra doing her witchy thing with her boyfriend Alex

When Alex walked into the apartment he knew right away that Kendra was nowhere to be found. Not within the four walls at least. He knew he’d find her outside on the beach; it’s where she always went when she was feeling restless, no matter the time of day and after fighting Deveraux last night she was bound to be for the next few days. Sasha romped to the door, demanding attention and Alex...Read On


The Call: a very short story

sometimes memories are the best inspiration

I was laying naked in bed listening to the phone ring, so eager to steal a few minutes with you. You picked up on the 5th ring, exasperation in your voice tempered by tenderness because you knew it would be me. "hello?" I could hear Joshua crying in the background and your friend Tim still talking to you as you answered the phone. "Hello Love" I whispered "Baby" In my mind's eye I...Read On


Whispers In The Dark

a moment that could have been between a vampire bodyguard and his ward

Stepping into the room and gently closing the door behind him, he found her as he often had, standing by the window gazing up at the moon.  Her head tilted slightly and she watched his reflection in the window as he pulled off his suit jacket and laid it carefully across the back of a chair, leaving him in a waistcoat, pressed white shirt and tie.  Even looking at him through a glass window...Read On