Daughter's Dream

A daughter's dream comes true.

"Ooh daddy," I moaned as I looked up into my fathers eyes, feeling him slowly stroking him self in and out of my tight wet pussy. I was fixing to cum, his hard cock never changing pace as I started to shiver, cumming around his hard cock, him closing his eyes as he felt my pussy spasm around him... Then I woke up, breathing hard with the feeling of my fingers on my clit. "Damn..." I said...Read On


Daughter's Dream 2

If you haven't read Daughter's Dream, then I would like to state that all characters are over the age of 16. Enjoy. I woke up the next morning in my bed. I licked my lips tasting a little bit of Daddy's cum on them. Hmm, so it had happened. Wonderful. I looked over at my clock, it was 9:00 am, Daddy should still be asleep. I'll just slip into his bed... I miss the feel of him, the feel...Read On


Fun In The Hay

"Josh, no!" I cringed as he picked up the snake and threw it toward me. I ran screaming up to my grandpas house. I heard him laughing at me. Okay, lets stop there. . I'm Azlaya, and my step brother is Josh. When I was 8 months old, my dad died in a car accident. When I was 2, my mom met my step father John, and John had Josh with him. Josh was 4, and I was 2 and he picked on me from...Read On


Fun In The Hay Part 2

No Josh... we shouldn't. Yet.. my hand trailed down just enough to touch his wonderful cock.

"What do you think you two are doing!?" Our grandpa screamed at us, bursting through my bedroom door. He looked at my hand on Josh's cock... my brothers cock. I jerked my hand away from Josh's cock and started to stammer, "Pawpaw, it-wasn't.. we-just, I-I.." I stopped and shut my mouth and burst past Grandpa and ran out of the house. Not knowing what to say, I ran out the back door and...Read On


Fun In The Hay Part 3

Josh's tongue slid across mine; the feeling of it one of the most amazing I've ever felt. I pulled him tighter against me, and he did the same. His body was slick against mine; oh how I wish we could have stayed like this forever... but he pulled away. I laid my head against his chest, gently running my fingers over his chest, tangling them in his soft chest hair. "What's the matter?"...Read On


Fun In The Hay 4

I recommend you read the first 3 parts to this story or it won't make much sense. Thank you. Josh went over to Pawpaw and stood in front of me, in front of Pawpaw, keeping him from moving. "It wasn't her fault, I made her do it. Don't punish her" Josh pleaded to him, holding onto Pawpaw's shoulders, shaking him slightly. Pawpaw smirked at Josh, "Boy, you know was well as I do you...Read On

Love Stories(1)



Colton came up to Joan and pulled her hair back, gently kissing her and pulling her tightly against him. He stroked her hair and gently nuzzled her hair, "I need you Joan... I need you right now." He whisperd against her throat. Joan moaned softly and pulled him closer, grabbing his hand pulling him up the stairs to her room. They went inside and both layed down on the bed. Joan looked at...Read On